How to buy shib with usdt

(1) How to buy usdt 2022 now

Buy on Euroeasy.
1. Open the official website of Euroeasy, and click Buy Coins on the homepage after entering.
2. You can buy USDT with one-click quick trading.
3. You can also click on the C2C transaction, and you can see that the merchants you choose are more cost-effective to buy USDT, and the blue-label merchants are more credible.

(2) How to transfer USDT to my wallet when buying USDT in Ouyi

Summary, I am glad to serve you, I have seen your question, please don’t repeat it Oh ask. I will reply to you as quickly as possible. The manual answering queue is crowded. Please forgive the inconvenience. I will do my best to turn busyness into motivation and provide you with a perfect answer. The platform response time is within 24 hours. Please be patient~ Thank you for your understanding. Remember to pay attention to my reply messages. The reply period is: 6:00 am to 22:00 pm. At other times, please remember not to send questions and inquiries to affect the efficiency of consultation. Please understand that there will be no changes. Thank you.

(iii) Ouyi withdrawal fee is 5 usdt

The question you ask is how to withdraw RMB from Ouyi usdt? The operation is as follows:
1. First open the Ouyi APP or webpage, then log in to the account, and find the currency to be withdrawn in “Assets”, for example, to withdraw Shib shib, click “shib” to enter.
2. There are three options after entering: deposit, withdraw, and trade, click “Withdraw” to enter, follow the prompts to fill in the relevant information, the amount of withdrawal and the handling fee can be understood by everyone, and the withdrawal address is equivalent Use Alipay to withdraw cash to the card number of the bank card.
3. Generally, the withdrawal from the exchange is to withdraw to the wallet, so the withdrawal address should fill in your own wallet address. The wallet address can be viewed in the wallet you are using. Take the imToken wallet as an example, open the wallet, click “Assets”, there is a combination of numbers and English at the top, this is the wallet address, and it usually arrives within one hour.

㈣ What is the situation of buying cheap and selling Ouyi usdt?

1. The balance of supply and demand in over-the-counter transactions is broken, the supply is in short supply, and the seller cannot meet the huge demand. Market demand, so USDT has generated a premium.
2. The balance between the supply and demand of cryptocurrencies on the exchange is broken, and people are exchanging cryptocurrencies for stable coins, which makes USDT generate a premium.

(v) Where is the Euro-Easy USD in and out channel

Summary 6. After there is currency in the currency account (main account), we click on the left at this time After entering the withdrawal interface, the first item is to select the currency of withdrawal. We choose EOS, and choose the currency according to the currency we want to withdraw. The withdrawal address is the address of our imToken collection. If you don’t have an imtoken address, please register and see this tutorial for details.

㈥ How to sell usdt to RMB in Euroeasy Exchange

Summary After purchasing USDT successfully, the next step is to transfer the purchased USDT to your own In the OTC OTC platform account.

㈦ How do Huobi usdt transfer to Ouyi? Which one is the usdt network to choose? There are three, Trc20, Erc20, Omni

Abstract TRC20 is TRON Token format on tron.

㈧ How much Usdt can Ouyi new registered users buy

Steps to buy goods from Ouyi: 1. Before purchasing shib, you need to register an okex account. After the registration is completed, you need to improve your personal information.
2. Recharge USDT to the account. If you are a new user, you can recharge usdt first. Shib cannot be purchased directly in RMB, but must be purchased through usdt. 1USDT=1 USD, and users can exchange USDT and USD 1:1 at any time. The recharged USDT cannot be directly used for purchase transactions. It needs to be converted. First, use RMB to buy USDT, and then use USDT to exchange for shib.
3. To buy shib, click – trade, then search for SHIB/USDT to find SHIB, and you can see the latest price trends.
4. Waiting for purchase. If the purchase is yes, the system will enter the state of waiting to be purchased. When the price value you fill in is reached, the system will buy DOGE coins.

(ix) How to sell the usdt in the asset account of the European Union Exchange into RMB

Abstract first note the account, then real-name authentication, and then transfer the bitcoin from the cold wallet Withdraw to the personal account of the exchange, then select the btc/usdt currency pair, sell the btc, and then sell the usdt to RMB through the C2C trading area of ​​the exchange. However, it is important to choose a merchant with a relatively high reputation, otherwise, if you encounter a problematic merchant, it is easy to cause your personal bank card account to be frozen.

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