How to download the European Exchange Apple? OKX IOS version download tutorial introduction

European Exchange is the leading exchange in the global digital currency trading platform. Euroeasy is a very fast-growing trading platform, and the main reason for its rapid development is that its team is very strong , and the exchange has always been committed to providing users with the safest digital asset services, and there has been no particularly serious incident of currency theft. Many investors love this exchange. With the continuous development of mobile internet, Euroeasy has also launched its own mobile version of the APP, but there are still many investors who do not know how to download Euroeasy. ? Let me introduce to you the download tutorial of this OKX IOS version.

How to download the Apple Exchange?

1. Open the official website (

2. Search OKX, click to enter

3. After entering, we can see the official website link of OKEX (https://www.ouyicn. pw/), the backup link and the download link for Apple and Android, click to download according to your own needs.

How about Euroeasy?

1. Review of OKX Exchange

OKX is the world’s leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to global traders by using blockchain technology. It offers hundreds of tokens and futures trading pairs to help traders optimize their strategies. The exchange is currently ranked 8th by trading volume, serving millions of users in more than 100 countries with $1.5B in daily trading volume in BTC futures. The founders of OKX strongly believe in blockchain technology and are committed to providing continuously innovative and improved services to meet and exceed their clients’ trading experience.

Second, OKX registration, login and restrictions

OKX registration process is very simple. All you need to get started is a valid email address. You will be asked to log in to the email address you specified and enter a verification code. There is no need to upload any identification (KYC) documents unless you intend to withdraw more than 100BTC within 24 hours.

After registration, you can log in to OKEX with your email ID and password. You should also set up and activate 2FA and SMS authentication (highly recommended) for added security. To do so, navigate to Account Security in the Profile section. For more information, you can also read its guide.

Three, how to calculate OKX transaction fee

It is important to evaluate the transaction fee before deciding to conduct a cryptocurrency transaction. This is especially important when trading larger position sizes on margin or making multiple trades in one day (i.e. day traders) and this can eat into your profits.

1. Deposit/Withdrawal

OKX does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees. When you withdraw bitcoins from an exchange, there is a minimum bitcoin network fee, which is determined by the blockchain load. The blockchain fee is 0.0005BTC.

2. Transaction Fees

OKX uses a hierarchical structure to determine user transaction fees based on 30-day transaction volume. The trading volume of VIP is about 1,000BTC, so we will focus on normal trading fees.

Four. OKX User Interface

For all traders, the chart interface is one of the most important considerations when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. Especially for traders who rely on technical analysis to find market edge. When choosing an exchange for cryptocurrency trading, you must be familiar with the trading interface, order types and charting tools. Make sure to feel right because this is where you spend most of your time!

The above content is a detailed elaboration on how to download the Apple Exchange. The OKX exchange currently offers users around the world 335 different cryptocurrencies. Not only will the exchange offer users discounts on transaction fees, its crypto site has also started a buyback program, which is essentially a way to reduce supply by reducing supply. The act of increasing the price of a token. In fact, in addition to spot trading, OKX exchange also offers many other crypto products, like from cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies or margin trading, as well as long or short trading futures and perpetual swaps with up to 100x leverage, etc. There are many services to choose from.

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