How much bitcoin does Wu Xiubo have?

A. Has Wu Xiubo been permanently banned?

Yes, there is a problem with life style, and there is no way to appear in front of the public at all.

The above is my answer.

How to chase stars rationally?

There’s nothing wrong with liking a star, it’s like falling in love with someone, there’s no right or wrong, fans like idols must be seen in them When it comes to shining points, whether it is their glossy appearance or the roles they play in each drama, in short, they have their unique place that attracts you.

We can learn from the strengths of the stars, as their fans, if you like them, you should make yourself as good as them, and be as good as they are. Don’t turn a blind eye. Some celebrities’ behavior violates the bottom line of law and morality. Some fans still support it.

Rational consumption, some fans are even willing to max out their credit cards in order to buy fans’ peripheral items, and some students are parents of 4,000. For this, we buy Some small items within your power are fine, don’t compare.

The things endorsed by celebrities are not necessarily 100% quality guaranteed, so it is very important to consume rationally within your own financial ability, otherwise you will let your own If your life is in a mess, it’s going to be the opposite of the original intention.

Like a star, and sometimes paying attention silently is also a kind of self-cultivation. It’s necessary, you like him naturally and some people don’t like him, you can’t even make everyone like him, how can you let others follow your idol, don’t take celebrities too seriously, after all, you are not from the same world.

You should still spend more time with your family. Many people pursue it to the point of madness. They know themselves better than the stars themselves, but have you ever thought about it? To give birth to your parents and raise your parents, how much time and energy did you give to them, you should still distinguish who is the most important person in your life, in short, don’t let star chasing become an obstacle in your life, let alone affect the relationship between family and friends. emotion.

Learn positive energy, some stars are very positive, this is the spirit that fans should learn to value, learn their love for life, and love for their families The care of them, the responsibility for the work, the professionalism of the business, only if you learn the positive energy from them and bring good changes to your life are the goals you should seek.

In short, look at all things with idols rationally, don’t lose yourself just because you like someone, it’s like falling in love with someone very much, have Within a scale, it will bring you benefits. Outside the scale, the harm outweighs the benefits. If you like idols, silently support his dramas, listen to his songs, if you are well, it will be sunny, and this is the best fans.

Hope it can help you.

B. How much breakup fee did Chen Yulin ask Wu Xiubo for?

Chen Yulin asked Wu Xiubo for breakup fees several times, the first time he asked for 6 million yuan in breakup fees , asked 3 million for the second time, 20 million for the third time, and then 60 million, but did not give her, only 2 million, but I did not expect Chen Yulin to ask for another 200 million breakup fee, Later, Wu Xiubo chose to call the police. This incident was considered a big melon in the entertainment circle at the time. Later, after Chen Yulin was arrested, her parents came out to accuse Wu Xiubo, saying that Wu Xiubo was too inhumane, and her daughter compensated Wu Xiubo for 7 years, but she was accused in court, but Wu Xiubo said that because Chen Yulin had been “suspected of extortion”, Wu Xiubo had no choice but to call the police.

The results for both of them were miserable

In the end, Wu Xiubo won the case, but it was a very heavy blow to Wu Xiubo’s career. It can be said that he rarely appears in public now. In the circle, he may have also lost a qualification to be an actor. The middle-aged Wu Xiubo, because of his personal relationship problems, has made his career worse and worse. I believe that if he were to go back to seven years ago, he should not choose this way, because a woman spends her whole life and career. destroyed. As a married person, you have certain responsibilities for marriage. If you cheat in marriage, both celebrities and ordinary people will be morally condemned. For Chen Yulin, these things she did wasted her youth, she didn’t get love, and then she sent herself to prison, which can be said to be really desolate.

C. Surprise! Wu Xiubo is suspected to have cheated many times. Will the character of “Uncle Bo” collapse?

The character will definitely collapse.

If the factual evidence is�, Uncle Bo’s character will definitely collapse.

The star’s character should not be too perfect at the beginning, and the collapse of the perfect character is even more unacceptable. On the contrary, those stars who maintain their own self, after the wind blows, are more easily accepted by the public, that is his image and nothing.

For example, the most typical example, Edison Chen.

In the eyes of the world, he is synonymous with a bad boy. After the pornographic scandal, although everyone criticized his behavior, he went abroad to develop. The days have also passed by, and now it has returned to the public’s field of vision, and also has his own beloved and cute baby. The bad boy has grown into a pet boy god, and everyone is easy to accept. Is it weird? unacceptable?

In fact, from a psychological point of view, this is easy to understand. Because the higher the public’s expectations, the higher the cost of fear of disappointment. In a situation where the heights are too cold, it is easy for people to forget themselves in the world, and there is really no slack. If the perfect image is its own quality, then such a life is beyond criticism. I am afraid that even my own quality is a deduced personality. The expectations of the masses, especially the stars that are popular, are the people who the public most likes to watch and pay attention to the most. The collapse of the perfect image is unacceptable. In particular, social morality attacks the mainstream problem – derailment.

Which of the many examples of celebrity derailment in front of people is not the image of a new good man in people’s minds? But when there are real facts, everyone will find that many characters are imposed, and the real star image is not enough. They are also flawed, and not all people are perfect.

Whether Uncle Bo’s character has collapsed, the public doesn’t care much anymore. What everyone pays more attention to is that I want to express myself, no one pays attention, and his comments are also A wounding sword.

Be careful when commenting on people. Sometimes your unintentional words may lead to the death of others.

WeChat public account: Software cute girl. Interesting souls will always collide

D. How much money did Wu Xiubo give to Xiaosan? Do you have tens of millions?

Without us, at least 10,000

E. How much does Wu Xiubo get paid for one episode of a TV series

It is said that Chen Baoguo is currently the most expensive, with 450,000 episodes. Wu Xiubo can get at least 300,000 episodes per episode. However, in addition to tax deductions, there are also miscellaneous expenses, and if you invest in production, dividends, etc., the average amount of an episode is about 280,000 or more. Of course, the entertainment industry is very complicated, and there are many secret incomes, secret benefits, etc. If you count 30 episodes of a TV series, the final income will be at least 8 million (after tax).

F. What happened to Wu Xiubo recently

2019 just started, and the entertainment industry exploded. Wang Sicong, Jin Xing and others sent several Weibo posts to question Wu Xiubo, and even sent actor Chen Yulin, who had slept for 7 years, to the Public Security Bureau, calling him a scumbag. Just when Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin were entangled, many netizens found that Bai Lily became the biggest victim. Why is this?

Bai Lily

In the past few days, Bai Lily has also become a public figure. She had already forgotten about the affair and was brought up again. Bai Lily was born in 1984 and is 35 years old this year. In 2004, Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan fell in love with each other while filming the TV series “Days Relating to Youth”. On December 26, 2006, the two got married. On January 19, 2008, Bai Baihe gave birth to a son, named Chen Shengtong, nicknamed Yuanbao. On April 16, 2017, Bai Baihe admitted that he and Chen Yufan divorced at the end of 2015.

On April 12, 2017, Bai Baihe was photographed secretly meeting macho men in Thailand and was exposed to cheating. Shortly after the news came out, the identity of the man was also dug up, and it was suspected to be a male model named Zhang Aipeng. In the early morning of April 16, 2017, Chen Yufan sent a video to respond to “Bai Baihe’s derailment incident”, saying that he and Bai Baihe had agreed to divorce in 2015.

According to the two people, they have been divorced in 2015, so it is understandable for Bai Baihe to date a macho in 2017. However, fans do not understand the relationship between Bai Baihe, so in 2018, Bai Baihe is very sluggish. She is looking forward to the “Love Saint 2” broadcast on the first day of the new year in 2019, to increase her popularity and return to people’s attention. Unexpectedly, the incident of Wu Xiubo sending Xiaosan to prison happened, and this movie is destined The ratings are going to drop, making his plans for a comeback in vain.

Through these things, many people believe that in the Wu Xiubo incident, the one who was most affected is really Baili!

G. How much money can Wu Xiubo earn in a year

He doesn’t give you a dime, just eat radish eggs and worry about it. Concentrate on watching the Internet to know that it is the most practical to earn money for grocery shopping.��.

H. Chen Yulin was revealed to have asked Wu Xiubo for 1 billion. What do you think about this

I. Wu Xiubo has paid Chen Yulin a breakup fee of 31 million yuan, and she wants 1 billion yuan without giving up. What do you think about this

I. p>

The Wu Xiubo incident should have faded away with the passage of time, and it should be a normal phenomenon to fade out of people’s minds; The matter between Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin has been renovated again, and it has become a topic for people to talk about after dinner – not only because the breakup fee Chen Yulin demanded from Wu Xiubo was too high, but also because Wu Xiubo, who was sanctimonious and beastly, deliberately put the same person with him. The public indignation aroused after the little lover who had slept on the bed for several years and washed his underwear for several years was sent to prison. At that time, the incident caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry, and the social impact was also bad!

J. actor Wu Xiubo, how is it going?

Since the previous peach scandal, Wu Xiubo has rarely appeared in the public In front of him, only the media occasionally photographed his recent situation. In early March, the media captured the scene of him returning from abroad. Some people said that Wu Xiubo’s personal life has not been affected too much. When he left the airport, he still took the VIP channel and was picked up by a special luxury car.

And it’s hard for the public to know what Wu Xiubo’s situation is now. I still hope that the lawsuit between him and Chen Yulin will come to an end soon, and those who make mistakes will get the punishment they deserve.


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