How to save senior miners after tomorrow

Ⅰ “After Tomorrow” How do miners earn gold bars

I will share my method of earning gold bars in the autumn forest area of ​​the official uniform. , I’m a senior miner
1: 4-star university
No need to talk about this
1560 gold bars in hand
2: Autumn forest, sandstone castle resource points, automatic completion That’s it, earn 1,000 gold bars
3: This is the key point, you need to fight four battles, namely, Autumn Forest, Sandstone Castle, White Tree Heights, and Duobe Snow Mountain. Autumn forest battle for bones, sandstone castle for hemp stems, white tree highland for flax leaves, snow mountain for silicon crystal ore, and then take it to the trading city to sell the duty treasure chest of No. 105 on 4:3, I am currently an 11th farmer and have 700 gold bars
5: I lie on the bed quietly and go offline, go online when I have nothing to do, see if the supplies are sold out, and then hang up the remaining supplies
6 : When the patrol starts, it’s best to do the difficult ones. 1080 gold bars are in your hands.
It’s not too easy to make 10,000 a day. Just earn gold bars and buy A2~~

Ⅱ Which is better for miners and lumberjacks after tomorrow

Effect: Increase the rate of mineral explosions and mining speed when digging stones.

Review: Miners are better than Lumberjacks because mines are more useful in the early stage, and a map can have several times fewer stones than trees. After all, what is rare is the most expensive~ Miner occupation details after tomorrow

The minerals in the early stage are more useful and lacking. Compared with the newly opened server, this profession is more popular, and the minerals dug are for personal use or sale. As for the later stage, it depends on how the game is updated later.

Ⅲ How to unlock steel pickaxe with talent level 4 basic mining after tomorrow

Recipe: 480 pieces of wood, 120 pieces of stone , 3 iron ore tools

functions: tools for quarrying, which can improve the efficiency of collecting stones.

Steel Pickaxe After Tomorrow

Ⅳ How much gold bars will it cost to unlock the Advanced Miner after tomorrow

Remember that it is 20,000 for the intermediate level, the first level The middle is 8000, the primary forgot. It should add up to about 30,000. Very good, 8 villages a month.

Ⅳ I can unlock senior miners after tomorrow, why is the level still not enough?

It means that you have not met the conditions, and senior miners need instructions

Ⅵ How will senior miners get iron ore after tomorrow

Looking at your description like a tongue twister, dizzy… In short, start with a dog and empty hands. You can chop down trees and dig stones when you are empty-handed. First make the stone pickaxe, no iron ore is needed, the stone pickaxe can be dug in the two maps of Autumn Forest and Far Star City…

Ⅶ After tomorrow, miners can only dig copper ( Yellow) to get silicon crystal ore (isn’t it good for level 4 stone)

It should also be possible. None of my friends who played together on Haoyou Kuaibang have been dug out of the rock, so the probability is relatively low. Generally speaking, the methods of obtaining silicon crystal ore are as follows: mining has a chance to obtain it, depending on luck; trading city and 101 camp trading booth mine resources.

Ⅷ How many levels of exclusive resources for miners can be mined after tomorrow

Exclusive resources for miners are not just about levels. Instead, you have to rise to the exclusive level of miners. Some things, at least you can get advanced miners. And you have to point that skill on the skill page to get exclusive resources.

IX How do junior miners earn gold bars after tomorrow

It depends on which district you belong to. If it’s in the old area, you don’t want to make money. If you are in the new area, you can get some occupation-specific materials. But the main source of income for junior occupations is not mining. Instead, plant trees and go to the autumn forest to complete the battle, exchange merit points for small saplings, and plant them at home. Although the profit of small saplings is not high, it is always the most scarce commodity with the most stable price and the best selling.

X After tomorrow, how will miners dig silicon crystal ore?

The silicon crystal mine after tomorrow. It is an exclusive material for miners. Only mining can dig it. Unless you change careers, you can only dig it by purchasing. Each gathering occupation or crafting occupation has its own exclusive materials, and the combat occupation has its own fighting skills. , can’t cross the line. I am a hemp miner and can dig silicon crystal ore. Why are there so many occupations?

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