How many bitcoins does MicroStrategy have? Introduction of Micro-Strategy Bitcoin Positions

MicroStrategy refers to MicroStrategy. It is the world’s largest independent BI company established in 1989. Since the establishment of the subsidiary company, it has continued to maintain only growth for 20 years, and its annual revenue has exceeded 5 The main source of revenue is BI software and services. MicroStrategy is a company that attaches great importance to the product experience of Chinese users. The total number of R&D employees in China has even exceeded 300. In addition, the platform is an open and independent platform with the strongest multi-dimensional analysis, so the platform is still more popular with the people. Many investors want to know how much Bitcoin does this MicroStrategy have? Let me introduce you to the number of positions held by micro-strategy Bitcoin.

How many bitcoins does MicroStrategy have?

On November 29, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor tweeted that MicroStrategy purchased another 7,002 bitcoins for $414.4 million in cash, with an average price of $59,187 per bitcoin. As of 11/29/21, the company had purchased 121,044 bitcoins for $3.57 billion, with an average price of $29,534 per bitcoin.

According to buybitcoinworldwide data, by the end of 2021, companies and countries will own a total of 1.5 million bitcoins. Tesla, MicroStrategy, Grayscale, and other private companies collectively own $44.8 billion in Bitcoin. Including Bitcoin holdings by private entities and funds, the above total holds $73 billion in Bitcoin, the largest holding The ones are exchange-traded funds. It is reported that the largest entity that owns Bitcoin is still MicroStrategy, which recently purchased another $94 million in Bitcoin, bringing its total Bitcoin holdings to 124,000; the second largest cryptocurrency holder in the industry is Tesla, which holds nearly 43,000 bitcoins. At the national level, five countries including Bulgaria and Ukraine hold a total of 263,000 bitcoins. The largest holder is Bulgaria, with BTC worth $10 billion; Ukraine ranks second with 46,000 coins.

How about a micro strategy?

Microstrategy, founded in 1989, is the world’s largest independent BI (Business Intelligence) company (NASDAQ: MSTR). The company has maintained continuous growth for 20 years since its inception, with annual revenue exceeding $500 million, mainly from BI software and services. The company attaches great importance to the product experience of Chinese users, and has more than 300 R&D employees in China. Microstrategy is consistently ranked in the top five leading BI tools and services vendors in the Gartner MagicQuadrant review.

Microstrategy can support all major databases or data sources, such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server, Excel, SAP BW, Hyperion Essbase, etc. The core intelligence server (intelligence server) is a component that provides reporting, distribution, and multi-dimensional analysis services. It also provides options for clustering and multiple data sources. Users can use the desktop to develop reports, generally used by IT users, and can also use Web Users to develop, generally more suitable for end users. The front end can be integrated with various applications or Portal, and also supports various mobile terminals, emails, printers, etc. In terms of design management, MSTR undoubtedly provides complete and high-level products and services, including architecture design, data quality management, object management, command management and secondary development.

The above is a concrete answer to the question of how many bitcoins MicroStrategy has. MicroStrategy has good advantages in the following aspects. First, its enterprise-level BI is designed based on the concept of data warehouse theory. Efficiency and productivity, and has an open and independent platform and the strongest multi-dimensional analysis, followed by its complete SDK support can provide more than 4,000 API interfaces, and finally its good product after-sales service and technical support capabilities are widely praised by users .

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