How about IETH coins? Is IETH Coin Worth Investing?

The full English name of IETH is iEthereum. In fact, this iEthereum is an Ethereum-based token, which can realize real-time point-to-point transactions and payment services by using mainstream digital wallets. In fact, this project proposes a better solution to the problems existing in the traditional online payment system, and continues to make thoughtful explorations for this payment solution. IETH coins are issued completely and fairly without an ICO. Many investors want to know how about this IETH coin? What they want to know most is is this IETH coin worth investing in? Let’s talk about it below.

How about IETH?

iEthereum (IETH for short) is a token based on Ethereum. Real-time peer-to-peer transactions and payment services can be achieved using mainstream digital wallets. A thoughtful exploration of cryptocurrencies, traditional online payment systems and other payment solutions. Initial concept development.

Issue IETH coins into the Ethereum blockchain. Execute the smart contract test and start the AirDrop activity. Complete the crowdfunding campaign and distribute IETH coins to supporters.

iEthereum (IETH coin) is 100% fair release without ICO or investment round. iEthereum developers are independent wealthy self-financing evangelists who believe in, develop and promote this game-changing technology. Therefore, the distribution of the currency is healthy and there is no situation in the hands of disproportionate early investors, as is the case with many ICO coins. We are a true project, written using a source code base, introducing new innovative technologies, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Is IETH worth investing in?

IETH is worth investing in, iEthereum is a decentralized global token based on the Ethereum structure. iEthereum is a token, which means it is a cryptocurrency whose activity is based on the blockchains of other cryptocurrencies, such as the Ethereum blockchain or the EOS blockchain. Token examples: Chainlink, OmiseGo, 0x. iEthereum coins have a consensus mechanism: not mineable. You can mint these coins using the None algorithm.

iEthereum is a decentralized global cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum structure. iETH provides next-generation value transfer services across currencies and asset types. Through iEthereum, anyone can conduct financial transactions such as payments, remittances, payroll deposits, B2B commerce, supply chain finance, loyalty programs, asset management and trading, and other on-demand services in a fully decentralized and inexpensive manner.

The above content is a specific elaboration on the two questions of how IETH is and whether IETH is worth investing in. In fact, no matter whether you want to invest in IETH coins or not, you should understand how high the investment risk is before investing. You must know that the investment risk of digital currency is very high, and this IETH currency is a very small digital currency. The information we can find is very limited, and its project does not disclose a lot of information. If we are still new to investing, it is best to invest in some mainstream currencies, because the development of mainstream currencies has been relatively stable, the risk of the project side running away is low, and the price is relatively stable.

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