Happy Love Fishing and Mining Skills

1. How to run a business to make money in Xiaoyao Qingyuan

If you want to play the game well, you need to make money. Every player has his own set of money making methods, such as some “Xiaoyao” “Love” players will become rich by running the business task, but how to operate it?

Buy at a low price, sell at a high price
It is very easy to get the runner task, there is no qualification requirement, as long as you have a gang, you can get it from the gang master. After receiving the task, a silver note will appear in your backpack, which is the principal of your business! How to make your business bigger is the next thing you need to consider. It is worth noting that at this point you will enter a state of inability to teleport, and everything will be done with your legs one step at a time.
Here is a reminder to all players: At this time, your title has become “XX Gang Merchant”, which is to tell everyone that you are doing business for the gang, and idlers are not disturbed. But be careful, some robber-tempered young heroes like to rob the merchants in the running business. Although they will lose popularity, their gang will increase the funds of the corresponding bank notes and the total amount of goods. So don’t expect other young heroes to give up robbing you because they are concerned about their popularity. You must bring good weapons in the process of running the business and be ready to accept challenges at any time. Only strong strength and courage can defend the glory of the gang.
Selective buying and selling
There are four kinds of items for us to buy when we come to the specialty merchandiser in Chang’an City. The purchase price and sale price of each item are different. In order to save time and complete the running business as quickly as possible, players must use their brains here to selectively purchase several products according to the income, earning Maximum spread.
The next step is to go back and forth between several maps with specialty merchandisers. The purchase price of different commodities is also different in different locations. At present, there are two main business routes, one is from Chang’an City to Taohuawu and then to Loulan, and the other is the route of Chang’an City – Kunlun Mountain – Wangxian Town. Find out your favorite runners and make the most of your gang!
It is very hard to run a business, but the amount to reach the target is not enough. Remember to return to the gang and hand in the task to the master before it is really over. Completing the runner will get money, experience and tribute rewards, as well as a chance to get various treasures in the gang warehouse!

2. How to beat the luck in Xiaoyao Qingyuan pet book

The first one is lost in Zishi, the second in Chenshi, and the third in Shenshi !
The so-called sub-time is not the sub-time displayed by the system, but the sub-time when you run the business, and the method of changing the grid is as follows:
1. Put it in the filling room of your own home Take it out again, there is a certain chance of success.
2. It is also possible to trade pets with others.
3. After the maintenance on Tuesday, you can successfully write a book to BB, unlike some people who say it depends, luck + money + courage = JP baby Yes, a play like this has a chance of success, but it’s quite a waste of money. Follow-up question: But if you hit luck a few times, you won’t lose it. I beat the ghost. Follow-up: Zishi is not the Zishi displayed by the system, but the Zishi that you swiped when you run the business. What do you mean by this? I don’t understand Know the answer: The time you see in the businessman when you run the business!

3. How to get started with Xiaoyao Qingyuan novice

In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of Xiaoyao Qingyuan novice strategy, and often do not know how to deal with it , let me provide you with a way to solve this problem, I hope to provide you with some help.

Then, it is the use of gold coins: divided into 2 types: all the gold coins that rise in seconds are exchanged for silver coins, gold coins can be earned, and silver coins will never be enough (character skills – gems – just needed for practice) . I didn’t say anything about the card level, I don’t need it at all, I saved it all. The gold coins are used for building-suits-advanced beasts-formation book-children-sacred beasts, each item has been greatly improved, and it is a must for the card-level party. Of course, if you have money, you can buy everything, and ingots can be exchanged for gold coins. Refer to the above two articles for how to use them.

And then, it is the mall: monthly card – a must for petty bourgeoisie, 1 or 2 yuan a day, big gold coins. There is really nothing else to see. After all, it has just been closed and tested, and there is a child accessory in the monthly card mall that you can save and start with. Consignment: Basically everything except gems is here, the location of the pit gold coins, try to touch as little as possible at the beginning of the new Mengxin, and you can sell more. Chamber of Commerce: I think it is a welfare center. You can buy gems with silver coins, you can sell those you don’t need, and you can also buy them if you can’t sell them after recycling.

Then, go in double every day to get 300 points, dark thunder consumes 1 point, slaying demons and demons consumes 4 points, and the upper limit is 3000 points. Increase. Level 60 equipment is full of gems at level 8, and the useless ones are sold on consignment, and the system will automatically recycle them at a lower price (such as low-level beasts – 3500 on consignment),You can’t combine gems in a fight, but you can trade them. You can give each other friendship points + friends every day, and you can exchange them for Xiaoyao Xianjun. The limit is 10.

Finally, fast flight, ALT+1, Chang’an; ALT+2, Taohuawu; ALT+3, Linxian; ALT+4, Loulan; Click on the location with the blue flag on the map to fly directly. Equipment: It was delivered by the system in the early stage, and you have to get it yourself when it reaches 60. Consignment – common equipment, buy a set, look at the attributes, the price is limited to 1000 gold coins per piece without pressure; see the consignment treasures equipment + see the treasures shot in the consignment announcement Equipment, belonging to the strengthening equipment, at least 70000000000000000000000,000 pieces, have time to look at, buy a set of high attributes, look at special effects and special effects, on the basis of looking at attributes, but also look at the red letter, this is very expensive , at least hundreds of thousands of pieces, card-level parties can consider saving a set.

Software Emperor will answer your questions, if you have any help, please like it!

4. What mines are found in the heart of Happy Love?

It is purely luck, and the chances are there. If you insist on digging 20 times a day, you will improve your proficiency and refuel your characters.

Blood cap, zombie dragon is a matter of time.

5. How to get precious pets in Xiaoyao Qingyuan

1. Directly on the main interface of Xiaoyao Qingyuan, select icon button to enter.

6. How to transform in advance for the Beastmaster of Happy Love

1. Have the transformation card of the corresponding pet, 2. Achieve Sufficient transformation skill level

Transformation cards are also divided into ordinary and mutated cards. The transformation cards of the same type are stronger than ordinary transformation cards, and also require more advanced transformation skills.

7. How to build Xiaoyao love equipment

The advantages that Xiaoyao and Tianshan used to have almost disappeared, Tianshan, single attribute output is high, basically no one played before Ice resistance is the reason for the rise of the Tianshan Mountains. Xiaoyao, relying on the magical skills Xishan, Lingbo, the king of the PK king copy of the painting land, now has a copy of the anti-amplification, the beggar gang’s dog head has been strengthened, and the hit of the painting land has been reduced. There is almost no advantage in PK. Haven’t you seen it since the game’s public beta? Nerfing a faction is just to get back the balance of the game. . . . . Saying so much nonsense is just to say that Tianlong is useless forever, and when it reaches the critical point, it will be weakened without exception.

8. How to trade the gold coins of Happy Love

The gold coins of the game “Xiaoyao Love” cannot be freely traded.

But pets and equipment can be traded. In other games, pets and equipment can often only be sold cheaply to stores or dismantled. In “Xiaoyao Qingyuan”, these old things have a chance to rejuvenate! Equipped pets can be freely traded, and players can sell unnecessary things to other players to realize the recycling and reuse of resources. The unique trading system of Happy Love allows players to easily sell outdated equipment and pets to players in need.

How to get gold coins in “Xiaoyao Qingyuan”:

1. Complete the story missions of each level to obtain

2. Carry out various daily tasks (teaching gate, seal demons, eliminate demons, etc.) and participate in various activities to obtain

3, purchase and exchange in the mall

4 , Participating in various activities, you can have a chance to drop items, which can be sold at the consignment for gold coins

The role of gold coins: You can buy currency including equipment, pets and other props at the consignment. Players can sell the rare props obtained from the event, and get gold coins to buy the props they need, which is truly self-sufficient.

(8) Extended reading of the fishing and mining skills of Happy Love Ways to obtain:

1. Sealing demons, eliminating demons, divisions, buying and selling items, etc.

2. Purchase and exchange in the mall

3. Participating in various activities can earn silver coins

Functions: sect, gang skill learning, practice learning, daily props, business guild items purchase.

How to get ingots:

1. Open the shortcut channel of the left mall in the game and select “Buy ingots” to pay for it, and recharge it through the official recharge channel.

Function: It can be used to exchange some game items, exchange silver coins, gold coins, buy avatar shows, etc.

Exchange ratio: RMB: Yuanbao = 1 Yuan: 10 Yuanbao


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