How to mine FISU coins? Full explanation of FISU coin mining tutorial

As we all know, the field of sports shoes will always encounter some problems of good combat and counterfeiting, so how to solve the anti-counterfeiting of sports shoes has become a problem in the industry. The FISU coin project is the first time that the blockchain technology cloud is used in the anti-counterfeiting of sports shoes. It creates a precedent for blockchain technology and sports shoes industry. The project adopts the system of anti-counterfeiting traceability, big data storage and application, token economic model, supply chain financial service and online mall warrant bidding system, which can be said to vigorously promote the comprehensive application of blockchain in the field of sports shoes. Many investors want to know how to mine FISU coins? Let me introduce you to the FISU coin mining tutorial.

How to mine FISU coins?

FISU is a standardized Token contract generated in the FISU Network system, relying on the anti-counterfeiting traceability ecological chain and the IoT data chain to carry out smart contract communication for some shoe transaction parties with special payment and verification needs. certificate transactions.

FISU is currently a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on ERC20, which will be further upgraded to an industry-wide public chain in the later stage. FISU is an equity token, which is used for financing and realizes appreciation through the application of circulation, reduction of supply and destruction mechanisms, and reduction of circulation. The total amount of FISU is constant and will never be issued additionally.

The FISU token system allows miners to accurately obtain reward information, and the rewards are distributed to the FISU wallet account according to the linear release rules. The FISU token generated by the FISU token system is released according to a linear ratio, the FISU token system mining machine is stable, and the FISU token generated is safe in the FISU wallet.

After the listing of FISU, the new token output method is mainly obtained through mining, and the output method of mining is mainly through the decentralized flow pool of the blockchain, incentivizing decentralized investors to be The secondary market provides liquidity and is rewarded with newly produced FISU tokens. In addition, the FISU team will also join forces with other blockchain ecosystem participants to jointly promote the FISU ecosystem. At that time, investors can obtain newly-produced FISU tokens through irregular activities such as staking and mining.

What is the use of FISU coin?

FISU’s traceability system using blockchain technology can reduce friction in trade and greatly improve logistics efficiency. Among them, FISU product traceability system can realize data transparency, create a single true source of information, build trust between stakeholders, improve error-free operation, save costs, make the operation of each link visible and predictable, track the source of goods, Make the supply chain transparent and sustainable, solve the problem of counterfeit products, and enhance the trust and value of products and brands.

It can be said that FISU not only provides an overall solution for the footwear and apparel industry, but also a green digital platform with decentralized multi-party certification. Based on multi-party certification, FISU, the world’s first sports shoe certification alliance, has effectively solved the problems of product standards, quality accountability, lack of trust, high costs, environmental protection, and brand communication; Establish a complete standard supply chain and future-oriented digital business exchange format in the process of raw material procurement, product processing and sales.

With the widespread application of the FISU Token Alliance and the promotion of the global footwear industry token community, a digital, unique and different global footwear industry token social ecosystem has been born.

In summary, it is the answer to the question of how to mine FISU coins and an introduction to the FISU coin mining tutorial. In the future, FISU will also hold cultural activities related to the shoe industry around the world, and will also organize various autonomous industrial communities. The purpose is to better realize the exchange and integration of industry information and consensus, and further promote the global The consensus of the shoe industry, fashion culture and sports culture is formed, and finally the overall value goal of the FISU shoe industry community is realized. The goal of the project is to build a global sneaker industry community, and this goal is still very ambitious.

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