How to avoid getting stuck in the currency circle

⑴ There are several risks in the currency circle investment

First of all, you must first understand the entire currency circle industry chain;
It is easy to know how the project came from and what it does. , why there is this project;
For example, what do eos, ont, trx, btm…. what are their other projects in the team
What are the investors of their team, and which media do they often talk to Cooperation
How reliable are those recommended by the media
What exchanges are these coins on, what is the reputation of these exchanges, what is the trading depth, and what is their ranking. . .
After understanding this series, you can probably have a basic judgment on a certain coin.
But is there no risk in investing in this way?
No, there are risks everywhere in the currency circle.
Even if Bitcoin is bought at highs and lows, the risks are completely different.
At this time, you also need to use analysis tools such as coinsmart and non-trumpet to find trading points.

(2) How to avoid investing in thunder

You need to inspect the platform. Diversify investment, put safety first, and do not seek high returns, as long as you can achieve your own psychological expectations. Chives

The meaning of cutting leeks is that Xiaobai has just started investing, and he doesn’t know much about the ups and downs. Seeing that it has risen a lot, he is worried that if he doesn’t buy it, it will rise again, so he buys it at a high price, and as a result, he buys it. Otherwise, it will fall sharply, and it will fall a lot. When you see a loss, you will sell it again, that is, you will lose a lot of meat. How to avoid being a leek? There are three points. The first is to learn. Only by understanding the routine can you avoid chasing up and down. Second, choose a good exchange, such as Huobi (huobi point pro), Bit Rabbit Exchange (bitrabbit com), etc. Why? Because a good exchange has several characteristics. First, a good exchange can think about users and not treat users as leeks. Second, the best exchanges have strict risk control and do not The Air Project garbage project will be launched, which will prevent you from selling coins that return to zero. The third point is to buy coins for high-quality projects. Hope to accept.

⑷ What rules should be paid attention to in fiat currency transactions in the currency circle

Fiat currency in the currency circle refers to the legal currency of the country, the Chinese currency is the RMB, the United States is the US dollar, India The rupee is the currency issued by the state and the government and only guaranteed by the government’s credit.
French currency On November 4, 1935, the National Government of the Republic of China stipulated that the central bank, the Bank of China, and the Bank of Communications (later added the Chinese Farmer Bank), the banknotes issued by these four major banks were legal currency, and silver was prohibited. Circulation, the issuance of national credit legal tender, to replace the silver-based silver dollar, and the legal tender to be pegged to the British pound and the US dollar.
The currency reform of the National Government in 1935 promoted the development of China’s commodity economy and the formation of a unified domestic market, ended the state of China’s currency chaos, realized the unity of the currency system, and played a huge role in promoting economic development. Modern China The economy and finance were unified.
Response time: 2020-10-10, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

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⑸ The currency circle is plummeting now. What should I pay attention to and which projects should I focus on?

Last time I saw a crebe platform. Can you pay dividends? Let the severe winter be a little warmer

⑹ Behind the crazy currency circle: 100,000 is instantly cleared, what is the real reason for the collapse of the currency circle

For the current For the entire virtual currency market, there will be a large-scale plummet at this time, because there are certain problems in the entire virtual currency market, and the governments of various countries have continued to strengthen the crackdown on the entire bitcoin market. Therefore, for the entire bitcoin market In other words, its overall market size is shrinking, and most institutional investors are cashing out at high levels, so for the entire virtual currency market, it is currently paying attention to a relatively low position.

More importantly, the government’s crackdown on bitcoin is gradually increasing, especially for some developed economies, their attitude towards bitcoin is 0 tolerance, Therefore, various policy measures have been taken to close the Bitcoin trading platform, so the price of Bitcoin has also dropped significantly.

⑺ How to deal with the cold winter in the currency circle, I can’t stand it anymore

If there is a cold winter, there will be spring. The way to deal with the cold winter is to mine more coins. Energy ees energy noodles is a good choice to make you feel warm in winterAs for the risks in the currency circle, you know which ones

Do a virtual currency crash. Obviously, the scope of the impact is very wide. At the beginning, it was caused by the crash of Bitcoin. But the subsequent surges like ether and dogecoin dispelled everyone’s concerns, so at that time a lot of money was integrated into the virtual currency market, and now, a large number of virtual currencies plummeted in my opinion, The most fundamental impact is the flight of funds, so today I will discuss with you the skyrocketing and plummeting behind the virtual currency.

Third, how do you view virtual currency?

First of all, in the current state, virtual currencies are basically nonsense currencies, because few countries will recognize them. Of course, some countries have begun to develop their own digital currencies, although digital currencies have the same effect as virtual currencies to some extent. But to be honest, their goals are completely different. The most important thing about virtual currency is hedging and investment, and it also has the function of money laundering, and the most important thing about digital currency is to control the cash in circulation.

⑼ MLM coins that are more terrifying than Air Coins, how should currency circles distinguish and guard against them?

To judge whether they are MLM coins, mainly from the following aspects:

1. There is no code on GitHub

The code is not open source or non-existent, and the currency issuance or transfer transaction records cannot be queried and confirmed, and the centralized accounting is used with high probability. The method itself is extremely opaque, and can be issued indefinitely, as many as you want. Basically, users are induced to participate in attracting people to join through static and rich multi-level team remuneration bonuses.

2. Promise 100% of the income dividends

The digital currency is similar to the stock market, there are many uncertain factors in itself, the currency price fluctuates, and no one can guarantee 100% income. Therefore, if a certain currency is specially advertised and promised that the currency price will only rise but not fall, or if you hold a certain number of tokens, you can get regular dividends, and it is likely to be a pyramid selling currency. In the general MLM currency exchange group, there are incitement and flickering such as “only rising but not falling”, “steady profit without loss”, “zero risk”, “laying to make money”, “realizing wealth freedom”, “one day in the currency circle, ten years in the world” words.

3. Can not withdraw cash, withdraw cash in batches

In order to maintain the continuous increase and distribution profits at all levels, let this plate continue, these MLM coins must be inconvenient to withdraw, and must reach a certain level Conditions, such as time and the number of people offline. Only cash can be withdrawn, which is also a feature of MLM coins.

4. Self-built platform for trading

Many MLM coins are traded on the official internal trading platform or some unknown platforms. The production cost of such a simple trading platform is often not high, and a professional technical team can get a member trading system for tens of thousands of yuan in minutes.

5. Auditing with code auditing

Code auditing is to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to establish a knowledge base for automatic auditing of blockchain code, improve the efficiency of code auditing, and solve the security of smart contracts question. The blockchain code audit business prevents digital asset security accidents by evaluating the quality of blockchain projects, exchanges, wallets and smart contract codes, and provides services such as code revision measures and security protection deployment. It is reported that in addition to automatic auditing, Tianhe Guoyun blockchain code audit can also customize expert team projects to conduct comprehensive audits to help investors identify MLM coins to a greater extent.

⑽ What is the real reason for the recent crash in the currency circle?

Recently, the attention of the emerging cryptocurrency – Dogecoin crash has been high, here In the slump caused by the cryptocurrency “big market” Bitcoin, Dogecoin continued to tumble; it fell to a minimum of $0.4 a piece, almost being cut in half. Huichacha has some small insights on the reasons for the slump in the currency circle:

1, the demand for the currency circle has decreased.

Under the trend of the spread of the epidemic, the number of transactions in the world has decreased, people have become conservative, and the total social consumption has been greatly reduced. At this time, the transactions settled with Bitcoin and other settlements have been greatly reduced, the demand has decreased, and the price will increase. fall.

2. The risk of price crash is high.

Affected by capital speculation, virtual currency prices rose and fell sharply, making it difficult for ordinary investors to predict, and it is very easy to cause liquidation losses. Historically, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply at the peak. It happened more than ten times. Behind the recent wild rise and then plunge of Dogecoin is a “leek cutting game” in which capital predators represented by “Musk” harvest ordinary investors.

3. Virtual currency has no intrinsic value and the risk is very high.

Virtual currency does not have the function of currency trading in essence, and is not recognized by any country in the world. At present, the price of cryptocurrency has risen sharply, mainly due to speculation caused by market speculation.Once all countries in the world expressly deny the value of these virtual currencies that are not under the control of the state, the virtual currencies will become worthless in an instant, and the virtual currencies held by the majority of investors will be completely locked up.

Although Dogecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $68 billion; second only to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. It may be the “asset” with the largest increase in “financial assets” in recent years. However, the reason why people can’t build their beliefs is because the market has not yet reached a certain consensus, and they don’t know what role this Dogecoin will play in the future. From an investment point of view, it is quite worrying to tell the truth about such cryptocurrencies that are not very practical and mainly rely on financial attributes to tell stories.

Cryptocurrencies are promising from an investment perspective, but please invest with caution. There will be no blind obedience or belief in Dogecoin; Dogecoin is, as Musk said, “it’s a fun collectible” or “joke”.


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