How do planet explorers mine

❶ How to get planetary explorer steel

The planetary explorer is the same as minecraft and is equivalent to the optimized version of minecraft 3D graphics, so go to logging to build a workbench and then combine the pickaxe to mine to get it Get the iron ore, then burn it in the forge to get the iron block, and then smelt it to get the steel block.

❷ How to mine astroneer mining tips for alien explorers

Teach you a trick that is not easy to get lost method. Prepare a beacon and enough batteries and oxygen tanks at home first, build soil under your feet, the higher the better, but do not exceed the clouds. After the appropriate height is reached, insert a beacon on the top, and then. . . Jump down and resurrect to pick up the corpse. You can find a pillar of Optimus and a beacon at a great distance, that is your home.
I always throw the beacon when I’m far away, then insert an oxygen stake, and the connection to the beacon points to the location of home, and the connection to the next beacon points to the location of the previous beacon

❸ How do planet explorers mine copper

Select the icon like the mobile phone in the lower right corner, and then there is a scan in the upper left corner of the interface. First, select copper in the following elements, which starts with C, and then click The scan shows a 3D map that tells you the location of the underground copper mine.

❹ How to brush the torch infinitely for planet explorers?

Install the torch in the shortcut bar 1~9, and the character equipment on the shortcut bar The torch inside, left-click the torch on the shortcut bar and drag it out to the wall, the torch in the hand is still there, and the torch in the shortcut bar is still there.

In this way, you can brush the torch infinitely, and the torch can be recycled! Perfect for miners!

❺ Planet explorer Is there any automatic mining robot

Hello, glad to answer your questions. Planet Explorer does not have an automatic mining robot, and can only mine manually.

❻ Legend of various types of minerals in Planet Explorer

There are many mineral resources in Planet Explorer, and finding them is not an easy task. Here we attach legends of various types of ore, which can provide an intuitive comparison map for ore-hunting players!
Aluminum mine
Silver mine, a bit similar to marble, but brighter than him
Gold mine, you can see at a glance
The Datu Mountain in the distance, the whole mountain is generally zinc Mine, white
iron ore, copper mine on the left, contrast
a lot of iron ore
This is the mine I have been looking for for the longest time, black gold, oil
coal mine, black The

❼ Alien Explorer How to Mining Mining Methods List

Alien Explorer ASTRONEER3DM Free Installation Unencrypted Version
Mining Methods:
Some Existing Resources (presented in units) can be clicked directly on them, and then clicked on the astronaut to put them into the backpack.
And some large props (such as driver’s seat, unresearched stones), they cannot be put into the backpack, you need to click on them and move to the target location, at this time your walking speed will slow down, if there are If a vehicle is used, it can be transported by means of a vehicle.
The three collection methods can actually be unified, that is, to make the collected resources also become unit blocks, that is, when the collection is excessive (the backpack is overloaded), then the resources will appear as unit blocks and fall out of the backpack, then At this point, the unit blocks of the resource can be put into the vehicle in batches and transported together.

❽ What skills do planet explorers have to mine quickly?

Many people may lose their way when mining, even with the help of a handheld computer, the main reason is this The mining design of the game is very special: 1. The scope of mining is spherical; 2. Click to dig when mining. Knowing this, mining is much easier. The technique is as follows: Each time you select a range, press and hold the left button, and when the character picks up the pickaxe, release the left button. You will find that the range you want to trim will be cleared. For example, if you want to build a room with a height of one person and a half, first select the facing wall (the position facing the face), then the top, and then the bottom. During the mining process, do not keep pressing the left button. I built a room myself, and then put a campfire in the middle. I didn’t even need torches, it was very bright, haha.

❾ Planet Explorer Where to Dig Aluminum

1, copper (copper). Coordinates 11444-6859
2, iron. Coordinates 11444-6859/11164-7330/11519-8823
3, silver (silver) 10769-6963/11082-7770/11504-8501
4, zinc (zinc) 10767-7127
5, coal (coal) 11444-6859
6, aluminum (aluminium) 10769-6963/11082-7770/11504-8501
7, gold (gold) 10986-6879
8, petroleum (petroleum)10873-9268
It’s done…these coordinates are not far away, saving the trouble of traveling long distances! Finally share a mining treasure! That’s… coordinates 10873-9268! There are a lot of gold, aluminum…oil here

❿ Planet explorer, how to mine NPC businessman

There are only 4 ways for planet explorer to get mine, 1 is to dig their own strengthRow.
2Store buy
3Let a partner with mining skills go out to work and mine.
4 collection machine collection ah.


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