How does the blockchain mobile phone mining platform make money?

『One』How do blockchain APPs make money

Most small companies
projects rely on
Buying a mining machine and then mining to make money is actually not very reliable, because you have invested a lot but this project is not guaranteed and will not necessarily land, and the blockchain projects of a few large companies, such as Jiu Jiu Planet, are In order to build a blockchain
ecological community
, let everyone actively participate in the construction by doing tasks, which is more reliable and does not require any investment

『紴』Mobile How to make money from mining

If you are interested in blockchain now, you must have heard that mobile phones can also make money from mining. To be honest, blockchain is just a technology, and there are many projects derived from it, which seem to be flat, and develop freely with each other in their respective fields.

If it must be divided into high-end and low-end, then most of the so-called blockchain projects in the form of online earning projects are low-end.

Generally, the concept of blockchain mining is taken out, that is to say, the hot spot of the blockchain is to attract people to join. It can be seen that there will inevitably be some scammer projects.

And many projects were made in the past few months of 2018 and tested internally. Now if you want to do mobile mining, you have to make an appointment and get an invitation code to have the opportunity to participate in mobile mining.
The first thing to explain is that this type of mining project is a blockchain-like mining, which is not the same as buying more than 100,000 mining machines. If everyone thinks that there are advertisements for real mining, you have to be careful, maybe it is a scammer’s project.

Several important data for mobile phone mining: blue and red diamonds, energy.

The specific operation is generally as follows:

After registering as a member, the data of blue diamonds, red diamonds and energy will appear. Some platforms have gifts, which can be displayed above.

Under normal circumstances:

Blue diamonds can only be withdrawn. Of course, blue diamonds can also be exchanged for red diamonds. Obtained by mining. Generally, it occurs every 30 minutes.

Red diamonds are used to play small games or draw prizes. They are also obtained through mining, and are generally generated every 2 hours.

Energy is an important value.

『Three』 How mobile phone mining can make the blockchain monetize and make money

Now many mobile phone mining can realize this function.

『4』 Can Blockchain Mobile Mining Make Money?

Comprehensive Interpretation of Blockchain

With the popularity of Bitcoin, many Investors have therefore also targeted the technical support behind Bitcoin – the blockchain. So, what is blockchain? In fact, it is a decentralized distributed ledger database. Without a center, each node of the data storage will synchronously replicate the entire ledger, and the information is transparent and difficult to tamper with.

『Wu』 Recently I often hear about the blockchain, what is the blockchain and how does it make money from mining

Blockchain is a computer technology

『Lu』 Blockchain: Can Mobile App Mining Make Money?

If you can build a mobile phone with 256 cores and a thousand pipeline gpu, it is estimated that maritime affairs can make some money. But you probably won’t be able to hold this phone.

I have done a usb mining machine mining project before, and the boss cheated a lot of money. It also cooperates with many large companies.

『柒』 Which blockchain app is the most profitable and how to invest in the blockchain to make a profit?

The apps you have seen so far, which can produce mines, are all blockchain funds Disk, in the name of blockchain, sucks money here.
How to judge whether a product is a capital disk or a real digital currency
1. In the domestic market, the country has not yet allowed these institutions to exist, so at the policy level, there will be no real digital currency in China;
br />2. Professional level. Digital currency has a total limit and is decentralized, and the official cannot control it, and the mobile phone mining we have seen so far, although the official said that it is decentralized, but in fact these are controlled by the official, they are the dealers .
So in the end, can these fake blockchains make money?
The answer is yes, and this is the charm of these businesses.
Many people know these are fake digital currencies, but they still play. Because they feel that this market will not run away in the short term, so some people make a profit, and some people lose.
So how do we players play?
1. If you don’t have money, you can get 0. Even if you don’t spend a penny, you can earn 100 or 10 yuan per APP, and if you play 10 games a month, you can also earn thousands of dollars.
2. If you have money to invest, when the APP first starts to hairstyle, you can Play a bit, invest a little money, and when the unit price starts to rise, and when it is already high, sell it immediately, so that you can still make money.
The real digital currency investment is definitely not mining with mobile phones. You can use mobile phone mining as a kind of game.

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