How to identify virtual currency

A. How to identify the pros and cons of a virtual currency trading platform

It is mainly manifested in operational efficiency. Reliability, timely antivirus during backup. Protection is more important than the platform itself. High-quality protection brings the absolute guarantee of stable and long-term operation of the platform.
The Central Digital Trading Center is good


Take the new version of 100 yuan in 2015 as an example:

1. The light becomes hollow and the window safety line is opened. This is a great feature of the new coin. It is on the right on the front of the coin. position, it appears magenta when looking straight, and turns green when looking sideways.

2. Look at the number of brilliance and light, which is the word “100” in the center of the coin, which is very conspicuous. When you look directly at the word, it appears golden, and when you look at it, it appears green. Alternate between green.

3. Look at the portrait watermark. The portrait watermark is on the left margin of the front of the coin. Here we can see the clear head of Chairman Mao through the light.

4. Look at the offset printing pattern. There are fragments of 100 characters printed on the lower left corner of the front and the lower right corner of the back, respectively. Through the light, we can see that the front and the back are superimposed together to form a complete 100 .

5. Look at the left and right horizontal and vertical numbers. There are horizontal and vertical numbers in the lower left corner of the front and the right side of the front, respectively. The horizontal crown and the first two numbers in the lower left corner are red, and the last 6 digits The numbers are blue, and the vertical numbers on the right are all blue.

6. Look at the white watermark. The white watermark is located in the area below the horizontal number in the lower left corner of the front. The words 100 can be clearly seen through light observation.

7. Touch the gravure by hand, and engraving technology is used on the “People’s Bank of China” directly above the coin, the head of Chairman Mao, the national emblem on the front, the 100 number in the upper right corner, the Great Hall of the People, etc. , It is engraved gravure printing, so it has obvious bumps to the touch.

(2) How to identify virtual currency Extended reading:

In fact, for counterfeit currency that may appear in the market, some other departments such as the Ministry of Public Security have special personnel to carry out Monitor and track. Judging from their current monitoring and control, the degree of simulation of counterfeit coins is not high, and it is definitely not up to the level of falsehoods.

Although the production methods of fake renminbi continue to improve, there are still differences compared with real coins. I can responsibly say that in front of professionals and machines, the existing counterfeit money is nowhere to hide.

Some of the fake RMB found are imitated with counterfeit technologies such as watermarks, security threads, color-changing inks, and microtext. The criminals used the method of directly covering the watermark pattern on the back of the fake RMB with light ink, and the security strip was not real. These methods are very crude and clumsy in the eyes of experts, but they are still deceptive to ordinary people.

C. There are many kinds of virtual currencies on the market. How should investors distinguish the true and false?

The reason why diatom mud is called mud is because It’s natural enough. High-quality diatom mud will have a slight earthy smell. When it encounters water, it will emit a smell similar to cement lime, without the smell of chemical products, and of course it cannot have any aroma.

D. How to identify virtual currency scams with a virtual currency fraud volume of 4.06 billion yuan

Search: virtual currency fraud volume of 4.06 billion yuan
How to identify virtual currency scams

E. There are a lot of virtual currencies now, how to distinguish real and fake virtual currency?

Virtual currency is based on It exists as a virtual platform, so as long as the platform can confirm that the currency is genuine, the platform relies on the website, as long as the website is identified. Real and fake virtual currency

With the development of society, many new things have appeared, such as virtual currency, virtual currency will have value under certain circumstances, so it can be exchanged for money, but this process You need to go through some other channels. Secondly, virtual currency is risky, and it is a virtual thing on the Internet, so it is easy to cause it to be worthless. Therefore, we do not advocate investing in virtual currency. Next, I will explain it to you in detail. 3. Investment in virtual currency is not recommended.
Virtual currency is virtual and is itself a product of the Internet. As mentioned above, a group of people think that this thing is valuable, so it has actual value, but in fact, when many people think that this thing has no value At that time, it is likely to become worthless, but for those who invested in it at that time, it may be bankrupt, so it is extremely risky, and we do not advocate investing in virtual currency.

All in all, with theA lot of new things and new business models have appeared. I think virtual currency is a new thing and a new business model, because it can make some people make money, but he It is also easy for others to lose money, because this thing itself does not produce actual value, but only invests in each other, and it is very risky, so we do not advocate investing in virtual currency, and we should work hard to improve ourselves in our daily life. work skills.

G. How to identify scam coins and air coins

At present, the digital currency market is hot, and many people issue coins after ICO. Don’t trade the platform, you must read the “white paper” when choosing. Then ask the company what the actual landing scene is, and if necessary, you can conduct an on-site inspection.
As for Air Coin, there is no way to define it. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. all belong to Air Coin, because there is no actual landing scene. It’s just that the consensus operation of global investors has led to the mainstream digital currency in the world.

H. How to identify the authenticity of investing in virtual digital currency

In fact, there are many aspects to identify this. If it is in the secondary trading market, then the mainstream currency must belong to the real currency. Secondly, there are offline landing scenarios, but recently because there are not many participants, the currency with small transaction volume is also the real currency.
The other is the private + offering currency that has not yet entered the secondary market and is currently in the ICO stage. This kind of identification will be difficult, first of all, you must familiarize yourself with the project white paper. Secondly, let’s see how they landed on the scene and what are the plans for the later stage.

I. How to identify virtual currency pyramid schemes

Identifying whether virtual currency is a pyramid scheme is a bit of a misnomer.
For the purpose of developing offline and using high returns as bait is pyramid selling.
For MLM distributors, you can refuse to join.

J. What are MLM coins and how to distinguish MLM coins in digital currencies?

With the hype and rapid development of the blockchain concept, the It seems that more and more people are getting in touch with blockchain projects. As far as I know, three friends have been exposed to some currencies, and they all ended in blood loss. So today, I will briefly introduce to you how to distinguish MLM coins from real blockchain digital currencies.

Now MLM coins are more and more high-end and secretive. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s false. So once again remind everyone to be careful with all kinds of pyramid selling coins and air coins.


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