How to open chain mining software in mobile version

Version 1.16 of “One”, the mobile version of minecraft how to chain mining

nonsense, the mobile version 1.16 has not come out, and Netease’s Minecraft is not even 1.14

『Ⅱ』How to open chain mining in minecraft

Download the mod, and then load it.
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How to open chain mining in the mobile version of “Three”

Open method:

It can be found in the resource center in the lower right corner of the game interface.

Search for chain acquisition, then.

Click Load and Uninstall at the bottom and select.

For the archive you want to open, click OK at the bottom.

Enter the game after installation, you can find the mining shortcut key in the game options.

Chain mining can be done after enabling and using related tools.

Diamond resources are relatively rare in the game. When you see a diamond when digging, you need to dig around the diamond to see if there is magma, and then dig the diamond if it is safe.

Game Content


Players can freely choose the game mode [Survival, Creation, Adventure, Extreme (Java Edition only) ) and spectator mode (Java edition only)]. Experience different interesting gameplays in various modes, enjoy fighting monsters, adventures and other fun in survival mode, and enjoy being the God of Creation in creative mode. The game is based on the player’s freedom to create and destroy different kinds of blocks in three-dimensional space.

Players can explore the map in single or multiplayer mode by destroying or creating intricate buildings and art, or collecting items to complete the game’s achievements (progress). Players can also try redstone circuits and instructions.

『4』 How to mine with one click in minecraft mobile version

Enter the game after installing the mod, you can see the mining shortcut key in the game “Options – Control” (Generally the default is “Grave key”, that is, “~ key”) *You can also modify the shortcut key by yourself
↓2 After installing the mod, enter the game, you can see mining in the game “Options – Control” Shortcut key (usually the default is “Grave key”, that is, “~ key”) *You can also modify the shortcut key by yourself
↓END Configuration modification method 1 Find “Vein
Miner” (chain miner) mod
↓2Open the “config” option where the mod is located Mode 1. Mode when pressing the hot key → keep pressing the hot key (shortcut key) to activate chain mining 2. When releasing the hot key mode → do not hold down the hot key, chain mining can be activated 3. When sneaking Mode → Press and hold the sneak “shift key” to start chain mining 4. Non-stealth mode → do not hold the sneak “shift key” to start chain mining 5. Disabled mode → prohibit the use of chain mining 2 In the second column, you can adjust the execution range of chain mining when you start chain mining according to your own needs (that is, how many mines are mined in the chain at the maximum). 3 The left side of the third column is what tools can be used for chain mining (using an axe in chain mining mode) You can cut trees in a chain) The right side is the tool and block setting END tool setting ↓1 First select the tool to be set on the left, such as “Pickaxe”, then click “Tool List” ↓ Enter the chain mining mode you want to add at the top The tool can be entered according to the English id. For example, the diamond pickaxe is added in the picture. *Generally, all tools are in the list by default. After being deleted, you can add the END block setting by yourself according to this method.
1 Select the desired Set the tools, and then click “Block List”↓* Different tools correspond to different blocks, such as axes corresponding to various woods. You can add blocks that use chain mining mode according to the input id method ps: You can find the id to add blocks for other modules. ~

『Wu』 How can I chain mine in the mobile version of minecraft? I have already downloaded the game and I can’t find it.

You can take a look at this mobile game The game guide of this mobile game is the best description of this mobile game. You can learn about this mobile game through it, so that you can play the mobile game very well. If there is no game guide in your mobile game, you can also Download an app treasure software on your mobile phone, and the mobile games in it will have game guides, so you can find the answer here.

『Lu』 How to use the chain mining of Minecraft 1.12.2 in NetEase version

Before mining items, press and hold the shortcut key “~” (the one next to 1) key) (this is the default shortcut key) and then digging will have an effect, of course, the shortcut key can be changed, the key is selected by you, but the method is the same
/veinminer to change the mode
/veinminer mode
/veinminer help enable help

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How to add chain mining to minecraft mobile version

Answer: Play World MobileYou can download the Minecraft Multiplayer box and search for chain mining in the plugin.

How to add chain mining in the mobile version of the world

Answer: You can download the multi-play box in the mobile version of the world and search for the chain in the plug-in Mining.

『鎖』 How to start chain mining in NetEase Minecraft mobile version

The first thing to do is to mine in a cave. Also high because the minerals are all exposed. However, the size of the mine is limited, so the artificial mine can be developed after the mine has been developed. There are many ways to develop artificial mines, such as digging down vertically, or digging straight ahead with two grids, etc. These are some very common mining methods, but these mining methods also have many loopholes, such as digging vertically down When you encounter magma, you will die. This is a very fatal problem. Although it can be avoided by digging straight forward, a lot of minerals will be missed when digging straight forward. The law of mineral generation in minecraft is that the generated minerals will not be connected together, but scattered, so if you use the straight line mining method, there will be leakage, and fishbone mining is scattered mining, so the efficiency It is significantly higher than other mining methods.

How to open the mobile version of minecraft chain mining

『Pickup』 A chain mining module that starts chain mining.


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