How to Make a Video Metaverse Style

“One” What is the “metaverse”

The true nature of the metaverse: an online world that takes up all your time
Besides that, you are in the media All definitions of the metaverse seen above are implementation methods or misinterpretations based on this essence.
Why is this the essence of the Metaverse, why does Facebook want to be All in the Metaverse, and why do domestic Internet giants follow up on this concept and jointly promote the concept to make the concept of the Metaverse popular? This needs to be explained from a business perspective.
Why the Metaverse is on fire
From a business model perspective, all Internet giants do the same thing: attract users’ attention, and then sell users’ attention to advertising merchants , to make a profit.
Whether it is social software such as facebook, WeChat, QQ, or search engines such as Google or the Internet, or e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Amazon, or short video software such as Douyin and tiktok, in essence sell advertising.
So the butt decides the head. This business model determines that Internet companies attach great importance to the number of online users and the online duration. After all, the revenue formula is here: Internet company revenue = product online number * online duration * advertising frequency
/> In the past 20 years, Internet companies have experienced two rounds of rapid growth. The first round is the PC Internet era from 2000-2010, and the second round is the mobile Internet era from 2010-2020. In the past 20 years, Internet companies have grown from humble grass to today’s towering trees.
All of this is due to the increase in the number of people online and online time, but now the Internet companies and the big guys are very anxious about the future.

『二』 Metaverse What is the latest concept of

The latest concept of “metaverse” can usually be described as a virtual space that is parallel to and independent of the real world. From a zoomed-in perspective, as a “universe”, operating rules and normalized management do not need to be limited by its manifestations.

As a product of the post-Internet era, Metaverse will greatly change the current game market and the Internet ecosystem. While laying out the “metaverse”, major manufacturers may also be fighting for their own place in the future Internet.

『三』What is the recently popular concept “metaverse”?

The recently popular concept “metaverse” is specifically a collection of virtual time and space . In fact, this “metaverse” concept was proposed 29 years ago, but after so many years of continuous technological innovation,

“4” “Metaverse Film and Television” How to screencast

“Metaverse Video” screencasting method:
1. First, make sure that the mobile phone and the computer are in the same local area network. Then open the Mobile Movies & TV Daquan APP.

2. Enter the home page and select a video to watch.

3. After entering the video, there will be a short advertisement, click to play after watching the advertisement.

4. Next, when the advertisement is over, click the screen projection button at the bottom of the page.

5. After the device is finally found, click the device to connect.

After the mobile phone is connected to the large screen, the projection mode is divided into the following two modes:
1. Mobile phone mode: that is, the mobile phone mirroring function, the mobile phone and the large screen display the same content.
2. Computer mode: Different content can be displayed on the mobile phone and the large screen, such as the large screen showing the office, and the mobile phone showing the chat interface.

You can switch between mobile phone mode and computer mode in the drop-down menu of the phone or the notification center on the large screen.

How to download “Wu” Metaverse

You can download it from the USB flash drive mobile station. Download method: Open the USB flash drive mobile station and select the Metaverse version you want to download, click Download Now, after the download is complete, double-click to run the installation, and the game can be played after the installation is complete.

Metaverse mobile game collection is an open world, you can grow freely in the universe, a happy and adventurous simulation game, with rich gameplay, different types of games. Challenges are waiting for you to participate, choose the type of your feelings, and take risks in this large-scale cosmic world.

Faced with various challenges, you need to deal with it calmly, choose rich props and resources, accelerate your growth, and immerse yourself in a variety of interesting activities, grow continuously, and gain a lot. Happy and rewarding.

Axie Metaverse, cute and charming cartoon style, allows you to choose different characters to pass the level, and freely enjoy unlimited surprises and challenges in different scenes. Attributes can easily cope with various challenging levels and charms, and continuously improve their strength in battle.

Axie Metaverse Game Features:

1, ��� kinds of gameplays are played against each other between different platforms, allowing you to enjoy more ways to play.

2. The cute game town is full of surprises, and you need to know about every cute pet.

3. Play with new maps, get a lot of resources, relax your novelty, and start fighting challenges at any time.

Axie Metaverse Game Introduction:

1. This game will give players more interactive space to explore on different maps.

2. All players can have various influences on it here to transform the town.

3. Each gameplay will give players more interesting experience and make people relax.

Axie metaverse game evaluation:

In the virtual world, a large-scale entertainment platform can continuously display various wonderful things.

Actively develop your own characters, where cute pets grow and overcome various obstacles.

Play new maps, challenge various bosses, upgrade your level, and buy various skins.

“Lu” Is the Metaverse a Scam or the Future of Humanity

The answer to whether the Metaverse is a hoax or the future of humanity is still inconclusive, and it may still have to go through several rounds of “a hundred schools of thought contend” to show the prototype. In order to look at the metaverse under the transformation of the Internet as rationally and dialectically as possible, CCTV’s “News+” launched a series of videos “Talking about the Metaverse” to help everyone sort out the main points among the numerous information.

1. The essence of the metaverse: the dualistic parallel world

Before we talk about the essence of the metaverse, let’s talk about the relationship between technology development and application scenarios . At the beginning of 2021, there was a debate in China about whether 5G investment was ahead of its time. Mr. Lou Jiwei, an official and scholar whom the author respects, pointed out that China’s 5G investment was too advanced. Because there were not enough application scenarios, it caused huge social problems. repercussions.

After seeing this point of view, I wrote an article “Whether 5G investment needs to be advanced, application scenarios change the way of life”, the article proposed in 2009 or 2010 3G, 4G investment era.

In fact, people may not imagine that there will be a series of scene innovations such as WeChat, Douyin, mobile payment, online car-hailing, and shared bicycles in a few years. They believe that technological innovation and investment can be appropriately advanced, and It is proposed that the development prospects of 5G depend on the innovation of application scenarios that will inevitably emerge.

If there are not enough application scenarios, whether 5G, artificial intelligence or blockchain technology, the value of these great technologies themselves will naturally be doubted by the society.

The Metaverse not only provides broad enough application scenarios for 5G technology, but also provides many new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, AR, VR products, digital currency, digital Product innovations such as assets, games, media, and movies provide application scenarios with sufficient volume.

The difference between Metaverse and the Internet and the mobile Internet is that the Internet itself is a technological revolution, the core of which is driven by technology, and the core of the mobile Internet is driven by products such as smartphones.

The core driving force of the metaverse is neither a certain technology nor a certain core product, but the big explosion of innovation in the scene of the digital virtual world.

2. The influence of the metaverse on technological innovation and product innovation

Some people worry that once people are immersed in the metaverse, they will stop in the illusory world and no longer explore the objective reality of the stars and the sea The world, in fact, the metaverse and digital parallel worlds can also greatly support people’s scientific research work toward the sea of ​​stars.

Obviously, the scene innovation and technological development in the virtual world or digital parallel space will not necessarily prevent human beings from rushing to the sea of ​​stars to explore things in the objective world, but can use its unique mode to support human beings. The scientific research and creation help people better explore the ocean, the starry sky, and the microscopic world of high-speed movement.

In addition to the application in scientific research, the simulation experiment of digital virtual space can also be widely used in military, sports competition, education, traffic management and other “social experiments”.

3. The Metaverse and Soft Values

If our world is originally a dualistic world composed of particles and waves, or the form of matter and information, then the The form of value and the law of value creation are inherently different.

From natural resources, the value form created in the material world is called “hard value”; while the value form created by people’s creative thinking in the main information world is called “soft value”.

4. Opportunities and new business forms of the Metaverse

It seems that the Metaverse is not a simple speculation concept, but a new world where the virtual and the real coexist, and a new world for the future of human society. form. In the early days of the metaverse, we can think of it as a scenario that deserves serious attention and serious attention. The Big Bang of Innovation.

And this scenario innovation can drive a lot of technological innovation and product innovation.�Change people’s way of life so that new supply creates new demand and brings new economic growth. Not only is it worthy of serious study and serious attention, but it also brings huge business opportunities.

『柒』 I found that the concept of “metaverse” is very popular, may I ask how to realize the metaverse video

This is not difficult, in fact, it is the fusion of virtual and reality. , from “extension of man” to “metaverse”. Polyway live broadcast equipment can realize the production of Metaverse video, which can make video interaction more realistic, and also has full-view, high-definition and low-latency audio and video interaction capabilities. The service is also quite good, you can go to the official website to find out.

『渌』 CCTV is alert to the new scam of “Metaverse”, what are the scams about “Metaverse”

There are many scams, there are many blockchain games, They are all page games, and there is a particularly serious industrial chain behind them. When playing games, you need to convert the money in your hand into virtual currency, and you will usually take a commission.

『玖』What is the metaverse and why is it so popular recently

Accurately speaking, the metaverse is not a new concept, it is more like a classic concept ‘s rebirth. In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the real world simulated by computer and the real world in the form of a virtual avatar. Parallel virtual space.”
In March this year, Roblox, the first share of the metaverse concept, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange; in May, Facebook said it would transform into a metaverse company within five years ; In August, ByteDance spent huge sums of money to acquire Pico, a VR startup… This year, the Metaverse has undoubtedly become one of the most popular concepts in the technology field.
So, what is the Metaverse? Why are the major digital technology giants entering the metaverse? How should my country’s metaverse industry be deployed and developed?
There is currently no accepted definition of the metaverse
Accurately speaking, the metaverse is not a new concept, it is more like the rebirth of a classic concept, which is an extension of reality (XR), blockchain, cloud Conceptualization under new technologies such as computing and digital twins.
In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the computer simulation in the form of a virtual clone. , a virtual space parallel to the real world.”
Of course, the lack of accepted definitions of core concepts is a common phenomenon in the field of cutting-edge technology. Although the metaverse has attracted much attention and expectations, there is also no accepted definition. Returning to the essence of the concept, it can be considered that the metaverse is based on the traditional cyberspace, and with the improvement of the maturity of various digital technologies, a virtual world that is both mapped to and independent of the real world is constructed. At the same time, the Metaverse is not a simple virtual space, but includes the network, hardware terminals and users into a sustainable, wide-coverage virtual reality system. The system includes both digital replicas of the real world and virtual worlds. ‘s creation.
At present, everything about the metaverse is still under debate, and analysis from different perspectives will lead to very different conclusions, but the basic characteristics of the metaverse have been generally recognized by the industry.
Its basic features include: immersive experience, low latency and immersive feeling allow users to have an immersive sensory experience; virtual avatars, users in the real world will have one or more ID identities in the digital world ;Open creation, users enter the digital world through the terminal, and can use massive resources to carry out creative activities; Strong social attributes, the real social relationship chain will be transferred and reorganized in the digital world; Stabilized system, with a safe, stable and orderly economy Run the system.
Favored by tech giants and government departments
Since August, the concept of metaverse has become more popular. Japanese social giant GREE announced that it will launch metaverse business, and Nvidia’s “digital double” appeared at the press conference for more than ten seconds. ”, Microsoft announced the enterprise metaverse solution at the Inspire Global Partner Conference… In fact, not only are the major technology giants vying to deploy the metaverse track, but the relevant government departments of some countries are also actively participating in it. On May 18, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communications of South Korea initiated the establishment of the “Metaverse Alliance”, which includes more than 200 local Korean companies and organizations such as Hyundai, SK Group, and LG Group. Its goal is to build a national-level augmented reality platform. , and provide public virtual services to the society in the future; on July 13, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry released the “Investigation Report on the Future Possibilities and Issues of the Virtual Space Industry”, summarizing the urgent problems that the Japanese virtual space industry needs to solve. in the global virtual spaceDominant in the industry; on August 31, South Korea’s Ministry of Finance released its 2022 budget, planning to spend $20 million on the development of the Metaverse platform.
Why is the Metaverse favored by tech giants, venture capital firms, start-ups, and even government departments?
From the perspective of enterprises, Metaverse is still in the initial stage of industry development. Whether it is the underlying technology or application scenarios, there is still a big gap compared with the mature form in the future, but this also means
Metaverse-related industries have huge room for expansion. Therefore, digital technology giants with multiple advantages want to hold on to the market, and start-ups in the digital technology field must make arrangements in advance if they want to gain the opportunity to overtake in corners, or even add code yuan to the universe track.
From the perspective of the government, the Metaverse is not only an important emerging industry, but also an area of ​​social governance that needs attention. With the rapid development of the metaverse industry, a series of new problems and challenges will follow. Matthew Ball, a senior research expert on the Metaverse, proposed: “The Metaverse is a concept at the same level as the mobile Internet.” By comparing the Metaverse with the mobile Internet, we can better understand the internal logic of the government’s attention to it. The government hopes that by participating in the formation and development process of the metaverse, it can proactively consider and solve the relevant problems brought about by its development.
Make a forward-looking layout in terms of technology, standards, etc.
The Metaverse is an extremely open, complex, and huge system, which covers the entire cyberspace, as well as many hardware devices and real conditions. A super-large digital application ecosystem jointly built by builders. In order to accelerate the promotion of the metaverse from concept to reality, and to seize the opportunity in the future global competition, my country should make a forward-looking layout in three aspects: technology, standards and laws.
From a technical point of view, technical limitations are the biggest bottleneck in the current development of the Metaverse, and the corresponding underlying technologies such as XR, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are still far from the needs of the Metaverse’s landing applications. The maturity of the metaverse industry requires a lot of basic research to support it. In this regard, we must beware of Metaverse becoming a hype by some companies, and we should encourage relevant companies to strengthen basic research, enhance their technological innovation capabilities, and steadily improve the maturity of related industrial technologies.
From the perspective of industry standards, only if the Metaverse is defined through a series of standards and protocols like the Internet, can the large connection of different ecosystems in the Metaverse be realized. In this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the overall planning of Metaverse standards, guide and encourage standardization cooperation among technology giants, support enterprises and institutions in the development of industry standards such as technology, hardware, software, services, and content, and actively participate in the formulation of Metaverse standards. global standard.
From a legal point of view, with the development of the Metaverse and its gradual maturity, a series of problems such as platform monopoly, tax collection and management, regulatory review, and data security will also arise. Legal issues arising from the universe become an essential link. In this regard, we should strengthen the legislative work in the field of digital technology, follow up in a timely manner in data, algorithms, transactions, etc., and study the legal system related to the Metaverse.
What is certain is that under the joint promotion of technological evolution and human needs, the realization of the metaverse scene and the maturity of the metaverse industry are only a matter of time. As an extension and expansion of the real world, the great opportunities and revolutionary effects brought by the Metaverse are worth looking forward to, but because of this, we need to view the current Metaverse upsurge rationally and promote the healthy development of the Metaverse industry.
(The author is an associate researcher at the Institute of Quantitative and Technological Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Source: Science and Technology Daily


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