How about ETH economics

(1) Is it a good job for economics majors?

I don’t think I can say that. , so the competition has become bigger, and it is not that the employment prospects are not good.

I am an undergraduate student at the School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. As for whether economics is good for employment, I have to say that economics, as a popular major, will definitely not say that it is not good for employment, but all the good and bad ultimately depends on the individual. There is no real talent and hard work, and it is useless. No matter how popular the profession is, some people will become a generation of everyone. Therefore, it is still necessary to be strong. In the economic field, if you study well and have strong ability, you can still make money.

Finally, be sure to study hard, the exams in school may pass, but the fault tolerance rate in the post is still very low Yes, it is easy to get cold without real talent.

(2) What about economics majors and employment prospects?

Economics is a very broad category. Educational requirements are very high); in addition, the research directions of economics include finance, accounting, political economy, taxation, bonds, insurance, statistics, international trade, etc. Nowadays, there are more people who study accounting and can engage in financial and accounting work in major small and medium-sized enterprises, state enterprises and institutions. Generally, they can get a job after obtaining an accounting qualification certificate. Most people who are not majors in accounting are also taking this certificate, and then they can also be employed. . The financial direction includes currency banking, fund securities, etc. After graduation, you can work in banks, securities, funds, and insurance companies, but most of them are of a sales nature. If you do well, you can make a lot of money. If you simply want to study economics, it is suitable for further study and postgraduate studies. It is best to get a doctorate, and it is best to be a key university, so that you can do it well. Economics is a major that emphasizes theory and is suitable for economic analysis and research. For example, economists such as Lang Xianping and Justin Yifu Lin… University majors include Western economics, political economy, currency and banking, etc. After graduation, you can take the civil service exam , Go to the Development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau, Audit Bureau, Statistics Bureau, Government Finance Office and other units, but the difficulty can be imagined, if you have excellent strength, don’t be afraid. Now these units are basically recruiting people with a postgraduate degree or above from 211 University. As long as you are admitted, you can use your ability and wisdom to make suggestions for the development of the national economy! My suggestion is that studying applied economics (ie: finance, insurance, accounting, international trade, etc.) is more suitable for employment. If you understand everything in simple economics, you will be disadvantaged in society if you are not good at everything.

㈢ Economics is good or not

1. Employment prospects Economics: In fact, economics is a too broad scope. Because when we entered the school, we were students of economics, but when we were divided into majors, very few people applied for economics to continue their studies. As far as we know, those who are very persistent in choosing economics must take the postgraduate entrance examination and go abroad. Studying economics is indeed a great benefit for postgraduate study abroad. Because the graduate students who take the economics exam are mainly taking macro and microeconomics exams, while those who study economics have a deep understanding of that research. In terms of going abroad, many foreign universities do not recognize the undergraduate diplomas of finance majors and international trade majors from many universities in our country. However, the undergraduate diploma in economics is recognized. Therefore, it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on those who want to go abroad to study economics. Economics in terms of employment. If you study economics, it belongs to economic work, and you can participate in it in the future, whether you do financial securities, international trade, finance, or in-depth economic research, you can do it, and you can do it. Because economics is very systematic, economic knowledge, game theory and econometrics are all involved. I didn’t see much employment in economics in our school, they all went abroad and took postgraduate entrance exams. However, I think after studying economics, if you want to take the civil servant exam, you can go to the finance and taxation agency, or work in a bank. Capable. After all, studying economics is not just studying economics, but also involves the knowledge required by various economic categories such as money, banking, finance and taxation. Finance: In recent years, finance has been a popular major in college entrance examinations. The major of finance depends on how well you develop yourself. If your school is good, or finance is good, (you can check the ranking of your school’s finance on the Internet), then you may find a good job on your own. When you go out to work in finance, in banks, securities, and insurance companies, the treatment is very good. Development is more profitable than accounting. If the school is not very hard, it is best to entrust a relationship with a bank or something when looking for a job. If you study finance, as long as you find a job, the salary can be good. With the deepening of my country’s economic openness, it is necessary to�Many foreign banks have entered my country. The entry of foreign banks has increased the demand for financial talents. increased financial heat. If you learn finance well and have strong application skills, it is not difficult to get ahead. Accounting, accounting is one of the ten easiest majors to find a job. It can be seen that the society has always been in demand for accounting talents. If you want to find a good job in accounting, you need a certificate. For example, in finance and economics, the higher the degree, the better. Accounting is not the case. In accounting, the more certificates, the better. If you win the betting meeting, the treatment is very good. Therefore, people who study accounting have been studying the certificate test from the beginning. I read those books every day. 2. For this question, let’s put it this way. Economics is a panacea because it covers a lot and is very broad. Among the subdivisions of economics, finance, international trade, and fiscal and taxation are all subdivided based on economic theory. Therefore, if you study economics and engage in all aspects of work, it is a professional counterpart. The disadvantage of economics is that it is too broad. I think there are two solutions: First, pay more attention to practical learning. The so-called extensive study of economics means that you have a lot of theoretical grasp, but do not understand practical application and operation. For example, if you are studying economics, you must know everything about money banks, but you really don’t understand the actual operation of banks. Why, because finance has practical classes in this area, but economics does not. Therefore, as long as you pay more attention to practice, it is best to participate in more internships, which is very beneficial to yourself. Second, it depends on what you are interested in economics. For example, if you are interested in finance and taxation, you can take more elective courses in finance and taxation. Then come out, the courses you take are not only economics, but also courses in finance and taxation, which is equivalent to expanding your major and adding your professional knowledge, so that you will not be very general. ,right. 3. In fact, I think it is OK to turn or not. Because economics is well studied, many of the classifications in it are integrated. Unless you are firmer and have more careful goals. For example, if you want to go into banking securities, then go to study finance. For example, if you want to be a certified public accountant, then go to accounting. Unless that’s the case, I think it’s fine. If you are looking for a job now, you will not be very professional. Banks will never dismiss you just because you’re an economics. As long as you meet the qualifications, it is the same merit-based admission. rest assured. Of course, if you want to transfer, it will be very easy to transfer before the third year of professional courses. Because economics and finance are economics, and accounting is business administration, the courses for the two classes before the third year are similar. That is to say, even if you change majors, it will not have any impact on your studies, and you don’t need to take a lot of courses to make up credits. Changing majors is easy.

㈣ How about the economics major

It is quite general, the knowledge learned is very complex, and the amount of knowledge is also very large. The key is to see what you want to do in the future. If you want to engage in economic analysis, or stay in school to teach, keep studying this field, and studying economics is good. But if you want to start a business or have a skill, it is best not to study this major. In addition, schools are very important. It is certain that the economics majors in science and engineering universities are not as good as those in economics colleges.

(v) What about economics majors

I see you ask about economics and human resources, marketing, and international trade. In my opinion, the content of economics major is more theoretical than other majors in economics, and it is not advantageous for employment after that. Human resources personally think it’s okay, but more and more people are developing in human resources… And marketing, if you like this aspect, you can consider it, but it is recommended that you choose other majors, and then self-study related content during college, In this way, you can do a good job in marketing related to the major you have learned, so that there is a lot of room for future development for employment. As for international trade, I don’t know this very well…

㈥ What about economics majors?

Don’t be discouraged. Economics is a basic subject, and accounting also belongs to the economic category, but accounting is highly specialized. If you still want to study accounting in the future, I suggest you: study hard in your freshman year, try to get the opportunity to change majors, and switch to accounting. If there is no such opportunity, then you must have a plan. After the sophomore year, you should contact more professional courses in accounting, and strive to take the accounting job certificate or the CPA exam in the future.

㈦ How about the economics major

Oh, broad but not precise. What exactly do you want to learn?

㈧ How about Economics

Economics is a broad-caliber major, and it can also be said to be the theoretical basis of economics majors.
Compared with economic majors such as finance and international trade, financial�� major is to study the application of financial work in economics, while the major of economics is based on deepening and strengthening the theory of this major.
In other words, economics emphasizes theory, and finance is partial to application.
This major can be evaluated as “big but not specialized”, which belongs to the panacea.
This major is suitable for male and female students.
However, if you do not intend to engage in teaching or theoretical research in the future, it is better to choose applied majors such as finance, international trade, insurance, and taxation.


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