How to mine and fish in Dragon Nest 2

❶ How to mine in Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley does not have mining, but you can knock down gems from monsters, but it is more difficult to hit good gems. For gems, it is recommended to go to the abyss, and to Disassemble the equipment weapon, put the weapons and equipment you don’t want into it, and you can disassemble it. The probability of decomposing agate at DC level is relatively high, and there is a certain possibility that it will fail, so if you like this method, try it Try, and go to the exchange to buy gems, I suggest not to go, because someone even bought 1 agate for 5 gold and 25 silver coins, if you are rich, go for it. The last one is to find the blacksmith who killed a thousand knives , I’m sorry, I’ve lost my way, go back to the topic and find a blacksmith to make some high-end gems, but if you have gem fragments and the octagonal crystals obtained by completing the daily tasks, there is a certain chance of failure (no wonder, it depends on your luck) , if it is not good, 100% failure) The above is the method of the gem, the landlord will give the best answer and it will be very tiring to type so many words.

❷ How to fish in the Dragon Valley

Buy a VIP in the mall and enter the farm, talk to the NPC “Farm Manager Old Man Maori” to start the pre-task, and choose to learn fishing skills. Press the shortcut key “K” to open the skill list, you can view the learned life skills in “Auxiliary Skills”, and drag the icon to the skill bar to use it.
How to fish:
After fishing starts, the time-consuming progress bar at the top of the screen will slowly fill up. After this time is full, click the right mouse button to catch fish.
Props required for fishing: fishing rod, bait. How to get it: Fishing rods and earthworms can be purchased from the farm manager, Old Man Gross.
Fishing Location: Abbey Common Farm area.
Friendly reminder: Below the fishing time, there is a progress bar of strength. When the progress bar reaches the center, pressing the left mouse button can shorten the time it takes to fish.

❸ How to fish in the Dragon Valley and how to fish in the Dragon Valley mobile game

How to fish in the Dragon Valley mobile game
1. The fishing method is in the home system, enter After the home, if you go straight ahead, you will reach the fishing place. Fishing can be set automatically or manually.
2. After the fish is successfully caught, the system will prompt the caught fish each time and place it in this harvest.
3. Fishing every day can also increase the fishing level. The higher the fishing level, the greater the chance of catching fish each time.
4. The home store can buy the number of bait. Players can buy more bait at one time and hang up to fish. Players can increase their fishing harvest by increasing their fishing level every day.

❹ How to fish and cook in Dragon Valley

Would you like to experience the joy of fishing in the cold winter without leaving the warm room? Then this game will definitely be your first choice. This simulation fishing not only uses a beautiful oil painting-like background, but also the fishing and fishing gear upgrade system is very well made, you can fish leisurely in front of the computer. Pretty realistic 3D fishing with 2 modes, time-limited and unlimited. In the game, you can also choose a fishing site, the purpose is to find a big fish, but the premise is that you have not caught a fish in this place now. Then you can choose your rod, different types of rods will have different results. Mouse: After adjusting the orientation of the fishing rod, you can throw the rod and fish. When the water drifts and jumps, quickly rewind the line to successfully catch the fish.
Refer to the strength table on the left, click the left button after accumulating power, the higher the strength, the farther the fishing rod will be thrown

❺ How to make money from fishing and growing vegetables in the Dragon Valley

The land is hard to grab~ This one has no choice but to squat slowly and go fishing and put the fish up for auction. An expensive 4G-5G fish and vegetables are used for cooking, making some medicine for the nest sea dragons, apples 300G, and others to see what What are the expensive seeds that can make money quickly

❻ How to get the life skills of Dragon Nest 2 miners

What are the life skills of Dragon Nest 2, the game There are eight parts of life skills, which are divided into gathering and forging, among which miners, farmers, and fishermen are typical gathering skills.


The role of the miner’s skill is to find ore spots for mining. The mining materials can be used as equipment upgrade materials. Players can choose one more blacksmith to match the miner.


Farmers can collect herbs and plant them, and are the source of materials for many crafting professions.


Fisherman’s skill is fishing, fish can be exchanged for gold coins.

❼ How to play Dragon Valley Farm Fishing

You can use automatic fishing, manual fishing is very painful, there are a total of 4 fishing areas, and the fish produced in each area are different (the most commonly used The salty seafood broth needs to use the fish produced in 4 areas), the current B and A grade fish are useless manual fishing: there is a progress bar when manual, the upper row is yellow, and the lower row is blue. color; looking at the blue progress bar, there isA zone, the progress bar will turn red when it reaches there, all you have to do is to keep the progress bar in the red zone; then you can close the rod when the yellow progress bar is full. The yellow progress bar is a single fishing time, and you can fish manually. If you know how to use it, the success rate of manual fishing is also higher than that of automatic fishing, but it requires manual operation, which is quite troublesome. It is better to hang it there with automatic fishing

❽ How to play, how to grow vegetables, how to fish, and how to water the Dragon Valley Farm!

In the picture with the auctioneer, there is an old man who sells props, talk to him to get the quest. Buy from him seeds and jugs for growing vegetables, rods and bait for fishing. Then enter the farm area through the portal. Talk to the old man inside to get the quest. Planting with pits. Note the blue bar below. Indicates the amount of water. If you cannot water or fish beyond the upper limit, stand by the water and press the K button. Skill fishing

❾ Dragon Valley cannot learn fishing skills

1, first of all, fishing skills are listed in the life skills column.
2, need to accept the farm old man task.
3, you need to buy fishing rods and bait from the old man outside the farm
4, enter the farm area and stand at the wooden platform by the river

❿ How to quickly improve the fishing level in Dragon Valley

The fishing level increases with the number of times you fish, by several points each time. If you want to quickly brush the fishing level, you can buy 50 bait from the home shop every day to hang up the fishing level to brush the level.


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