How to make a profit in btc perpetual contracts

❶ How is the funding fee of okex bitcoin perpetual contract calculated?

funding fee = position value * funding rate, when the funding rate is positive, longs pay shorts; When the funding rate is negative, shorts pay longs, which is what it means.

❷ 58coin perpetual contract how to make profit and what are the tips

58COIN operation perpetual contract several points:

First of all, perpetual contract supports long and short Two-way operation, in order to make a profit in trading, you must know what trend the current market belongs to before opening a position, and you need to analyze the combination of fundamentals and technical aspects. “Accession to the WTO” also pointed out that there are two main basis for judging the trend: one is the inflow and outflow of funds in buying and selling orders; More importantly, after judging the trend, you also need to know the stage of the trend, because the time of buying is the most important part of digital currency investment.

Secondly, you need to do a good job of capital management, that is, to control your positions. Although the marked price of 58COIN perpetual contract adopts the arithmetic average of the prices of the world’s five authoritative exchanges (Bitfinex/Bitstamp/GDAX/Huobi/Binance) to prevent artificially liquidated positions, it is still necessary to remind investors that contract transactions should not be operated with full positions , pay attention to the liquidation price. In fact, a liquidation occurs when the mark price falls below the liquidation price for long positions, or the liquidation price for short positions. Under normal circumstances, the liquidation caused by the heavy position operation is more common. For example, if the position ratio reaches more than 90%, the unoccupied funds will be less, and the space to resist the reverse movement will be small. Therefore, only by ensuring that there is sufficient available balance in the account, the farther away from the liquidation price, the safer it will be. In addition, high leverage is not as fierce as a tiger, which has a lot to do with your position. As long as you manipulate it properly, you can easily achieve profits like those masters.

Finally, don’t forget the original intention. Since the evolution of the digital currency market is unpredictable, every investor must have a profit expectation and a stop loss position in mind before opening a position. Once the trend is not as expected, you should take a small loss or a less satisfactory profit and wait for the next opportunity to enter the market.

❸ How is the funding fee of okex bitcoin perpetual contract calculated

funding fee = position value * funding rate, when the funding rate is positive, longs pay Shorts; when funding rates are negative, shorts pay longs, get it?

❹ How about Bitcoin perpetual contracts

Bitcoin has four main features: no centralized issuer, limited total amount, no geographical restrictions on use, and anonymity. Although Bitcoin is called “currency”, it is not a real currency because it is not issued by the monetary authority and does not have currency properties such as legal compensation and compulsion. In nature, Bitcoin should be a specific virtual commodity that does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market.

❺ How to play Bitcoin’s perpetual contract

Okex has it, you just need to register an OKEX account and then open the contract trading.

❻ How Perpetual Contract Value and Profit and Loss are Calculated

The calculation method of position value and profit and loss varies according to the above contract types.
Ordinary forward contract, similar to spot trading:
Value: position size * price
Profit and loss: position size * (closing price – opening price)
Dual currency contracts, Similar to a normal forward contract, but needs to be multiplied by the exchange factor between the denomination currency and the settlement currency:
Value: position size * price * conversion coefficient
Profit and loss: position size * (closing price – opening price) * Conversion factor
Reverse contract:
Value: position size/price
Profit and loss: position size* (1/opening price – 1/closing price)

❼ How is the rate of return in the Bitcoin perpetual contract calculated

It is the rate of return = income / margin required for opening a position.

❽ Can OKEX’s Bitcoin perpetual contracts make money?

Yes, I just play in perpetual contracts, and the depth of users of OKEX’s bitcoin contracts is the best.

❾ How is the fee for perpetual contracts calculated?

The competition among digital currency exchanges is very fierce, and exchanges have set their sights on the futures market. The most popular among them is the perpetual contract, which is an innovative financial derivative. The contract is similar to the traditional futures contract. The biggest difference is that the perpetual contract has no expiration date or settlement date, and users can hold positions indefinitely. How are the fees for perpetual contracts calculated? Here is my take. First of all, the calculation method of perpetual contracts is based on the user’s holding amount and holding time. Secondly, the funding rate is closely related to the user’s membership level in the current exchange, and the�� The platform charging methods are different, so there is no way to calculate them uniformly. Finally, if you are an investment novice, you can go to major digital currency exchanges to learn about the latest price mark price, the conceptual difference between unrealized profit and loss and realized profit and loss.

One: The perpetual contract uses the capital cost mechanism to anchor the market price of the perpetual contract to the spot price.

The calculation method of perpetual contract is based on the user’s position and time.

How are the fees for perpetual contracts calculated? If you have anything else to add, please leave a message below the comment section.

❿ What is the liquidation process of Bitcoin’s perpetual contract

To liquidate realized profit and loss and unrealized profit and loss on OKEX, the system will determine whether there is a cross position or a cross position If all the profitable customers are shared together, the realized profit and loss will be carried forward to the balance, and then the capital fee will be charged.


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