How much is a bitcoin contract today

⑴How long can the Bitcoin contract platform generally last?

The platform can generally be maintained for at least one year, you can check it.

2 What is a Bitcoin contract

Basics of a Bitcoin contract

A Bitcoin contract means that you can use Bitcoin without actually owning it. The contract for the transaction. It is very different from currency-to-currency transactions, which must be physically held in digital currency.

Bitcoin contracts allow you to predict Bitcoin price movements and hedge risk. This way of trading means you are investing in price trends, not the asset itself.

When trading Bitcoin contracts, you can decide to go short or long. Choosing to go long indicates that you expect the price of Bitcoin to rise. On the other hand, choosing to go short indicates that you expect the price to fall.

Leveraged trading

You can choose to trade with high leverage, which is a feature of Bitcoin contracts. Using leverage means that you do not have to invest 100% of the transaction amount when trading contracts. Instead, you only need to deposit an initial margin, which is only a fraction of the total contract value.

Leveraged trading allows you to have a large exposure with a small amount of money while managing risk.

Perpetual Contracts

Although there are many different types of contracts, this article focuses on perpetual contracts. As the name suggests, these contracts have no expiration date. Traders who use perpetual contracts to go long or short can hold their positions indefinitely, unless the contract is liquidated, which means they will not lose more than their initial margin.

In perpetual contracts, Bitcoin is priced based on a specific index price. Index prices are based on the average price of Bitcoin across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin contracts have become a very popular trading tool. Contract trading opens the door for many traditional investors who are not ready to allocate funds to digital assets but still want to benefit from attractive price volatility.

To open Bitcoin contract trading, you need to find an exchange that offers contract trading. The AAX platform, in a compliant and secure environment, provides you with bitcoin contract trading services.

3 What are the price limit rules for bitcoin contracts

Why do people still play contracts? How many are Changsheng generals? This thing fluctuates too much, and both long and short are eaten.
The most secure options are fixed investment and Bitoffer options.
Options are the best hedging tool for spot, how to hedge? For example, if you open a put option on Bitoffer, if Bitcoin falls from $8,700 to $8,000, theoretically your spot will lose $700, but your put option will gain $700. In this way, you can completely hedge. risk of losing the market.

⑷ What does Bitcoin contract trading mean

Contract trading is a general term for Bitcoin Litecoin futures contract trading.
In June 2013, 796 Exchange was the first in the bitcoin industry to develop bitcoin weekly delivery standard futures—T+0 two-way trading virtual commodities as collateral barter contracts (contract transactions).
The emergence of contract trading ended the previous history that Bitcoin could not be shorted, and opened the prelude to the development and prosperity of the Bitcoin derivatives market.

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⑸ Bitcoin How is the contract income calculated?

Twenty times the full position contract is equivalent to buying 2,000 yuan of bitcoin with 100 yuan. If you increase it by ten points, your income is 200 yuan (+100). The next day Your account is 300 yuan, if you continue to fill up the position 20 times and then increase by ten points, your income is 600 yuan (+300), and so on, but if it falls by 5 points, your principal will be gone. Commonly known as burst.

⑹ In general, how many times can a bitcoin contract in a bitcoin exchange be the highest.

The delivery contract should be 40 times, and the perpetuity is 100 times.

⑺ How many times can a bitcoin contract be made up to?

How many times can a bitcoin contract be made up to? In fact, Bitcoin is explicitly prohibited from trading in my country. Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet. There are many buyers and sellers in the world hyping it. If you like to sell Bitcoin, it may cause your family to go bankrupt.

⑻ How much is an OKEX Bitcoin contract

It is roughly equivalent to the value of 100 US dollars, can you understand it?

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