heco ecological chain shib and Ethereum shib

A. The difference between erc20 and heco for shib withdrawals

The difference between erc20 and heco for shib withdrawals
1.erc20 is used for withdrawal and transfer, and can only be used by Ethereum The address of the format is used for transactions on the Huobi network platform, and only supports the format of the Huobi public chain;
2. The safety factor and running speed of erc20 are moderate, and it does not have such high efficiency as the same, and the use of Can save a lot of resources and costs.
Expansion information:
1. What is shibi:
Shibi Inu Coin (SHIB) virtual currency, born in August 2020, with a circulation of 1000 trillion, is an experiment of decentralized spontaneous community construction. The SHIB token is the first token of the Shiba Inu community, with a fair launch method, known as the Dogecoin Killer (Dogecoin Killer), which allows users to hold billions or even trillions of dollars.
2. Development history:
In August 2020, Shiba Inu coin was born with a circulation of 1,000 trillion.
On May 7, 2021, Hiroichi Mizuno, Tesla’s independent director and former chief investment officer of Japan’s pension fund, said on social media: “Investors can trade Shiba Inu coins on a short-term basis, but don’t do this to their Shiba Inu pet dogs. “Elon Musk immediately responded: “I’m looking for a Shiba Inu (coin)!”
As of May 9, 2021, the Shiba Inu coin has skyrocketed by nearly 1200% in one day.
On May 10, 2021, Shiba Inu, a virtual currency after Dogecoin, entered people’s field of vision. In just 2 days, the Shiba Inu coin has gone from a cheap altcoin to the top cryptocurrency in the world.
The Shiba project currently issues 3 tokens, namely SHIB (Shishi Inu), LEASH (Dog Leash), and BONE (Bone).
The total amount of SHIB issued is 1000 trillion SHIB, 50% of which is transferred to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet address, which is equivalent to burning, and the other 50% is paired with 10 ETH and put into the fund pool of the Uniswap trading pair . The team does not hold any tokens, it is completely fair, and the way for everyone to get SHIB is to buy at DEX or CEX.
The large number of tokens issued and the extremely low price have been widely welcomed. Elon Musk once made his platform public on Twitter, making it the most widely circulated MEME in the industry. SHIB has been listed on CEXs such as Huobi and OKEx.
Contrary to the huge amount of SHIB, the total amount of LEASH issued is only 100,000 LEASH. It was originally set as a Rebase token linked to the price of Dogecoin. Rebase has now been closed. Ordinary ERC20 tokens. After ShibaSwap goes live, both SHIB and LEASH will be able to mine in it.
The total issuance is 250 million BONE, which will be used as the governance token of ShibaSwap.

B. What does SHIB-HECO in tp wallet mean

Summary Hello! I’m glad to answer for you. HECOs stands for Huobi Chain, which is equivalent to two different chains

C. The difference between shib withdrawal erc20 and heco

USDT withdrawal TRC20 and What is the difference between ERC20? The difference between
erc20 and trc20 lies in different address styles, different network usage and different security. In the address style, erc20 starts with the number 0 and lowercase x, and trc20 starts with the uppercase letter T; erc20 on the network is based on Ethereum, and trc20 is the TRON network; in terms of security, erc20 is more secure, while trc20 is relatively low.
1. Features of TRC20
1. Fees paid… no fee?!
Yes! There is no fee for transferring USDT on TRON, but TRC-USDT is withdrawn on the exchange There will still be a withdrawal fee (charged by the exchange). Address example: (TRC-20 contract)
2. Currently still in testing
Most exchanges support the recharge of TRC-USDT, but because TRC-USDT is still in testing, the exchange’s Deposits and withdrawals are closed.
2. Features of ERC20
1. The type of fee to be paid is ETH
ERC-USDT, like other Tokens on Ethereum, is stored on the Ethereum address, so every time you transfer, you need to pay The type of handling fee is ETH. Address example: (ERC-20 contract)
2. Most exchanges support deposit and withdrawal, and the withdrawal limit is low
Basically, mainstream exchanges support ERC-USDT deposit and withdrawal, and you can choose when withdrawing coins Whether to mention a BTC address or an ETH address. And, taking Huobi as an example, the minimum withdrawal limit of ERC-USDT (2USDT) is currently smaller than that of Omni-USDT (200USDT).
3. Supporting smart contracts, on-chain transaction query is more convenient
Different from Omni-USDT, ERC-USDT can support smart contracts. ERC-20 USDT transactions can be queried in mainstream Ethereum browsers. Interested users can go to Tokenview’s Ethereum browser to inquire about ERC-USDT transaction details.
What do erc20 and trc20 mean?
USDT-ERC20 is USDT issued by Tether based on the ETH network. The deposit address is the ETH address, and the deposit and withdrawal go through the ETH network. USDT-ERC20 uses the ERC20 protocol.
At the beginning of 2018, the Ethereum network became popular, smart contracts were popularized in blockchain applications, and ERC20-USDT appeared. Like Omni-USDT, using ERC20-USDT is the sameAbsenteeism fees are required, but the transfer speed has been significantly improved. Due to its good security and fast transfer speed, ERC20-USDT is widely accepted by the market, and the USDT issuer TEDA has also begun to abandon Bitcoin Omni in favor of the more efficient Ethereum ERC20. With the recent issuance of additional USDT on Ethereum by TEDA, the number of ERC20-USDT has increased significantly, and now it has exceeded 50% of the total amount of Omni-USDT. In addition to officially abandoning the Omni protocol, mainstream exchanges have also begun to support ERC20-USDT. On July 3, Binance Exchange announced that it will switch from the OMNI network to the ERC20 network. Although the USDT of the original OMNI network can continue to be deposited and credited, it will not be able to withdraw the USDT of the OMNI network.
TRC20-USDT is USDT issued by Tether based on the TRON network. The deposit address is the TRON address, and the deposit and withdrawal go through the TRON network. TRC20-USDT (USDT-TRON) uses the TRC20 protocol.
In April 2019, TEDA announced the issuance of USDT based on the TRC-20 protocol on TRON, and TRC20-USDT was born. When TRC20-USDT is issued, it promises to be completely open and transparent, with zero transfer fees, and it will arrive in seconds. Unlike the previous two, there is currently no handling fee for TRC20-USDT transfers, which is also a highlight of TRON. However, the development of TRC20-USDT is not very mature at present, and its security cannot be guaranteed.

Can D. shib become a mainstream currency in the next three years?


It should be noted that shib has no core consensus, not even the underlying construction fund pool, loan, database, exchange mechanism, etc. of the basic cryptocurrency. It is only based on the Ethereum chain. A kind of token, this kind of currency can only be short-lived, and everyone still needs to be cautious when investing.

SHIB is also known as DOGECOIN KILLER (Dogecoin Killer).

From the perspective of the token mechanism, unlike Dogecoin, SHIB has an issuance cap and a destruction mechanism. SHIB is issued based on Ethereum, and will be launched on ShibaSwap at the end of April. Compared with Dogecoin, which can only be used in application scenarios such as Twitter and Reddit rewards, SHIB can be better applied to the blockchain ecosystem of Ethereum. However, the launch time of SHIB is short, and the circulation is not sufficient, and it still needs time to test.

How does E. shib-heco change back to shib

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-10-24

F. How the Bitpie shib went to Ethereum

PeaceRelay is the first to transfer the liquidity of Ethereum Classic to Ethereum by using a two-way relay.
Atomic swaps are a trustless solution, but impractical and cannot be used in smart contracts by themselves. PeaceRelay only works on blockchains that support expressive smart contracts, which are expensive to maintain. Helping tokenization and exchange through federation is technically and legally difficult to deploy in practice, and is not entirely trustless.
The road to the ideal decentralized solution will require several major innovations. We recognize that it is more important now to advance a technically appropriate approach that can now be used for functional applications, and as much as possible to follow the principles of decentralization, to build the foundation for the future of the ecosystem.

Can G. shib choose to deposit and withdraw HECO?


About SHIB(Shiba Inu)
SHIB Coin is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin) is the first token of the Shiba Inu community. Tesla CEO Musk publicly stated on Twitter that he will raise a Shiba Inu for his family. According to data from CoinGecko, Musk tweeted. In the hours following the post, the price of SHIB jumped 300%, drawing widespread attention around the world.
Here comes the point! The following is the first step of selecting HECO to deposit and withdraw coins to participate in the mining tutorial, prepare the wallet.
Transfer the SHIB, USDT and other tokens needed to participate in SHIB-USDT mining into the wallet, and prepare a small amount of HT as the authorized miner fee.
(Note: All token deposit and withdrawal operations need to be performed through the HECO chain, including SHIB, USDT, and HT)
1 First download a TP (TokenPocket) wallet
2 After installation, create your own 【HECO】Wallet, copy the mnemonic phrase by hand, confirm the mnemonic phrase to log in to the wallet.
3 After creating the HECO wallet, click [Assets] in the lower left corner, then click [+] in the upper right corner, and enter SHIB in the [Search] bar to add SHIB assets to the HECO wallet. (The operation steps for USDT, SHIB and HT are the same)
4. After adding the asset, click the [SHIB] asset in the wallet, click [Receive], and then copy the receiving address.

5. Enter the [Wallet Account] in the Hoo APP, pass the prepared SHIB assets through the [HECO] chain, paste the [Payment Address] copied in the previous step, and [withdraw] the SHIB to the TP wallet . (USDT, SHIB and HT have the same operation steps and must be operated through the HECO chain)

After completing the above steps, you can start the next SHIB&USDT mining journey.�

The second step is to participate in liquidity mining.
The SHIB/USDT mining pool in the [Farm] section of Pippi Shrimp Swap, users can obtain LP warrants by providing liquidity for SHIB/USDT, and participate in liquidity mining.
1. Open the TP wallet, click on the popular recommendation on the [Discover] interface and select [Pippi Shrimp Swap] or enter Pippi Shrimp Swap in the [Search bar] to enter the interface. (By default, Huobi Eco-Chain Heco Wallet will be selected for operation)
2. Click the [≡] menu bar in the upper right corner, click [unlock wallet/unlock wallet] for the first login, and select [TokenPocket] wallet to associate.

3. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Exchange/Transaction] to enter the exchange interface, click the [Pool/Liquidity] option, click [Add Liquidity/Add Liquidity], in In [Add Liquidity], according to the amount of SHIB held or the amount of USDT, the two currencies are paired with the same value, click [Approve], click [Supply] to complete the pledge, and add liquidity to obtain SHIB-USDT LP.

4. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Farm], find the SHIB-USDT LP mining pool in the list, click [Select] to open it, and select [Approve SHIB- USDT LP] and authorize, enter the number of LPs, and click [Confirm] to complete the pledge.
(You need to pay a small amount of HT as a miner fee for each authorization)

Then, go back to the mining pool interface and click [Harvest] to reap the rewards for providing liquidity for SHIB-USDT.

Written at the end
What I dug out is pipi, which can be sold directly on the exchange page, or directly withdrawn from the tiger talisman.

Which of H. shib and fil has the potential

Talk about the trend analysis of FIL, SHIB, DOGE, PIG and other currencies

FIL: Is Faith Broken? The current low is suitable for bottoming positions. The time is indeed longer, but it also means that the risk is relatively stable.

SHIB: Is the current price high? For those who have not yet entered the market, it is recommended to wait and see first. This type of currency is an opportunity only when it fluctuates. Still have to congratulate some of the people who have eaten a few waves of profits. Appropriate aggressiveness can also bring unexpected surprises.

DOGE : Although Grayscale is called shorting altcoins, but after all, it has the title of the father of Dogecoin. Since some people regard it as a belief, the currency friends who are in the quilt should stick to it. After the shock pullback is over, 1$ is only a matter of time.

PIG: Matcha is only on the market now. It really is the world of the “animal kingdom”, and both popularity and funds are on the other end of the scale. You can wait for the opportunity, continue the way of SHIB, and seize a wave of profits.

I. “Will SHIB be the next Dogecoin?” Hot discussion, is SHIB also a virtual digital currency?

SHIB’s explosion also makes Everyone felt very shocked. He was also targeting the next Dogecoin. It is also a virtual digital currency, but this digital currency is not regulated in China, and there are no thresholds. Therefore, there is a possibility of returning to zero at any time, and we must be cautious when investing.

Three, join the physical industry

We also believe that more and more people will promote this matter. In fact, at this stage, the current stage is a bull market for Bitcoin. As for whether SHIB will become the next Dogecoin, it is still very imaginative. We also hope that more and more people can actively invest in the real industry, because we all know that if a country wants to develop, the real industry must bear the brunt. I hope everyone can cherish their hard-earned money, To safeguard the revitalization of our motherland.

How many J. shib coins are destroyed each year

The total amount of SHIB issued is 1000 trillion, of which 50% of the total supply has been put into Uniswap and thrown away The private key is obtained, and the remaining 50% is transferred to the Buterin address.

shib does not have a destruction mechanism, but after the ecological construction is completed, every time a dog leash is exchanged, the shib used for exchange will be destroyed, so the amount of shib will be less and less, and the project party also believes that shib has a chance to reach $0.1.

Shib (Shib)

Virtual currency, born in August 2020, with a circulation of 1,000 trillion.

As of May 9, 2021, the Shiba Inu coin has skyrocketed by nearly 1200% in one day. On May 10th, Shiba Inu coin came into people’s field of vision. In just 2 days, it went from a cheap altcoin to the top cryptocurrency in the world.


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