How much is the UBXT coin issued? Introduction to the total amount of UBXT coins

The full English name of UBXT is Upbots. In fact, Upbots is an integrated trading service platform that brings together a lot of leading crypto trading tools and strategies. The biggest feature of the platform is that it provides users with 360° Trading experience, users can freely choose the trading method that suits them. The platform not only supports traditional trading markets, it also supports cryptocurrencies, commodities, foreign exchange, DeFi solutions, etc. In addition, the trading experience of the exchange is built with Swiss precision. Many investors want to know how much the UBXT coin is issued? Let me introduce you to the total amount of UBXT coins.

How much is the issuance of UBXT?

According to the survey, the total issuance of UBXT coins is 500 million, the circulation is 385 million, and the circulation rate is 76.98%. Upbots, a highly anticipated trading ecosystem, is preparing for the official public deployment of its trading platform. As part of the FTX staking program, UBXT stakeholders have had the opportunity to test the advanced interface.

UpBots incentivizes success at every level:

· Master of Trade: Earn multiples by sharing their genius with others on any other bot platform, but only if their algorithms work for users won.

·Users: Novice or Advanced, you will only pay when your trades are profitable and you will get credit when your bot is closed at a loss.

·UpBots: Revenue is generated only when users are monetized.

·UBXT holders: When user profits and tokens are destroyed for each profitable transaction, the token holders receive benefits, thereby increasing the token value.

UBXT Coin Value Analysis

Upbots is an all-in-one trading service platform that brings together a series of leading crypto trading tools and strategies. Support for cryptocurrencies, commodities, foreign exchange, DeFi solutions, and traditional market assets. Built with Swiss precision, it provides an unparalleled trading experience. UBXT tokens can be used to pay fees, referrer rewards, the Hodl program, and more.

Competitive Advantages of Upbots Tokens:

UpBots combines all the tools needed to trade effectively and the best trading strategies carefully selected by UpBots experts into one platform. The quality control performed by UpBots will simplify the life of a cryptocurrency trader. All they need to do is choose among all these options the ones that best suit their transaction profile.

UpBots is part of a successful existing ecosystem that includes one of the top signal providers, a crypto website, a training provider, and a skilled and passionate team.


Accurately track all your transactions, whether manually or automatically, so you never miss a beat

·Safe Reliable

Always know your passwords are safe. UpBots uses an API with no withdrawal rights


The ability to securely access your trades, mortgages, yield farms or view your portfolio performance from anywhere

This article is an introduction to the issue of how much UBXT coins are issued. The UBXT coin project team has brought together all the functions they can think of on the UpBots platform. In such a way It is very rare. They combine market makers on the basis of the basic trading functions on the platform. Whether institutional investors or day traders and other participants can find the services they want, the project can be said to be Provides a holistic ecosystem for both novice and experienced traders.

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