How To Display NFT Art: The Best Digital Art Displays In 2022

With so many of us investing in highly precious digital art these days,  many want to know about the best NFT frames and how to display your NFT art. You may have spent thousands of dollars to buy your precious piece. So, surely you would want to display it the best way possible. Luckily, there are an increasing amount of options on the NFT frame and crypto art display market.

Since Beeple’s $3.5 million NFT collection sale in December 2020, the NFT art market has grown exponentially. As all eyes fall on the art  NFT itself, many may forget to ponder what comes next: displaying the digital art.  Let’s dive deep into some of the best options to display your NFT art!

NFTs on display at Sotheby’s during the first Natively Digital curated NFT sale. Credits: Michael Bouhanna/Twitter

Display your Digital NFT Art In The Real World

While NFTs mainly represent digital art, some projects release physical versions too. For example, Christie’s youngest artist, FEWOCiOUS, sent physical copies of his works on request. Damien Hirst also has a physical copy of each of his NFTs. However, in order to display the physical art in your house, you must first burn the NFT version.

If your chosen NFTs didn’t come with a physical copy- fear not! You still have a good few options to display your NFT art in your house.

Turn Your Digital NFT Art Into A Physical Piece Of Artwork

A great example of a company turning NFTs into “physical art” is Solid NFT. Specializing in premium aluminium plate printing, Solid NFT make real life artworks which are “strong”, “beautiful”, and stay “intact for decades.” So essentially, they are perfect for displaying your NFT art in your house!

“Combining colour brilliance, superior durability, and archival qualities makes this printing method the perfect choice for Solid NFT reproduction,”, they added in a previous interview with NFTevening. 

Solid NFT’s reproduction of ‘Bitcoin Ronin’ by Arke. Credits: Solid NFT

Display Animated NFT Art Using A Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo and video frames are another great means to display NFT art on your walls. Firstly, let’s look at NFT frames specifically designed for displaying crypto art.

Tokenframe, for instance, offers real wooden NFT frames with both 2K and 4K options in anti-glare screens. Using the Tokenframe app, users can simply sign in to their crypto wallet and access their NFT gallery to display the NFTs. App users can also control the background colour, artwork size, and more.

TokenFrame offers a range of digital photo frames to display NFTs. Credits: TokenFrame

Another frame designed specifically for NFTs is Decentralized Displays. The UK-based company offers both wooden frames and acrylic displays. Users have the option to change the NFT at any time and can put in any artwork they want. 

Infinite Objects,  New York City-based startup, focuses on “video prints”. Essentially these are looping video frames perfect for displaying animated art. However, once printed, there is no way to change it or even pause or rewind the video that is on loop forever.  Plus, these displays are not completely completely specific for NFTs. Despite that, these guys are a firm favourite, with both Beeple and Steve Aoki having used Infinite Object NFT Display Frames thus far.

Infinite Objects Make Video Displays Perfect For Displaying Moving or Animated NFT Art

Another great option is the Meural Canvas frame from Netgear. Known for home WiFi. Netgear released this impressive NFT display frame which uses it’s own Meural app for iOS and Android. Using this, you can easily add both NFT images and videos to your high quality NFT Display. It has a full-HD, anti-glare display, and comes with a playlist feature allowing you to curate how the NFTs are displayed.

Tweet from Jason Hitchcock via @JasonHitchcock

Some other great frames you can check out are the QONOS NFT frames and Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame.  Additionally, do check out Samsung’s Frame which doubles as a TV and a frame. With the rise of Cardano, Nanoframes has also joined the list, providing a service to ADA NFT crew.

Display Your NFT In A Real Life Art Gallery

You can go a step further and display your NFT in all its glory in real-life art galleries as well! There are several real-world NFT galleries across the globe that caters to NFTs. One such example is the imnotArt gallery in Chicago, the first of its kind in the city. Founded by artists, collectors, and programmers, imnotArt’s virtual and physical galleries have exhibited over 300 artists. 

Another example is  pop-up The B.L.A.C. Gallery at the Art Place in Denver. The all-Black gallery was created to commemorate Black History Month and displays NFT art on vintage CRTs, and TV and computer screens.

Similarly, Superchief Gallery NFT, touted as the first dedicated NFT gallery in the world, is another great option to display your NFTs. The artist-run gallery has a 10-year history of supporting artists. While its NFT gallery is located in New York City, it has warehouses in multiple locations. 

Traditional auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have also been vocal about their support of NFTs and have conducted numerous high-profile exhibitions. A good example includes Sotheby’s Natively Digital curated NFT sale. Moreover, the House of Fine Art (HOFA)’s gallery in London also holds NFT exhibitions too.

imnotArt gallery is the first physical NFT gallery in Chicago. Credits: imnotArt

Display Your NFTs In Virtual Galleries

If none of these options quite fit the bill, there are plenty of online NFT galleries for you to choose from. These allow you to display your NFTs without any hassle. Here are some of the top websites to display your NFT gallery:


Showtime is more of an NFT social media site that lets you create a profile much like an Instagram page and then display your NFT art. Once you connect your wallet to the website, it automatically creates a profile featuring all your NFTs. You can also follow other artists and collectors and like, share, or comment on any NFTs.



Lazy is backed by billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban and offers the “laziest” way to showcase your assets. In other words, the website offers a simple way for collectors to create an account and connect wallets. At least for the time being, the site doesn’t offer much else.

Pixlr Genesis

Pixlr Genesis is an upcoming decentralized digital art museum from the photo editing giant, Pixlr. The gallery, which is set to launch in early 2022, will offer NFT tools and art drops. More importantly, it follows an innovative concept where NFT artists and collectors decide what to display in the museum.

Pixlr Genesis will allow artists and collectors to decide what to display. Credits: Pixlr Genesis

Display Your Art In AR, XR & VR

No NFT display list is complete without mentioning the metaverse. There are virtual worlds or shared virtual spaces that bring together augmented reality (AR)  virtual reality (VR) and Extended Reality (XR) to create immersive experiences. While VR will take you to a virtual world, with AR, you can transform your real-world spaces to show your NFTs to friends and family. Even Facebook, which recently rebranded to Meta, has hinted at augmented reality capabilities for its metaverse.

Put simply, in metaverses, you can buy a parcel of land, build your virtual gallery, and display your NFT art as you would do in the real world. Decentraland, for instance, has scores of galleries and regularly holds art shows that connect collectors with artists. Similarly, Cryptovoxels is home to many galleries, particularly in the Gangnam District. 

You can display NFT art even in Sotheby’s virtual gallery in the Decentraland metaverse. Credits: Decentraland


A social and collaborative platform, Spatial allows you to create your own virtual galleries on their platform. You can create your room in Spatial and easily display both 3D and 2D NFTs. Anyone can visit the gallery using VR headsets, mobile devices, or any web browser.


OnCyber is one of the most popular virtual galleries among NFT artists and collectors. In fact, OnCyber offers the easiest way to display your NFTs in a fully immersive 3D form. Essentially, it enables you to easily and quickly create a 3D gallery to showcase your pieces. A really cool feature of OnCyber is that you can explore NFT collections either in 3D or via virtual reality—it is truly immersive. 

Explore OnCyber’s NFTs on display —all for free. What’s more, developers can also build their own experiences on the platform. Importing your NFTs from Metamask and choosing from a range of available templates/experiences is, thankfully, very simple. Here, you can display NFT and crypto art that you either own or created yourself. 

To summarize, OnCyber offers four types of spaces: Free, Curated, Factory, and Collectibles. Firstly, Free spaces allow you to curate your own art space by giving it a title, description, banner, and more. Accordingly, the other three are designed in collaboration with select artists to create unique art spaces.  

Use XR Apps for an immersive experience!

You can also use Extended reality (XR) apps to display your NFT art in a truly immersive fashion.  Spheroid Universe sells digital land in the real world.  Basically, they are selling every single plot of land in the real world. That means you could buy the digital plot of your own street and display your NFT or crypto art there. Alternatively, you could rent out your land to fantastic NFT artist to use for gallery space.

Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Display For Your Digital NFT Art

 There are some things you have to keep in mind before making the leap, especially if you are buying a frame. For example, ensure the frame supports the format of your NFTs, displays images or videos in the highest quality, and has the right storage capacity. The file format is an important criterion to consider when choosing an online gallery or website as well.

However, at the end of the day, when it comes to choosing your NFT display, you are spoilt for choice! Ultimately, the best choice would depend on the type of NFT or crypto art  you own, and your personal display preferences. So, as we often advise, make sure to do your own research and scope out your options to display your precious crypto art.

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