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『One』Is MEP a scam?

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Environmental Coin is not good.
After the currency circle and the chain circle, a new type of circle scam has begun to sweep the digital currency market. Recently, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily noticed that a new GEC environmental protection coin trading model was widely spread.
This model is labelled with ecological protection, zero investment, zero risk, and high income, and it relies on attracting people to join and pulling down the offline development capital chain. Industry experts pointed out that environmental coins can basically be classified as circles.
The appearance of the circle is virtual currency, and the core is the capital disk. The income of the predecessors comes from the funds of the latecomers. This model is not only suspected of disguised ICO, but also suspected of pyramid schemes.
Relevant personnel of the National Internet Financial Security Technology Expert Committee pointed out that in addition to the currency circle chain circle, another circle appeared. The circle is that the appearance is virtual currency, the core is the capital disk, and the income of the predecessors comes from the funds of the latecomers.
Environmental coins can basically be classified as coils. From the point of view of the business model, it can basically be judged as pyramid selling by means of pulling people’s heads to obtain benefits.
ICO has a process of raising funds through token issuance. Strictly speaking, environmental protection currency is not an ICO. From another perspective, in the process of environmental protection currency pulling people, coins are distributed and funds are collected. Generally speaking, it can be said that it is a disguised ICO. .
(1) Hbb mining extended reading:
As the price of bitcoin has been rising, domestic virtual currencies have become increasingly active. Cai Lei, an executive of a financial institution in Beijing, said that some “altcoins” declared to the public that they were not within the scope of the regulatory authorities, that mainstream virtual currencies had declined, and their own virtual currencies ushered in opportunities for development.
Zhao Shouguo, a professor at the School of Economics and Management of Northwestern University, believes that the shutdown of mainstream virtual currency exchanges such as Bitcoin has brought opportunities for many “altcoins”. The reporter found that by entering the word “coin” on social software such as QQ, a large number of groups named “player coins” and “radar coins” were found. In the forum post bar, there are various virtual currencies such as “bitcoin”, “red shell coin” and “HBB environmental protection coin”.

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