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ERTHA is a Strategic, Metaverse, P2E game that has real player driven economy, wars and politics.

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What is Ertha?

ERTHA is Heroes Of Might And Magic game-type inspired economic, social, MMO game based on exploring and investigating the world, levelling up, choosing specialisations, and increasing the strength of your character, company and country.
The game is designed to replicate a real-life environment, simulating the actions that people have to perform to earn a living.
Ertha’s globe consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, which can be purchased as an NFT.
Binance Smart Chain based in-game currencies: ERTHA TOKEN & ERTHA LAND NFT
In ERTHA, players will be able to acquire virtual land plot NFTs called “Hexes” or HEX, through which there are many possible transactions that earn HEX owners cash-back in Ertha tokens:
  • Employment Tax (Salary portion that is paid by the employer)
  • Sales Tax (Purchaser tax when buying goods from the market)
  • Company Fees (Company building, repairs, upgrades)
  • Companies Revenue (Sold items, job contract fines, penalty taxes)
  • Warehouse Fees (Warehouse building and upgrades)
  • Delivery Fees (Goods delivery into a specific warehouse in an owned HEX)
  • Airfare Fees (Flight tickets)

Game Mechanics

1.Energy mechanics

Energy mechanic is one of the main mechanics which impacts every decision player makes in the game. The main idea behind energy mechanic is to limit the number of actions player can do in the game per day. This way players who can spend less time in the game would not be in worse position than the players who can spend endless hours playing. Energy is tied to real time meaning that maximum energy player can have is 24 which equals 24h per day.

Energy is consumed by various in-game actions, be it travelling, studying, training, hunting, managing companies, making crimes, etc. In addition half of the energy can be lost due to hunger. Hunger level is constantly increasing until it consumes one energy point per one cycle. Once energy is lost it can be restored in any of the following three ways:
  • Resting – every hour one energy point is restored. Up to 12 energy bars.
  • Eating – consuming products that decrease hunger. However, overeating will decrease energy as well.
  • Using energy potions.

Production mechanics

Every product that exists in the game has to go through the production process, none of the products appear out of thin air.
Production mechanic defines how game products (food, weapons, armors and etc) are created. From the production perspective there are two groups of products which differ by production process.
In order to produce any product player must have access to a specific technology (blueprint), own a factory machinery (company), have access to natural resources or have enough raw materials/stock and last but not least employ skilled enough employees.
Every product in the game has its own recipe for creating it. Blueprints are the detailed lists of necessary resources, materials, skills and energy that are needed to produce a product. Natural resources are needed to make materials which themselves are needed to produce a product.
There are several ways of how blueprints are obtained. Since all products have different technological levels assigned to them, access to higher level products blueprints is granted to citizens when they raise their country industry level to the required one. If industry level drops, only those who have blueprints personally will be able to produce the products of higher technological level.
Blueprints for personal and constant access to them are obtained as rewards from various kinds of in game activities and from premium shop for ingame gold or game tokens.

All the land in the game is filled with various resources. There are two types of resources: common and exclusive. All the countries have all the generic resources and there is only one out of three exclusive resources for each country. Every country should seek a well balanced gathering of resources in order to achieve maximum efficiency in production.
Company is the main instrument for materializing any resource or product in the game. Generally speaking there are two groups of companies: resource group and products group. All companies have 5 levels for upgrading. Every company level adds additional work slot for new employee and their security status is increased.

Resources group company

Certain resources need certain factories, placed at certain locations where that resource is present. Example: If a player wants to produce Wood he needs a Wood factory which must be built in a hexagon which has wood resource in it.

Resources group company scheme
Products group company:
The main difference between resources and products produce is that instead of using natural resources as inputs, product company uses already harvested or extracted raw materials that must be present in a company warehouse for the production to happen.

Products group company scheme


What is the name of the ERTHA token?

Token name – ERTHA Token (ERTHA)
How any tokens will be issued?
Total supply of 2,000,000,000 ERTHA tokens will be issued.

ERTHA Token Economics

The ERTHA token is the core utility token that is used to facilitate a sustainable DAO design for the game’s metaverse ecosystem as a whole.
There will be 2,000,000,000 ERTHA tokens minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with no further issuance after that.
The ERTHA token has many different uses which makes it unique in the market. We believe in creating an ecosystem where players can be rewarded for their actions on the platform. This in turn will create a healthy, sustainable and engaged in-game economy which leads to increase in user retention.

Token Utilization

Users can choose to hold and stake ERTHA tokens as a form of inflation control, which rewards them with stability fees that might provide better long-term value retention.
In-game features governance voting.
Project bounties and future development.
A medium for buying/selling Ertha NFTs.
As a means to reward streamers and most active players.
As a means to initially acquire a future strictly in-game form of currency that will not be sold or placed to players directly otherwise.
Top-level in-game uses, e.g. purchasing land or real estate, player character (PC) upgrades and/or cosmetics etc.

How to  Earn Money

Buy, Rent & Sell Land Hexes, Earn Ertha Token From Taxes

  • Multiply your funds in ERTHA token by playing ERTHA
  • Real world simulation, players driven economy, wars & politics
  • Be the land owner in ERTHA

Be the Landowner

Control limited supply of highly valuable hexes

Each ERTHA hex plot is an extremely valuable NFT where dozens of companies and hundreds of people work in-game and pay taxes in Ertha token.

  • Develop your plots to increase their value.
  • Extract and sell plot resources to the market.
  • Build companies to manufacture in Game NFTs
  • Rent plots to other people.
  • Be involved in the political and economic decisions of the state.

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Many to be announced before TGE, but some already announced are: GD10, Dialectic, AU21, Maven Capital, Momentum 6, Terranova, X21, and many others.


Linas Kiguolis – CEO and creator of project “ERTHA”. He is the mind and soul behind this amazing game.

Ernestas Jankauskas – COO of project “ERTHA”, managing partner with 10 years of experience in the development of IT projects.

Aidas Berukstis – CTO, head developer and “github” breaking enthusiast with code on his mind.

Mantas Vaskela – CMO, head of marketing and communication. His experience is ranging from governmental projects, to IT and “pro bono” initiatives.

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