How to inject mining virus

1. How to remove the NrsMiner mining virus on the server

The complete removal process of the mining virus is as follows, please do it when the network is disconnected:

1. Stop and disable Hyper- VAccess Protection Agent Service;

2. Delete C:Windowssystem32NrsDataCache.tlb;

3. Delete C:.dll, if the deletion fails, rename the file to another name;

4. Restart the computer;

5. Delete C:Windowssystem32SysprepThemes and C:WindowsSysprepThemes directories;

6. Delete C:Windowssystem32SecUpdateHost.exe.

7. Go to Microsoft’s official website to download the corresponding operating system patch. The download link is as follows:


8. Install domestic mainstream antivirus software and update to the latest virus signature database in time.

2. What is the transmission route of mining Trojans?

Mining Trojans rely on loopholes, plug-in programs, web page hanging horses, weak passwords, etc. to spread. The 2017 Cybersecurity Report addresses this issue.

3. How to troubleshoot mining viruses

Use Tencent Computer Manager antivirus software, a comprehensive antivirus program, and a total of four anti-virus engines: Tencent Computer Manager Cloud Engine, Kingsoft Cloud Killing, Xiaohongsan local killing engine, trending local engine, that is to say, in addition to its own cloud killing engine, Tencent Computer Butler Computer Butler also applies the local killing engine of two major foreign brands, which effectively protects against viruses. The precise killing! ! Can thoroughly clean up virus Trojan programs! !

4. How to check whether the computer has a mining virus

The following notable manifestations of the mining virus are:
1. The computer is running abnormally slowly
2. The computer freezes abnormally/stuck
3. Nothing is turned on but the cpu usage is very high
4. The network is slow and there are a lot of network requests

5. The computer is digging What should I do about mine virus? A anxious novice Xiaobai

Poisoning is very simple. Install anti-virus software, such as 360 Antivirus, Kingsoft Internet Security, Kaspersky, etc., and perform a comprehensive scan and kill. There is a more convenient way is to directly reinstall the system to solve a virus.

6. How to prevent Monero mining virus

Use 360 ​​to protect your computer, compare with managing your own Monero on the largest digital asset China currency platform in the country Rest assured and safe

7. There is a mining virus in the win2008 server, please answer!

Under the premise of not being able to completely kill it, back up your data and then reinstall the system, otherwise it will be really troublesome to delay work like this

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