How much is the Hoo Exchange fee? List of fee details for Hoo

The full English name of Hoo Exchange is, which is a very innovative blockchain digital asset international station under the Hoo Group. Hoo Exchange can provide global users with a very wide range of blockchain asset services. , the exchange can always find some relatively high-quality investment opportunities in innovative blockchain assets. Since the establishment of the exchange, its products have been iterating continuously, and its operating model has also been continuously innovating, which is also helping the project to steadily advance its ecology. Many friends who have not used the exchange want to know how much the Hoo exchange fee is? Let me introduce to you the details of the Hoo Talisman handling fee.

How much is the Hoo Exchange fee?

Fee rates and VIP rights

VIP rights are graded according to the user’s “trading volume (equivalent to USDT) in the past 30 days” and “asset holdings in the past 30 days”;

·Daily UTC 0:00, calculate the user’s currency, innovation zone, and contract trading volume (equivalent to USDT) in the past 30 days;

·Every day at 0:00 UTC, calculate the user’s average asset holdings (wallet account) in the past 30 days, and calculate the average according to the holding time;

·Every day at 1:00 UTC, update the user’s VIP level;


·After the trading volume in the past 30 days has reached the standard, the level can be maintained for (10*level) days.

Invitation rebate

Rebate/cashback ratio

·If invited Person’s VIP level

·If the inviter’s VIP level is greater than or equal to LV3, the basic rebate rate will increase to 40%. The inviter can choose to share the rate with the invited friends, and only an integer can be set. Share up to 20%;

·Inviters can set different commission/cashback configurations through different invitation links. Under the same link, the same commission/cashback is used for coins, innovation zones, and contracts. Cashback configuration;

Add an invitation event. During the event period, all invited and newly registered users will enjoy a 10% discount on the rate (only currency & innovation zone transactions);

·After the new invitation rebate rule is launched, it will not affect the original invitation relationship. The default is “20%/0%” or “40%/0%” invitation link.


User A’s VIP level is 4, so its basic rebate rate is 40%, and 1, 2, and 3 invitation links are set to rebate/cash back The ratio is divided into “40%/0%”, “30%/10%”, “25%/15%”.

·User A invited user B using link 1

·User A invited user C using link 2

·User A invited user using link 3 D

When users B, C, and D trade in Hofu’s currency, innovation zone or contract market:

·User A can get 40% of user B’s transaction commission rebate , User B does not have any cashback

·User A can get 30% of user C’s trading commission, and User C can get 10% of his own trading commission

·Users User A can get 25% of user D’s transaction commission, and user D can get 15% of his own transaction commission.

Note: The preferential price is for reference only, please refer to the real-time transaction rate.

How about the Hoo Exchange?

The Hofu ( exchange is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, supporting a variety of digital cryptocurrency transactions, and is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. The first-class platform and the integration of high-quality assets provide safe and efficient trading services for digital asset enthusiasts around the world. Hoo uses bank-level SSL secure connections to ensure the security of transactions, and GSLB and distributed servers ensure the stability of the platform.

Hoo’s core team consists of early Bitcoin enthusiasts, blockchain bottom-level developers, and technical personnel. The team members have developed and operated products such as Hashpower Bar and BATPOOL, etc., and have very rich experience in the development, operation and maintenance of the underlying technology of the blockchain. The product R&D team has more than ten years of professional experience in financial industry and industry service management, and the technical team has more than ten years of experience in developing traditional financial software. secure transaction services.

Platform advantage

·Excellent security solution The industry-leading Hofu public chain cloud escorts your assets.

·Advanced HooAPI provides a simple and efficient way to develop secure and programmatic trading strategies.

·Efficient notification module Get first-hand data anytime, anywhere, and don’t miss any opportunity.

·Intimate customer service support is available 24 hours a day to solve any problems for you.

The above is a detailed answer to the question of how much the Hoofo exchange fee is. In order to meet the various needs of different users, Hoo Exchange integrates two wallets, the centralized wallet and the decentralized wallet. The centralized wallet is the cloud wallet, and the decentralized wallet is the HD wallet. The most used is the cloud wallet. The cloud wallet can log in with the mobile phone number and email address. In the cloud wallet, you can check the real-time digital asset market changes on the market page. You can also log in to the cloud wallet.To trade on the trading page, click the red button to transfer the funds from the wallet account to the currency account, and the flash exchange function can also quickly trade the token into another token.


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