how doge beat cat king

1. Fantasy article 2.1 What character should I use to kill Doge quickly

Nutou Ichigo Infinite u 下u Shunbu p to make up the magic

2. What is the meaning of the term [doge] on the Internet

“Shishi Inu joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and has become popular in major European and American countries. Search engine search rates have exploded. The prototype is a Japanese female Shiba Inu named Kabosu. This picture of Shiba Inu, which was originally just a cute dog, was changed into various characters, and after adding phrases with strange grammar such as “wow” and “such XX”, its nonsensical style swept the global Internet circle and was dubbed as a “proprietary”. The noun “Doge” (slang for the English word “dog”) has been named a cultural phenomenon of the year by TV stations such as NBC, and there is even a virtual currency (Dogecoin) marked by its emoji. In China, it is jokingly called “spiritual pollution” by netizens because its spoofed image is flooding the Internet, causing netizens to have illusions when they see other characters and things.

The term “doge” on the Internet is an expression that expresses an inner monologue.

3. It’s best to have a set of this annoying dog emoji

Well, you search the Internet for an annoying dog expression pack Download to use the best. No more pictures are allowed here.

4. How to type the big dot ‘●’

● can’t be typed directly, you can use symbols To insert, take Sogou input method as an example, the method is as follows:

1. Open the input method, and park the cursor at the position where the big dot symbol is to be inserted.

5. How to make doge pattern on iphone keyboard

iOS keyboard is not allowed, you can upgrade to iOS8 system, download Sogou input method is fine.

6. How to type doge expression on iphone 6

Emoji expression can be added as follows:

1. On the desktop of the iphone, select “Settings”.

7. What does the internet term “doge” mean

An internet trend or spoof, one prototype is one The picture of the Japanese female Shiba Inu named Kabosu is accompanied by very witty and humorous words to express the dog’s brain, and uses the wrong modifier or abbreviation, such as ‘such dignified’ or ‘amaze.’


8. How to type doge emoji

This emoji is to click on the emoticon package that comes with Weibo, and it can be found directly in the emoji of Weibo, which can only be found on Weibo. in use. On other platforms, you can find a series of emoticons.

(8) How doge play the cat king extended reading:

Weibo dog head emoticon source:

This cute The Shiba Inu, called Kabosu, was abandoned by his owner and was almost euthanized. In November 2008, he was adopted by Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher in Japan, and his life changed.

In addition to it, there are two other cats named Ginkgo and Rhododendron who were adopted by the owner later. The owner also specially opened a blog for them to record their daily life.

On February 23, 2010, the owner, AtsukoSato, posted a series of photos of Kabosu on his blog. In one of the photos, the Shiba Inu leaned on the sofa, with front paws on top of each other, staring sideways. Eyebrows and expressive expressions make people laugh.

The photo quickly became popular in the Internet circles such as Reddit (the largest online community in the United States) and Tumblr (light blog) in the United States, and finally appeared in “Confessions of Shiba Inu” (ShibaConfessions). ) in the blog.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as DogeMeme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr. There was also an explosive spread.

In April 2013, doge became popular after appearing on 4chan, a comic community. The reason for its popularity is simple: doge is a fusion of cute pets (the cute image of Shiba Inu) and deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjections.

9. How to play Dogecoin

In December 2013, Australian marketer Jackson Palmer imitated Bitcoin and launched “Dogecoin” (Dogecoin), And use doge’s dog head as a logo. In just a few weeks, the encrypted electronic currency “Dogecoin” with the image of this cute Shiba Inu has also become an instant hit, and has developed from an accidental joke to one of the virtual currencies that cannot be underestimated on the Internet. And printed with

10. How to type emoji in WeChat

1. First, you need to click the + sign at the bottom of WeChat emoji, which can be downloaded for free in the emoji, such as Mengmeng rabbit, etc.;

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