How is the contract fee calculated by Tiger? Hoo Exchange Contract Fee Introduction

Speaking of Hufu Exchange, it is actually a very international exchange. The user experience of the exchange is very high-quality. It has many services and is very comprehensive. The page design is also simple and clear, so that novices can also Quickly find the page you need. At the beginning of last year, the MSB financial license submitted by the exchange to the US Treasury Department has been reviewed and approved, so Hofu Exchange is a safe and formal exchange. At present, the exchange has launched legal and compliant digital currency transactions in 50 local states in the United States. Many investors still do not know how to calculate the contract fee for this tiger? Let me introduce to you the contract fees of Hoo Exchange.

How to calculate the contract fee for Tiger?

1. Currency transaction fee

Ordinary users (VIP 0): 0.2% transaction fee. (Deducting the assets received)

The transaction rate standard is determined according to your VIP level.

The points will be automatically calculated at 0:00 Beijing time every day and the VIP level and transaction rate will be automatically updated.

2. Deposit and withdrawal rates

Deposit: Free

Withdraw: The withdrawal fee is usually the following fixed rates, and when the blockchain is congested It will be charged according to the actual situation of the block.

3. Contract transaction fee

liquidity provider (Maker): 0.02%

liquidity consumer (Taker): 0.04%

Delivery rate: 0.050%

Forced liquidation rate: 0.075%

Houfu Introduction to VIP Level Rights

The VIP membership mechanism is the cornerstone of the Hoo Exchange and even the entire Hoo ( ecosystem. Become a Hufu VIP member to enjoy a variety of benefits. In the future, with the development of Hoo and the continuous introduction of products, the content of rights and interests will become more and more abundant. The VIP membership mechanism will maintain the layout relationship between the various products of Hoofo ecology, meet the diverse needs of Hoofo users, and allow users to obtain the best quality services at the lowest cost in Hoofo.

·Classification and rights of VIP members

There are currently 7 grades from VIP0-VIP6 for Hufu VIP members, and the division of grades generally obeys the difference of orders of magnitude. It is very easy to upgrade from VIP0 to VIP1, only 10 points are needed. In theory, the number of active VIP0 users is very small. The marketing activities of Hoo when it goes live will make the initial VIP level of most users reach VIP1-VIP3. There is a big gap in the step of upgrading from VIP5 to VIP6, because users can already enjoy zero MAKER fee rate from VIP5.

The preferential handling fee rate and the increase in the rebate ratio are the main contents of the current VIP rights and interests. In the future, Hoo will combine with its other products to give VIPs more rights, such as voting for currency listing, loan interest rate concessions, etc.

The MAKER rate and the TAKER rate will decrease as the VIP level increases. The handling fee for VIP0 users at the initial level is 0.2% of the industry standard. In order to encourage users to place orders to increase the depth of the market. The MAKER rate will decrease at a faster rate, reaching 0.05% in VIP4, and zero MAKER fee for VIP5 and VIP6. The two levels, VIP5 and VIP6, are specially set for users with market maker-level trading volumes. Ordinary market makers can trade at Hoo at zero cost through VIP5’s zero MAKER fee, maintaining the VIP5 level. Advanced market makers will be upgraded from VIP5 to VIP6 at zero MAKER cost. At the same time, the TAKER fee will also be reduced to 0.02%, and other benefits such as the rebate ratio will also be greatly improved.

All of the above is a detailed answer to the question of how to calculate the contract fee for Tiger Fit. The commission ratio of Hoo Exchange will increase as the VIP level rises. Specifically, the users we directly invite are our first-level users, and the users invited by our first-level users are second-level users. The transaction fees generated by the first-level users and the second-level users will be returned to us in a certain proportion. The proportion of this return is also related to the change of our VIP level, which is generally increased in a linear proportion, and this proportion is the highest. It can reach 20% of the first-level invitation rebate and 10% of the second-level invitation rebate.

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