How much can you make a day in mobile mining

①How much bitcoin mining earns per day

about 37 yuan.

Let me first introduce the reward mechanism of the Bitcoin system.

Bitcoin can basically dig a block every 10 minutes on average through system settings. Every time a block is produced, the reward is given to the miner who mined the block. Miners who mine blocks are called block miners. The miners who produce the block will record the legal transactions in the Bitcoin network on the blockchain, so that the miners can receive the fee for accounting.

The block miner’s reward consists of two parts: one is the reward given by the system, called Coinbase reward (also known as the system issuance reward), and the other is the reward of the system. The bookkeeping reward is called the miner’s fee. The Coinbase reward starts with 50 bitcoins. Every time the block height reaches an integer multiple of 210,000, the Coinbase reward will be halved. This is what we often hear about Bitcoin mining rewards being halved in four years.

The current Coinbase reward is 12.5 bitcoins. As far as the current stage is concerned, the miner’s reward for digging a block is about 0.1 bitcoins (not fixed) on average, which means that the average reward miners get for digging a block is about 12.6 bitcoins. Bitcoin.

About 99% of miners’ rewards come from the system’s Coinbase rewards. According to the Bitcoin system, one block can be mined every 10 minutes on average, and the number of new blocks that can be mined in one day is 144 (60*24/10=144). =1800BTC). Adding the miner fee of about 0.1BTC per block, the total reward for all miners in one day is about 1814.4BTC.

② How much money can be earned 24 hours a day if mining on-hook


③ Free mobile phone on-hook mining to make money, how to make money from choke treasure, how much can you earn in a day

This is far worse than Lucky Beans

④ Bitcoin How much does mining make in a day

Now the difficulty of mining is getting more and more difficult, but now everyone is mining together, in the mining pool, you can dig coins every day, about 0.0023. , according to the current currency price, if there is cheap electricity, it is still very good.

⑤ It should be because I urgently need money and want to mine, but I don’t know how many hours a day can mine, and I can mine in a month. How much money do you earn

If you can, it is recommended to take a loan, formal. If you are engaged in a business, it is recommended to find a venture capital, in short, it is not recommended to go mining, there is no life safety guarantee. Regularly, there are two shifts, every 5 hours, and it is about 23,000 a month.

⑥ How to make money from mobile phone mining

If you have an understanding of the blockchain now If you are interested, you must have heard that mobile phones can also make money from mining. To be honest, blockchain is just a technology, and there are many projects derived from it, which seem to be flat, and develop freely with each other in their respective fields.

If it must be divided into high-end and low-end, then most of the so-called blockchain projects in the form of online earning projects are low-end.

Generally, the concept of blockchain mining is taken out, that is to say, the hot spot of the blockchain is to attract people to join. It can be seen that there will inevitably be some scammer projects.

And many projects were made in the past few months of 2018 and tested internally. Now if you want to do mobile mining, you have to make an appointment and get an invitation code to have the opportunity to participate in mobile mining.
The first thing to explain is that this type of mining project is a blockchain-like mining, which is not the same as buying more than 100,000 mining machines. If everyone thinks that there are advertisements for real mining, you have to be careful, maybe it is a scammer’s project.

Several important data for mobile phone mining: blue and red diamonds, energy.

The specific operation is generally as follows:

After registering as a member, the data of blue diamonds, red diamonds and energy will appear. Some platforms have gifts, which can be displayed above.

Under normal circumstances:

Blue diamonds can only be withdrawn. Of course, blue diamonds can also be exchanged for red diamonds. Obtained by mining. Generally, it occurs every 30 minutes.

Red diamonds are used to play small games or draw prizes. They are also obtained through mining, and are generally generated every 2 hours.

Energy is an important value.

⑦ How much money can Gongxinbao mobile phone mining make in a day

Anyway, I have been working for nearly two months, and I have mined 1.8 coins, worth about 50 yuan

⑧ Bitcoin is mined with a mobile phone. How many yuan can I dig a day.

It’s hard to say how many yuan. I only know that I can mine about 8,000 a day. However, the equivalent of RMB is only 0.1CNY (RMB)

⑨ How much money can be earned from mining in a day

It used to be a good day, a few hundred a day, a big bird in 2 days is a bit exaggerated, 1 week It looks like, later on, there were more washing and mining, and it would be impossible to grab the mine. Now the forging project is full, and the market demand for the mine is low. To make money, it is certain to rely on mining alone.It’s okay. It’s better to do the daily tasks every day and make money by brushing the copy. After all, mining this kind of thing still needs some luck. If you are unlucky, you can’t earn 100G for a few hours. Daily that is Real money.

⑩ How much can 10 mining machines earn in a day

10 mining machines can earn 31.78*10=317.8 a day. Of course, using this data, we can also calculate how long it will take for the mining machine you purchased to pay back.

At this time, you can get a 30T mining machine, which can earn 57.7 yuan a day. Now you can calculate your mining income based on the computing power of your own mining machine and the current total computing power of the entire network. However, if we want to consider the net benefit, we must also consider the cost.

The cost of the mining machine has two points, one is the price of the mining machine, and the other is the price of electricity. However, if we consider the mining revenue of one day, we can ignore the cost of the mining machine and consider the electricity price.

Generally, the power of a 30T Innomotor mining machine is 2700W, and the power consumption is about 64.8 kWh. Based on the cost electricity price of 0.4 yuan for the mining farm, the cost of electricity consumption per day is 25.92 yuan. After obtaining the electricity price, we We can calculate our net income for the day. Total mining revenue – electricity cost = 57.7-25.92 = 31.78 This is the net income for one day!

Mining machine introduction:

Mining machine is a computer used to earn bitcoins. Such computers generally have professional mining chips, which mostly use the way of burning graphics cards, which consumes a lot of power.

Users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating with a remote server, they can get corresponding bitcoins, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.


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