How is Eurasia certified? Introduction to OKX Exchange KYC Tutorial

OKEX exchange is a world-renowned digital asset trading platform. It is aimed at users around the world and can provide them with spot or derivatives trading services for a variety of digital assets. Eurex Exchange was established as early as 2014, and at the beginning of its establishment, the exchange received millions of dollars of angel investment with the participation of the world’s top investor TimDraper. He is also an investor in the world’s top companies such as Hotmail, Baidu, and Tesla. Many investors don’t know how to certify when they use Euroeasy for the first time? Let me introduce to you the KYC tutorial of this OKX exchange.

How is the Euroeasy Exchange certified?

Completing KYC identity authentication and security settings can ensure the security of our funds, and opening different levels of identity authentication can unlock the corresponding transaction authority.

KYC identity authentication: Open the Ouyi official website (, click [Personal Center] – [Identity Authentication] in the upper right corner of the page, enter the identity authentication page, follow the page Prompt to complete LV.1 basic certification, LV.2 advanced certification and LV.3 video certification.


(1) The higher the certification level, the easier it is to match better merchants and more favorable prices when conducting legal currency transactions.

(2) The official website cannot perform LV.3 video certification, please download the Ouyi APP to complete the certification.

Security settings: Open the Ouyi official website, in Click [Personal Center] – [Security Center] in the upper right corner of the page to enter the security settings page, where you can modify the login password and fund password, as well as settings such as email verification, Google verification, anti-phishing code, and personal information settings. The more perfect it is, the more secure your transactions and accounts will be.

How does Euronext verifies new devices?

When you log in to the platform account for the first time with a new device, for the security of your account, you need to verify and authorize to ensure that you are the one who operates the login. The specific verification methods include mobile phone verification, email verification, and device verification. Please choose one method for verification and authorization.

·Mobile phone verification

1. If you choose mobile phone verification, please keep the mobile phone number you reserved on the Ouyi platform unblocked.

2. You will receive a voice call, please connect the call, and click [Dial Pad] according to the voice prompt, To confirm the authorized login, please press the number “1”, to deny the authorized login, please press “2”.

3. After completing the verification and authorization, click [I have completed the verification].

·Email Verification

1. If you choose Email Verification, the email address bound to your account will receive To verify the email, please click the link in the email to authorize.

Tips: If the link click is invalid, you can Copy the link and paste it into your mobile browser to open it.

2. After completing the authorization, click [I have completed the verification].

I hope the above detailed introduction to the KYC tutorial of OKX exchange can help investors who have not yet done KYC certification. help. Usually, after the authorization of Euroeasy Exchange is completed, it will automatically jump to its login page. If you do not successfully jump automatically, you can click the “I have completed the verification” button to manually jump. In the verification link in the above steps, the user has 5 chances per hour. Once more than 5 times are not successful, they have to wait for 1 hour and then verify again. If you have tried all the above methods and still cannot authorize the login, you can contact customer service, and there will be manual customer service to intervene.

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