how to cancel p2p order binance

how to cancel p2p order binance?

Click the Cancel orders icon at the top right of the screen above your listed orders, and confirm the pop-up message (at this time, individual orders must be cancelled from a web browser).2022年4月13日

Also asked,Can you cancel a P2P order?

Unless otherwise specified by the platform, no one is supposed to ask Customer Support agents to cancel the order without the Buyer’s consent.

Accordingly,What happens when you appeal Binance P2P?

Our customer service will help you solve the problem. When an order is on appeal, the cryptocurrency will remain blocked until the case is resolved. Our customer service will communicate with the users involved in the dispute by email.

Long,How does P2P work on Binance?

Binance P2P is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can directly trade crypto with other Binance users. Binance P2P facilitates crypto transactions in your preferred payment method, local currency and price.

Furthermore,Can you cancel limit order in Binance?

To do that, log in to your Binance account and go to the BTC/BUSD market. Then click on the [Stop-limit] tab and set the stop and limit price, along with the amount of BTC to be sold.

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How do you release a Binance in P2P?

If you are a buyer, make the payment and notify the seller that you completed the payment. Click the “Confirm” button to notify the seller that you made the payment. If you are a seller, wait for the buyer’s payment confirmation before releasing the crypto.

How do I report a P2P Binance?

If you are on the Binance website, click the Binance Support icon on the bottom right and click [Trading] – [Report P2P Scams]. If you are using the App, go to [P2P Help Center] and tap the Binance Support icon on the top right. Then tap [Trading] – [Report P2P Scams].

Can I sell my crypto for Fiat on Binance?

To make things simpler for our users, Binance has recently launched a new feature – Sell-to-Card, where users can now sell their crypto for fiat currency and directly transfer it to their credit or debit card instantly.

How do I cancel a Binance withdrawal?

The moment the assets leave your Binance.US account, it is impossible to cancel or reverse the transaction.

  1. Navigate to your Wallet page from the menu bar, and click withdraw in the top right corner.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw from the pop-up window.

How do I cancel my appeal Binance?

If they reach an agreement, you can cancel the appeal directly. If after this period of time, the agreement is not reached, the case will go to support and a customer service agent will contact both parties to find an agreement. If you mistakenly canceled the appeal, you must wait 5 minutes to file a second appeal.

Can I get scammed on Binance P2P?

As P2P enables the violation of the Payments Services Act, it is probably one of the main reason why regulators are clamping down on Binance. There are hundreds of other ways scam can happen and this is just one of them.

Is P2P safe on Binance?

Security: Escrow Service At Binance P2P, we provide an escrow service that ensures safe and fair trading. Once a buyer completes their order, we handle the seller’s cryptocurrency in a temporary deposit until both parties confirm the transaction is successful.

Is Binance P2P Express Safe?

Alternatively, if you are looking at making large crypto transactions, you may want to explore Binance P2P, a secure platform that lets you quickly buy or sell large amounts with verified block merchants in more than 300 payment methods and 70 local currencies.

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