How to do the necessary supplies for minecraft mining


❶ How to make things in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are workbenches, furnaces, brewing stations, enchanting stations, etc. that can be used to make things. The most important of them are two workbenches

If there are two workbenches, one is the system workbench.

You can use the system workbench to synthesize a small number of things, the most important of which is the workbench!

After synthesizing the workbench, friends can synthesize most things.

You just need to chop down trees, and then turn the wood into planks in the system workbench to make a workbench. After that, as long as you have the material, open the workbench. If this thing can be synthesized, it will be colored. If it cannot be synthesized, it will be gray. It is very simple.

And then the furnace.

The furnace is used to make food and to calcine ores. For example, if you have some raw chicken and mutton, then you can use the furnace to grill it to make mature meat. Then when you go to mine, the dropped iron ore and gold ore can be placed in the furnace, and wood or coal ore can be used as dyes to calcine gold ingots and iron ingots.

Then the brewing stand

The brewing stand is used to brew potions~ This is easy to understand as the name suggests.

The last is the enchanting table

The enchanting table allows everyone to enchant weapons. So to enchant a weapon, you need to use an enchanting table and an anvil.

❷ My World Beginners Guide introduces what equipment to bring when going out for mining

If you are going to go out, there are still many things to bring with you. , such as buckets, shields, 64~128 torches, a lot of food, stepping stones, workbenches, appropriate amount of wood, these are best to bring, enough things to support your long journey ~ especially if you want Don’t do anything like mining with empty hands, it’s very dangerous.
A bucket is a must-have for explorers. The main function of the bucket in the mine is to buffer the landing and pour out the magma, and it can also prevent monsters from approaching. So a bucket is a must when going out.
For example, if you encounter a diamond, if you don’t have a bucket, you can only use blocks to bridge the bridge step by step, and you have to free up your hand to block the magma below to prevent the diamond from falling into the magma, and to use the bucket, just pour water on the block next to the magma, The water spread will turn the magma it encounters into obsidian or cobblestone, which is much easier in one fell swoop.
The shield can defend against almost any damage, except for the witch’s splash potion, the guardian’s laser (which can only reduce damage), the rest of the creeper explodes at close range, and Xiaobai’s bow and arrow , the enderman’s attack can be defended. It is suitable for long distance mining.
Can be used for lighting, marking locations, spawning monsters, etc.
The degree of hunger determines life and death. Don’t starve yourself to death, okay? Please be kind to yourself and put more food.
Stepping Stones
Using cobblestone or dirt, you can actually do it after you go out.
Workbenches and planks
Workbenches allow you to craft tools or equipment anytime, anywhere, so carry a certain amount of planks or sticks to prevent your pickaxes from breaking underground

❸ Me The world-mining skills don’t need mining perspective method

First of all, find a hill near your home, open a 3X3 hole (how big you like…), dig a little bit forward The hole was 3X3 short before. Follow this rule to dig forward and downward like a step. Every 14 layers, you need to insert a torch (about 7 floors) to save the torch. Every 14 layers Place a box (as big as you like).
Every 21 floors, dig a 4×4 concave surface on the right or left side of the mine tunnel, and then make a wall every other floor, and then make a 4x4x4 workstation, which is necessary in the workstation; 1×2 door, fence gate, half brick x3 (1 for feet, 2 for windows, to ensure that your bow and arrows fly out, close-range weapons can hurt the enemy and get stuck in the enemy’s position) Torch x1, bed (not for sleeping, but for respawn points, but Only limited to servers), chests (as many as possible, you know the uses), workbench x1 (this is your own small fortress, mainly for emergency use and when you run out of manuscripts, you can have a safe place to make manuscripts, weapons and items storage ), other non-essentials; can also be equipped with a brewing stand, an enchanting stand (one for making potions, one for improving efficiency and attack power, etc…) anvil (repair ~ you know).
It looks like this from the outside:
When you encounter individual diamonds or iron ore, dig them out, but! Remember not to rush to take risks when you encounter caves and pits!!! Because you are likely to hang inside . First take the cobblestone in the bag to block the hole, change from passive to active, and go back to the workstation to get the necessary supplies; weapons, armor, medicine, food, etc., remember to store important items in the work group, in case of death, you can get it again from Workstation (do it in advance��’s respawn point is found).
You don’t need to teach the caves, just remember to insert the torch, and the monsters in the mines are the same. If you can’t beat them, you can guide them to close the door in the workstation or block the entrance of the cave and try other methods to fight, but if you have a creeper, you can Try not to lead to the workstation, in case of an explosion, you will lose your workstation and cause trouble later. It’s a wise choice to plug the hole and be ready to play again. But Slime is also a disgusting setting, so be careful and fight quickly.
Finally, dig down according to the previous method. When digging to the bottom of the bedrock, you can go up first, go to the first workstation, then make a hole next to the stairs opposite to the work, and then dig to the right side of the stairs. Below, dig to the bottom according to the previous method, then climb up to the top, and then open the stairs next to the second workstation and dig to the bottom according to the previous method, and so on. It seems like a brainless project, but it also brings great With the convenience of mine cart transportation, it is easy to play in the underground mining area. The following is a small schematic diagram for yourself, please ignore some details and you will lose if you are serious.

❹ “Minecraft” essential knowledge for mining and tips how to mine minecraft

  • layers<5 bedrock

  • layers<30 lava, although lava can found elsewhere.

  • layers 14-2 diamonds and redstone

  • layers <30 gold and lapis lazuli

  • layers<60 iron

  • layers<70 coal

due to the mine The safety layer is also limited to a reasonable amount, and all ores (especially diamonds) in the y-coordinate of 10 to 15 are generally considered the best areas to start mining in. Exactly, the height of the optimal mining layer is controversial, and there is no uniform answer. To find this, it’s easiest to dig in using the debug screen (F3). Or you can look for lava pools, which tend to form about 11 layers. (Mining at this level, if you pour water, will ensure the ground is intact. You can even dig to bedrock, find and stand on the highest bedrock, and climb up 6 blocks. Once you get to where you want to dig rock formations, you can open a mine and choose to start mining using one of the techniques below.

For details, see Minecraft:

Tutorials/Mining Techniques – Minecraft Wiki

❺ How to do a minecraft miner

Step 1: First turn a transmitter upside down, head down

Step 2: Make a red The stone strobe is nearby

Step 3: Connect the redstone strobe to the transmitter

Step 4: Dig a hole just below the transmitter port (by lz test, To dig six squares)

Step 5: Load ammo, turn on the switch! (Note: This strobe is just made to be on, place the switch or knock out a redstone to turn the strobe off )

❻ minecraft how to do the potion of mining speed

there is no such potion, you can only enchant the pickaxe with efficiency, and use The urgency of the beacon.

❼ Minecraft Necessary Tools for Mining Introduce what tools are needed for mining

You need to dig a few wood first, then make a table and make a few sticks and sticks with wood Make wooden digging tools to dig stones and dig stones by hand to dig them out

❽ What can the mining tools in my world dig with different materials.

A pickaxe type: wood Pickaxes: Stone, Coal.

Stone Pickaxes: Stone, Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli.

Iron Pickaxes: Stone, Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Redstone, Diamond.

Gold Pickaxe: Stone, Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli.

Diamond Pickaxe: Stone, Coal, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Redstone, Diamond.

❾ What tool to use to mine iron ore and how to do it in my world

Iron ore is located in the quarry, knock the dirt layer with a pickaxe and you will see the rock layer, dig down to get Can mine iron ore. You can get cobblestone when digging stone ore, which is used to make a necessary tool for mining iron ore. (Ore must be mined with a pickaxe, using other tools not only slows down the mining speed, but also can’t get anything)

First, use wooden boards to make wooden pickaxes, and collect some cobblestones to make stone pickaxes. When crafting stone pickaxes, just replace wooden boards with stones.

Prepare before mining Good tools: stone picks + torches (several)

Use stairs to dig downwards. If you only want to dig iron ore first, dig a few layers and then expand outwards. Don’t dig too deep, and don’t dig vertically. Dig down (the coverage is too narrow, the chance of encountering is slightly smaller).

I believe it will not take long to dig iron ore.

(The iron ore dug is in the furnace You can get iron ingots to make iron pickaxes or other iron tools by sintering them)

❿ Do A qualified miner Minecraft mining commonly used methods and skills

Minecraft mining is the most basic operation in the game, every novice player must be proficient in mining in the initial development. Ore is a very important resource, and hollowing out is also a skill. In survival mode, you make a mistake in mining.�Can cause your death. The first mobile game network brings common methods and skills of mining. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the following!
My World
In my world, most of it is dirt, and the ore is coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, gold stone, emerald, coal can be used to make torches as fuel, iron can be used as fuel There are also equipment and props for making iron weapons. Gold and diamonds can make better weapons and armors. The role of redstone does not need to be explained too much. Everyone knows that it is used to make wires and redstone items, and it is very practical. There is also lapis lazuli for dyes, and useful emeralds that can be traded with villagers.
Mining skills
Don’t dig the ore above your head. If it is a magma pool, you can’t avoid it. The same is true for the ore under your feet. Magma can be said to be the biggest challenge in mining. At the same time, you should pay attention to your own mines. If you do not take measures to prevent monsters, you will be attacked by monsters later. Not only will it slow down your mining rate, but it may also be life-threatening.
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