Have fun with the blockchain

Ⅰ Funba app is a scam

It’s not a complete scam.

1. For a greedy person, many things are a scam. Although some people get some benefits from it, I do not recommend using a greedy mentality because of the unfamiliarity with the platform. There are many places that I don’t know how to do. Under the guidance of a reliable person, you can try to understand it slowly.

2. Let’s analyze this company:

(1) The main body of the “Fun Bar” app is Beijing Wanhao Technology Co., Ltd.

(2) Through the inquiry of the third platform, we learned that the company was established on March 29, 2017, and its legal representative was Sun Movement.

(3) The software is basically based on the well-known Qubu app in the circle (an app that claims to make money by running).

(1) Fun and blockchain extended reading:


Many people are in Guess whether the software is involved in pyramid schemes illegal. At this stage, my country’s laws are strict and the crackdown is very strong. But we must also have our own awareness of prevention.

Let’s popularize it here: Token issuance and financing are illegal public financing without approval, suspected of illegally selling token tickets, illegally issuing securities, and illegal fundraising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. According to my country’s “Regulations on the Prohibition of Pyramid Marketing”, as long as it has the three characteristics of entry fee, development offline, and team remuneration with layers of rebates, it can be judged that it is a pyramid scheme. The opinions in this article come from the Internet and do not represent personal views.

Ⅱ It’s fun to mine ore, is it a scam?

A liar, I just exchanged a mining machine and didn’t mine it once. It’s been several days. I scolded me and now I can’t log in to my account. You say I cheated

Ⅲ Is it a real company? Will it deceive people?

Speaking of mining scams, it is not new. In recent years, there are countless platforms deceiving under the banner of blockchain, saying that the value of mining can be expected in the future. In fact, it is the fund plate. The so-called trading is actually the mutual operation between players. In the end, the platform traps a group of people and then closes the network and runs away. There have been too many examples of this before.

How much do you know about APP scams? Stop playing
So it is not credible that mining can make money, at least the realization is a problem, the money is not blown by the wind, and the platform will not do charity to send players to withdraw cash, naturally they thought of creating a trading market, let Players hype deals with each other.

The final result must be that some people make money and some people lose. The so-called mining value, trading is just a fund plate, a scam of drumming and spreading flowers.

Cheaters have a lot of tricks. In order to increase credibility, various packaging and decorations are also common, and it is also common to pull the tiger’s skin and pull the flag. For example, the fun bar app we are going to talk about today is a clear example. , In the introduction, there is a lot of hype, and the chairman’s introduction is a graduate student of Tsinghua University, the CEO of several companies, and various awards and trophies, as well as well-known angel investors, etc.

What’s even more ridiculous is that on the promotion page, there is even a promotion of JD.com’s LOGO, social e-commerce strategic partners, etc. This is obviously misleading members and rubbing up on JD.com’s popularity to increase their own. Credibility, in fact, it is impossible for Jingdong to stand for a liar.

Therefore, if you want to make money with your mobile phone, you must choose a free part-time project to do it. Don’t be greedy for high returns, and don’t believe that the mined coins will appreciate in the future. Once the scam collapses, the platform will shut down and run away. , and the coin left in the hand is worthless, and finally leads to the loss of all capital.

Ⅳ Is the Fun Bar currently in its current state, will it be resurrected?

The Fun Bar APP is fake.

This game, which claims to be a “multi-functional blockchain technology application platform”, has an interface design that is nothing but an ordinary hang-up mobile game, and currently only Android can download it.

The essence of its operation model is the same as the previously exposed “Qubu”. They are all based on “blockchain technology” as the underlying support, and use the psychology of investors to lure them into further investment.

Specifically, every new user who signs up for Funba will get a mining machine, 12 diamonds will be harvested after 30 days, but only 8 diamonds can be withdrawn in the end. fee.

That is to say, the actual success of a month of zero lure is about 150 yuan. In short, if you want to make more money, you have to ensure that the team keeps pulling people and constantly reinvesting in mining machines.

(4) Funba and blockchain extended reading:

Facing Funba, etc. involving “digital currency” and “blockchain” For various investment projects, we must first understand the nature of technology, and then consider the authenticity of the investment project. In addition, for the safety of your own funds, it is recommended to give up projects with high investment returns.

Looking for newInvesting opportunities is right, investing blindly without learning is not wise. The emotion is understandable, but if you don’t learn a new technique, you’re stuck in a cycle of entering, leaving, and entering.

Ⅳ I would like to ask my friends, is this software safe?

It is recommended that you do not bind it!
This kind of software basically comes and goes quickly. I don’t know when it will be gone. And then your personal information will be leaked out of nowhere.
No matter how bad it is, it is better to go to the Internet to search the background of the software and then make a decision!

Ⅵ It’s fun, has it been investigated by the police?

I think it’s a good thing that some things are investigated by the police, as long as you don’t make any mistakes, anyway, um yourself If you did nothing wrong, the police won’t hold you accountable, so you can live a little easier.

VII 3. Are Funba APP and Funba Diamond legal?

Funba APP and Funba Diamond are illegal.

The game claims to be a “multi-functional blockchain technology application platform”. Its interface design is completely ordinary, and it is no longer an ordinary hang-up mobile game. Currently, only the Android system can be downloaded. The essence of its operating model is the same as the previously disclosed “Funbu”. They are all based on “blockchain technology” as their foundational support, exploiting the greed of investors to lure them into investing further.

Specifically, each new user who signs up for Funba will get a mining machine, and 12 diamonds will be harvested after 30 days, but in the end, only 8 diamonds can be withdrawn, and the handling fee is very high. In other words, if Zero Lu is actually successful in one month, it will be 150 yuan. In short, if you want to make a lot of money, you have to make sure the team keeps pulling heads and investing in mining machines.

(7) Let’s have fun and expand reading with blockchain

When it comes to “digital currency” and ” When considering various investment projects of “blockchain” (for example, it’s fun), we must first understand the nature of the technology, and then consider the authenticity of the investment project. In addition, for the sake of your own financial security, it is recommended to directly abandon projects with high returns on investment.

It is right to look for new investment opportunities, but the decision to invest blindly without learning and understanding is not wise. The mood of wanting to reach the sky step by step is easy to understand, but for new technologies, if you don’t learn, you can only fall into an infinite loop of entering, leaving and entering again

Ⅷ Is it fun? Fraud

There are scams. With the progress of the times, traditional scams have gradually become popular. With the detection of traditional pyramid schemes and scams, the current pyramid schemes and scams are becoming more and more secretive and more difficult to see through. For example, the fun bar mode has subverted the traditional tricks of seeing through pyramid schemes, “involving commissions above three levels and paying membership fees.” On the surface, it doesn’t have any, but it increases activity by pulling people’s heads, which is actually the same as direct points. Commission is a nature, and its model is free.

According to the purchase of different mining machines, you can enjoy different proportions of game recharge dividends, and you can also enjoy the team (non-direct push, that is to say, unlimited generation) game recharge percentage Second dividend.

IX What is the blockchain address for fun?

Ok, what is the second address in the area because it is a very simple place and we all like the second one in the area There are so many addresses that we can find them after downloading and installing them directly.

Ⅹ What is Funba

Funba APP Introduction: Funba is based on the field of mobile games, supported by blockchain technology, develops and operates the Funba APP, and encourages all people to pay attention to it. An innovative game company that explores game value and participates in happy games. The blockchain-powered game is the mining mobile game AppStore aggregates various game forms such as mobile phone games, H5, micro-end, blockchain games, etc. The game is the perfect integration of mining/blockchain and games, decentralization The new experience of autonomous community-based games / The token economy ecology has spawned new changes in the game industry, and virtual assets realize their most fundamental game value. Details + VX nickname is


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