How to mine the grass in the free version of Rainbow Island

Ⅰ Rainbow Island: The grass mine is charged. Automatic mining will not be set. Let me explain in detail.

In the skill settings, click to start the mining mode.ok.

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Ⅱ How to set up automatic mining with grass on Rainbow Island

Open the grass setting page, you will find the settings in the setting skill box Mining.
Pay attention to the following points:
1. Grass will not pick up things automatically.
2. You must click to set mining in the mine.
3. There is also a free version of grass. Mining, but the task itself requires mining skills. .
As for the answer downstairs, please ignore,,
You have a good game

Ⅲ Is there anyone who mines the grass on Rainbow Island? Very hard.

It is now updated and mineable. But pick things up yourself. Best to have pets! Now pets can also pick up items for free – -. Hope to be accepted! Thank you

Ⅳ Can the free grass on Rainbow Island be mined

First of all. Even give a clear answer is yes.
Then. . . Sweat. . . – -The setting on the 3rd floor is obviously wrong, just tick √ to start the mining setting
The answer is completed-0-

Ⅳ How to mine the free rainbow island grass automatically

It seems to be in the on-hook settings, there is a mining mode, click it, and then start to hang up and it will be OK

Ⅵ How to set up automatic mining on Rainbow Island Grass

You Use grass? If yes, you have to pay for grass to dig. Are you charging? If it is to cancel the monster and then click to start the mining mode, I wish you a happy game and give points (*^__^*)…hee hee

Ⅶ The rainbow island is hung with grass How to mine and pick up things

You click on the skill settings and then click on the main skill settings. Isn’t there a mining mode next to it = = Tick it

It will be fine. “““ Picking things up is impossible, you have to buy pets to pick them up “““

Ⅷ How to use grass to hang up in the mine on Rainbow Island

This seems to be paid for.
If it’s killing monsters, it’s okay to say
But it’s not a flat line map
It’s better to brush manually

Ⅸ The current version of Rainbow Island How does Xiaocao start automatic mining, solve it! ! !

It’s easy! As long as you learn the mining skills, start
Start mining in the skill settings

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