How to Prevent Bitcoin Virus

①How to prevent Bitcoin virus invasion


At present, the main way of poisoning is through phishing emails, or websites containing malware visited by victims. .

Do not open emails from unknown sources at will, do not click on unsafe links at will, do not scan QR codes from unknown sources, and do not arbitrarily grant permissions to unknown software.

The computer novice can pinch the net and escape the limelight.


1. Firewall blocking port 445

2. System update using Windows Update

3. Turn off the SMBv1 service

3.1 for clients running Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 and above

For client OS:

Open Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Turn Windows features on or off.

In the Windows Features window, clear the SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support check box, and then click OK to close the window.

Restart the system.

3.2 For server operating systems:

Open Server Manager, click the Administration menu, and select Remove Roles and Features.

In the Features window, clear the SMB 1.0/CIFS

File Sharing Support check box, and then click OK to close the window.

Restart the system.

3.3 for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, modify the registry

Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LLanmanServer\ Parameters

New entry: SMB1, value 0 (DWORD)

Restart computer

1: Open your own ransomware interface, click. (Copy Hacker Bitcoin address)

2: Paste it into (blockchain checker)

3: Find the transaction of the hacker’s payment address in the blockchain checker Record, and then randomly select a txid (transaction hash value)

4: Copy and paste the txid to the ransomware interface button connect us.

5: Wait until the hacker sees it Click check payment on the ransomware.

6: Then click decrypt to decrypt the file.

② How to properly prevent WannaCry (Bitcoin) virus

In order to prevent the wanton spread of WannaCry (ransomware virus) and avoid unnecessary losses, you need to do the following.
1. Important files are backed up with a U disk in advance.
2. Enable 360 ​​Security Guard anti-ransomware service.
3. Strengthen security awareness, do not click on unknown links, do not download unknown files, and do not click on unknown emails.
4. Go to Microsoft’s official website to download a patch:
5. Download the NSA arsenal immunity tool:
6. Computer Manager:

③ Bitcoin virus invasion, is there any good way to prevent it

On May 12th, the ninth anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake, the Bitcoin virus attack was rampant in China.

As for how to prevent the attack, a Microsoft spokesperson said that users who run the system’s own free antivirus software on Windows computers and enable Windows Updates can be protected from this virus attack. Windows 10 users can enable Windows Updates to install the latest updates via Settings-Windows Update, and open Security Center via Settings-Windows Defender.

④ How to Prevent Bitcoin Virus How to Prevent Bitcoin Virus Raiders

It is best to use Tencent Mobile Manager to check and kill it, it can be self-sufficient Scan all junk viruses, self-cleaning and anti-virus; use Tencent Mobile Manager to set up security protection and virus detection
Scan first, wait for the scan to end, and follow the prompts to kill viruses. It adopts cloud anti-virus technology, which can Through intelligent cloud identification, completely kill the virus, and protect your mobile phone from now on; thank you

⑤ How to correctly prevent Bitcoin virus

You can use Tencent Mobile Manager to try it out Try,
1. Download Tencent Mobile Manager, use the stubborn Trojan killing tool to kill the virus
Open Tencent Mobile Manager–Utilities in the upper right corner–Add–Stubborn Trojan killing–Antivirus- -Complete
2. If the mobile phone cannot be turned on, then you need to connect the software on the computer to flash the machine, so that all viruses on the mobile phone can be removed

⑥ How to prevent bitcoin virus

You can use Tencent Computer Manager to scan and kill
It can completely scan and kill viruses, cloud main defense, TVA anti-virus engine, and system repair engine are strongly escorted
The butler introduces the international leading local killing engine , greatly improving the ability to detect and kill Trojans
The international leading virus antivirus protection ability can comprehensively protect computer security

⑦ How to prevent Bitcoin virus for individuals

Give some suggestions]

1. It is still necessary to install antivirus software.��Update the virus database in time, install a firewall (anti-Trojan horse, hacker attack, etc.), antivirus regularly, and maintain the safety of computer operation;
It is recommended that landlords can install Tencent Computer Manager, which is a free professional security software, antivirus management Two-in-one (only need to download one copy), occupying a small memory, good antivirus, good protection, no false positives and manslaughter. It has built-in anti-virus engine of world-class anti-virus software such as cloud killing engine, anti-virus engine, Kingsoft cloud killing engine, AVIRA killing engine, Xiaohongsan and killing and repairing engine!
There are automatic and regular settings for software upgrades, bug fixes, and garbage cleaning. Lazy people must have them.
2. Fix bugs and patches; open Tencent Computer Manager – Toolbox – Bug Fix
/>3. Don’t go to some unknown websites, and don’t download things casually;
4. Beware of portable storage devices (such as U disk, etc., recently U disk virus is rampant);
5. Do not enter unknown websites, do not receive strange emails. After downloading the compressed package file, perform a virus scan
6. Close unnecessary ports
7. If you have time and energy, learn some common skills and knowledge of computers;

Finally, I want to say that if you are usually very careful, but you are still poisoned, there is nothing you can do! (Backing up your system with Ghost is a good option)


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