How to Play and Earn Money with DreamWay Game ?

Game based on BLOCKCHAIN with ACTUAL income based on REAL events


DreamWay is a game with real income based on the true story of a modern businessman.

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DreamWay – MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which uses BlockChain technologies and contains such game genres as: Real Life simulator, Economics and City-Building simulator, different puzzles and quests.

In-game world, created based on a real story of a famous living businessman, where players will repeat his way to a dream. From a developer to a financial tycoon, from creating a dream village on the lagoon shore to the owner of a transnational bank and a club member of Forbes!

In an easy playful style DreamWay will help to receive skills and knowledge in economics and business controlling. Through the progression of the game you will master the skills of multimillionaires, become a leader of your team and reach fabulous financial heights.

Tropical nature of the peninsula, futuristic architecture of the buildings, incredible gadgets and drones – the atmosphere will immerse players in the world of the near future! DreamWay gives an opportunity to earn real money while playing. For this we use Blockchain technology, DreamCoin cryptocurrency ($DMC), unique NFT tokens and a referral system.

How to Play and Earn Money with DreamWay Game?

The game contains 2 modes:

  • Paid, with the “Investor” role, where the player purchases a piece of land А”NFT Peninsula”А for fixed price. The owner of such an asset can operate it HIMSELF or have ANOTHER player as the manager. He can also gift his А”NFT Peninsula”А or sell it for the market price.
  • Free, in the role of a MANAGER. Player signs a contract for a certain period with any owner of the peninsula and operates its growth. The amount of remuneration at the conclusion of the contract is negotiated individually.

There are 8 interesting levels with real income in the game.

In the beginning he is a developer, which means that he must operate the village development and organize the sale of luxurious villas.

Land sites planning, road construction, building of the villas, arrangement of the embankment, parks, lakes and much more – so many things to do!

The player will get his first income by making deals for the supply of electricity, water and communications.

Next business-projects will be much bigger – they will go far ahead of the village range. The player will create companies for mining and processing of the diamonds, a Brokerage House and a Transnational bank.

With mastering the new directions of business and markets, a realization of how the business world is arranged will come, while income of the corporation will make the village a real pearl of the coast.


The player starts to develop the peninsula territory. He builds comfortable houses and thinks over the logistics and communications between the village and the city. The player makes his first drones, builds his first serious buildings and starts the resource-management.


On this level, the player connects the village to an energy source, which provides residents with electricity. His goal is to bring technologies in houses. He can build his own power station for an additional investment, this will bring more income.

Level 3 – WATER BOSS

The player connects his peninsula to a water supply, which brings additional comfort for the residents. Central waterways, pools, water-cleaning technologies – that’s what the player will do on this level. For an additional investment he can build his own water tower, which will increase his income.


The player connects his village to the Internet, which brings high technologies in every house. Coverage areas, smart-servicing in the shops – that’s what the player will be deploying on this level. He can build his own communication tower for an additional payment, which will increase his income.


The player gets noticed by “Big Players” for his success in building the village. On this level he will enter the world of big business and will have to provide the influx of rich people and international brands to his village. He can purchase a club-card of the Millionaires club for an additional payment, that will bring additional income.


The player enters the international level and claims a unique diamond career. On this level the player has to establish the sales channels. For an additional payment, he can build a factory, which will convert the diamonds into brilliants, which significantly increases the income.

Level 7 – BROKER

The player makes a public placement of his company’s stocks on the world stock exchange. After an additional contribution, he becomes the owner of the biggest Brokerage House and arranges its work, increasing the income.

Level 8 – BANKER

On this level, the player opens his own bank and takes it to to international level. He looks for projects to invest in and helps them grow. This multiplies his income. For an additional payment, the player can create an Investment Fund and earn even more.


A collection of 11,000 unique, randomly generated game characters released on ETHERIUM as ERC-721 NFTs.

This is a one time offer! Owning a character will allow you to receive additional income in the game and exclusive access to a variety of privileges only for members of the community!

NFT Marketplace launch for trading

DreamWay  Features

  • Social interactions and economy, created by the players
    One of the game’s aspect – interactions between the players, in-game goals are reached faster with joint efforts. The same laws and forces operate here as in the real life. Supply and demand are being created by players themselves, which opens an opportunity to affect the model of the economy and extract real profit from the game.
  • Real life plot with incredible graphicsDreamway – a game, created based on a real life model. The whole plot is based on a real story of a living businessman. The plot contains elements of the near future.Our artists pay attention to the careful elaboration of the images and nature of the characters, futuristic architecture and tropical nature of the sea coast. Through their efforts, the players can dive into a world of High Technologies, integrated in the pristine nature of a peninsula.
  • Achievement of real goals”Dream Board” game mechanic allows to achieve real life goals by playing the game. A special section helps visualize the goals and watch how they are progressing!
  • Fascinating gameplay
    First of all, DreamWay universe provides enjoyment to people, so we will care about the fun gaming experience for them.We create an area where a player can find new friends, receive knowledge and emotions, but mainly – income, which he can lack in real life.

Is The DreamWay ($DMC) a Good Investment And How Do You Play and Earn From It?

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