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1. Can shib choose to deposit and withdraw HECO?


About SHIB(Shiba Inu)
SHIB Coin is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin) is the first token of the Shiba Inu community. Tesla CEO Musk publicly stated on Twitter that he will raise a Shiba Inu for his family. According to CoinGecko data, Musk tweeted In the hours following the post, the price of SHIB jumped 300%, drawing widespread attention around the world.
Here comes the point! The following is the first step of selecting HECO to deposit and withdraw coins to participate in the mining tutorial, prepare the wallet.
Transfer the SHIB, USDT and other tokens needed to participate in SHIB-USDT mining into the wallet, and prepare a small amount of HT as the authorized miner fee.
(Note: All token deposit and withdrawal operations need to be performed through the HECO chain, including SHIB, USDT, and HT)
1 First download a TP (TokenPocket) wallet
2 After installation, create your own 【HECO】Wallet, copy the mnemonic phrase by hand, confirm the mnemonic phrase to log in to the wallet.
3 After creating the HECO wallet, click [Assets] in the lower left corner, then click [+] in the upper right corner, and enter SHIB in the [Search] field to add SHIB assets to the HECO wallet. (The operation steps for USDT, SHIB and HT are the same)
4. After adding the asset, click the [SHIB] asset in the wallet, click [Receive], and then copy the receiving address.

5. Enter the [Wallet Account] in the Hoo APP, pass the prepared SHIB assets through the [HECO] chain, paste the [Payment Address] copied in the previous step, and [withdraw] the SHIB to the TP wallet . (USDT, SHIB and HT have the same operation steps and must be operated through the HECO chain)

After completing the above steps, you can start the next SHIB&USDT mining journey!

The second step is to participate in liquidity mining.
The SHIB/USDT mining pool in the [Farm] section of Pippi Shrimp Swap, users can obtain LP warrants by providing liquidity for SHIB/USDT, and participate in liquidity mining.
1. Open the TP wallet, click the popular recommendation in the [Discover] interface and select [Pippi Shrimp Swap] or enter Pippi Shrimp Swap in the [Search bar] to enter the interface. (By default, Huobi Eco-Chain Heco Wallet will be selected for operation)
2. Click the [≡] menu bar in the upper right corner, click [unlock wallet/unlock wallet] for the first login, and select [TokenPocket] wallet to associate.

3. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Exchange/Transaction] to enter the exchange interface, click the [Pool/Liquidity] option, click [Add Liquidity/Add Liquidity], in In [Add Liquidity], according to the amount of SHIB held or the amount of USDT, the two currencies are paired with the same value, click [Approve], click [Supply] to complete the pledge, and add liquidity to obtain SHIB-USDT LP.

4. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Farm], find the SHIB-USDT LP mining pool in the list, click [Select] to open it, and select [Approve SHIB- USDT LP] and authorize, enter the number of LPs, and click [Confirm] to complete the pledge.
(You need to pay a small amount of HT as the miner fee for each authorization)

Then, go back to the mining pool interface and click [Harvest] to reap the rewards for providing liquidity for SHIB-USDT.

Written at the end
What I dug out is pipi, which can be sold directly on the exchange page, or directly withdrawn from the tiger talisman.

2. How to withdraw coins without opening viaBTC mining pool

3. Binance from The difference between whether the currency account is transferred to the mining pool wallet or not

Abstract The fluctuation of the currency price is relatively large, so when the currency price is relatively high or reaches one’s own psychological expectations, use financial derivatives such as hedging, option futures, etc. tools, you can lock the mining income in advance.

4. The mining pool is closed, how to withdraw the coins in it

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5. Poolin Withdrawal Tutorial

1. Open the official website of F2Pool and log in to your F2Pool account.
2. After logging in successfully, click the drop-down menu at the top right of the page and click “Account Settings”.
3. After entering the account settings page, click “Payment Settings”.
4. After entering the “Payment Settings” page, click “Add Mining Account” and use the username you used to mine Grin.
5. After adding a mining account, click to select the algorithm of Grin (Grin-29 or Grin-31). Take Grin-29 as an example, click to add “Grin-29 Address”.
6. After that, open the following page and select the “wallet address” of the exchange you want to recharge; in the Grin-29 address information.��Paste your Grin recharge address in the currency core”; enter the verification SMS verification code sent by the mining pool.
7. After the information is submitted, the mining pool will send a confirmation email to your registered email address. Confirm the link to activate your address, and you can complete the binding of the Grin receiving address. Grin will be automatically recharged to your account, and then you can start trading on the exchange.
Expand information
1. Mining pool income Settlement Mode
1. This mode is after the mining pool successfully mines digital currency. First deduct a small amount of fees needed to support the operation of the mining pool, and then everyone distributes benefits according to the total computing power contributed in the process of mining the currency, and the total contribution The computing power is not only related to the computing power of the mining machine, but also to the length of time it takes to enter the mining pool.
2. The higher the computing power of the mining machine, the longer the mining time will be, and the digital currency mined by the mining pool will be obtained. The higher the ratio.
3. This settlement method is closely related to the probability of digging coins. If the mining pool has dug a lot of digital currencies in one day, then everyone is happy today; If you don’t get any coins, then everyone’s income will be miserable.
4. The mining pool in this model is like a company that distributes according to work. Money. The company has no money in the account, so of course there is no money to share.
5. The full name of PPS is Pay Per Share. In order to solve the situation of PPLNS that sometimes has high income and sometimes no income, some mining pools use A new algorithm has been developed.
6. The PPS mode first calculates the proportion of the mining pool in the computing power of the entire digital currency network, and then estimates the digital currency output of the mining pool based on this proportion.
7. On the premise that the mining pool has deducted the fees, according to the proportion of the miners’ computing power in the mining pool, the corresponding income will be given to you every day in proportion. This model can ensure that everyone can obtain stable income every day, and the mining pool It doesn’t matter how much digital currency is actually mined.
8. In short, it is a fixed salary model. The company gives you a monthly fixed salary based on your ability. No matter whether the company loses or makes a profit, your fixed salary is So many.
Operating environment: Mobile phone model: vivo Y9s Software: Web APP Fish Pool official website

6. How to get the money from Poolin Pool

Operating Environment: Operating Computer Model: Laptop Lenovo Xiaoxin v5.2.1, Web Browser Version: QQ Browser iOS 14.3
1. Log in to Poolin.com, the official website of Poolin, and create BSV mining sub-account, fill in the payment address
2. After the sub-account is created, you can see the mining machine configuration example.
3. Hardware installation: After the network is powered on, access the mining machine background ip and fill in the coins Print the mining address of the mining pool, the name and password of the mining machine, and run the machine.
1) The labels of some mining machines have the default value of the mining machine written on them. IP address, but due to various factors, the actual IP address may not be the address marked on the label. It is recommended to connect the router or switch connected to the miner with a computer first, and then use the IP Scanner to scan the network segment to find the IP of the miner.
2) After finding the IP of the miner, access this IP in the browser, the login account of Ant S9 is root, and the password is root. If the account and password are incorrect, please refer to the miner’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.
3) After logging in, click General Settings under Miner Configuration, and configure the URL (mining address), Worker (sub-account.miner ID) and Password displayed on the webpage in step 2 in Pool 1/2/3 respectively. (password). After setting, click Save&Apply in the lower corner to save your configuration information.
Extension information:
1. Since the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network continues to rise exponentially, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot obtain the blocks provided by the Bitcoin network on the Bitcoin network. award. After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the probability of obtaining rewards is too low, prompting some geeks on “bitcointalk” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power to operate jointly. Websites built using this method It is called “Mining Pool”.
2. In this mechanism, regardless of the amount of computing power available to individual miners, as long as they participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool, no matter whether they have successfully excavated valid data blocks, they can use the mining pool to participate in mining activities. Contribution to get a small amount of Bitcoin reward, that is, multi-person cooperative mining, and the Bitcoin reward obtained is also shared by multiple people according to their contribution.
3. PPLNS mode: (the purest team mining) the full name is Pay Per Last N Shares, which means “pay the income according to the past N shares”, which means that once all miners find a In the block, everyone will allocate the currency in the block according to the proportion of the number of shares contributed by each person. In the PPLNS mode, luck is very important. If the mining pool can find many blocks in a day, then everyone’s dividend time will be very fast. If the mining pool cannot find a block in one day, then everyone will also�There is no income, and the income will not be distributed until the block you participated in is fully mined. At the same time, due to the lag inertia of PPLNS, your mining income will be delayed to a certain extent. For example, if you join a new PPLNS mining pool, you will find that the income in the first few hours is relatively low. That’s because others have already contributed a lot of shares in this mining pool. You are a newcomer and your contribution is still very small, so your income is relatively low when dividends are distributed. As time goes on, what should be settled is settled, and when everyone starts a new round of calculations, you are back on the same level as everyone else. In the same way, if you leave the PPLNS mining pool and stop mining, the shares you contributed are still there, and you will still receive dividends for a period of time after that, until your shares are settled.

7. There are several mining pools in China that are better to mine Diskcoin

Most of the poc currencies currently on the market are It is produced on the assembly line.
The speculative value itself is far greater than the mining value.
Participation is not recommended.

8. Can Btc mining pool ether be withdrawn in small amounts?

9. bpool mining pool alliance Does it have anything to do with the space-time cloud? I bought combined mining in bpool, why can’t I withdraw coins now, the available assets are 10 coins,


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