Hengguan Hummer and trx4

① TRX4 battery 2S label 30C or 50C which is better

This represents the discharge capacity of the battery, this C is called “”discharge rate”” in battery professional terms, that is The discharge current value is divided by the multiple of the battery capacity value. For example, if the capacity of a battery is 1000mAh, then we discharge it with 2000mA current, which is called 2C discharge. If the battery is discharged with 5C, then the current is 5000mA, if it is 20C , then it is 20000mA (ie 20A) current. Usually the C number that everyone says, for example, 20, means that the battery can be discharged at 20C, which represents the maximum normal discharge capacity of the battery.
50c has a larger discharge capacity than 30c, but when you need to consider, do you need such a large discharge capacity, because the greater the discharge capacity, the greater the power consumption, and it will be very hot. At the same time, the circuit design will be more complicated and the price will be higher.

② trx4 original tire size

Tire size is 175/70 R14, 175 means the tire width is 175mm, 70 means the aspect ratio of the tire section is 70% , that is, the section height is 70% of the width, R represents a radial tire, and the rim diameter is 14 inches. Tire specification is the symbol data of tire geometric parameters and physical properties.

1. High-pressure tires

High-pressure tires are represented by adding a multiplication sign between two numbers, namely D×B [“D” indicates the nominal outer diameter of the tire Diameter (inch), “×” indicates high pressure tire, “B” indicates tire section height (inch)].

High-pressure tires are rarely used in automobiles, and low-pressure tires are widely used in automobiles.

2. Low-pressure tires

Low-pressure tires are also separated by two numbers and a split line in the middle, that is, Bd[“B” indicates the tire section width (inch), “-” Indicates run-flat tires, “d” for rim diameter (inches)].

3. Ultra-low pressure tires

The expression method of ultra-low pressure tires is the same as that of low-pressure tires.

③ The newly purchased Hobbywing AXE Axe R2 is installed on trx4 and trx6x6 respectively, and the motor has a slight current after starting the remote control.

Summary Hello! It may be because of the wrong size or lack of running-in. You can use it a little more, and it should be relieved. I hope I can help you, and I wish you a happy life!

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