How to see profit and loss in bitcoin contracts

『One』How to calculate the unrealized profit and loss of OKEX bitcoin delivery contract

Long position: face value * number of contracts / average opening price – face value * number of contracts / latest Mark price
Short position: face value * number of contracts / latest mark price – face value * number of contracts / average opening price

『細』 Yield in Bitcoin Perpetual Swap How is it calculated

It is the rate of return = profit / margin required when opening a position.

“Three” What does the unrealized profit and loss in Bitcoin perpetual contracts refer to

The last settlement (04:00, 12:00 Hong Kong time every day) and 20:00) to the present, the profit and loss generated by the user’s current position, also known as floating profit and loss.

How to make money from OKEX’s Bitcoin contract

As long as you can buy the right direction, making money is a matter of minutes.

『Wu』What is the meaning of stop-profit and stop-loss often mentioned in bitcoin contracts

If the order price set by the user triggers the limit price rule at this time, Then the system will use the highest price or lowest price of the limit price at this time to place an order.

『Lu』What is a Bitcoin futures contract

Bitcoin futures contracts are usually standardized contracts based on the Bitcoin price index.

Bitcoin futures offered by bitcoin exchanges are usually traded in bitcoin. Futures are relative to the spot, and the spot is a commodity that can be delivered with one hand and one hand, while futures are not actually “goods”, but an agreement (contract) that promises to deliver “goods” (subject) at a future time – futures contract .

Subject: Also known as the underlying asset, which explains what to buy or sell. At present, the underlying bitcoin futures are the bitcoin price index, and the methods of generating settlement and delivery prices are based on this index.

Fees: Unlike stock transactions, which are subject to stamp duties, commissions, transfer fees, and other fees, futures transactions are only charged a handling fee. There are two types of transaction fees for Bitcoin futures: opening and closing positions, which are charged when opening a position (such as OKCoin) and when closing a position (such as 796). Bitcoin futures fees are generally 0.03% of the total contract value.

Margin: Margin is closely related to another concept – leverage, which generally reflects the level of income and risk by leverage ratio. For example, the new 50 times leverage (ie 2% margin) introduced by 796 means that investors can buy 50 bitcoin futures contracts (ie 50 times leverage) by investing 1 bitcoin;

or From another perspective, 1 bitcoin invested by an investor is equivalent to 2% of the 50 bitcoins purchased (ie, 2% margin ratio).

Through 50 times leverage, the return of futures relative to spot is magnified by 50 times, such as buying 1 coin spot and buying 50 more coin futures with 1 coin at the same time, assuming spot and futures prices If both rise by 100%, then the spot earns 1 coin, and the futures earns 50 coins.

(6) How to see the profit and loss of Bitcoin contract extended reading

A futures contract is an agreement in which a buyer agrees to receive an asset at a specified price after a specified period of time, and a seller agrees to deliver an asset at a specified price after a specified period of time. The price that both parties agree to use in future transactions is called the futures price.

The specified date on which future transactions must be entered into between the parties is called the settlement date or delivery date. The assets that both parties agree to exchange are called “underlyings”. If an investor takes a position in the market by buying a futures contract (that is, agreeing to buy at a future date), it is said to be a long position or a long position in futures.

On the contrary, if the investor’s position is to sell a futures contract (that is, to assume responsibility for the contract to be sold in the future), it is called a short position or a short position on futures.

『柒』 The bitcoin contract has lost 160%. I don’t know whether to close the position or not.

The risk of the contract is very large. This thing fluctuates greatly. Your mentality will be affected, it is best not to touch it.
Options are better, no liquidation.
BitOffer pushes bitcoin options.
The difference between bitcoin spot and options is as follows:

1. Spot, buy a bitcoin for $10,000
2. Option, buy a bitcoin option for a minimum of $5

Bitcoin rose from $10,000 to $10,500
Spot earned $500, options earned $500
The benefits of both are the same, but the cost difference is 2000 times

『渌』How to trade bitcoin contracts

Similar to futures contracts, it is a trading method proposed by BitStar.
The leverage of the Bitcoin virtual contract is represented by the stable leverage at the level of fiat currency income: investing $100, the income you can get = $100 * Bitcoin’s rise and fall * fixed leverage multiple.
Assuming the current price is 500USD/BTC, an investor buys a BTC at the current price, the principal is 500USD, and investors can buy 50 BTC virtual contracts at this time. At this time, if the BTC price rises to US$750, an increase of 50%, the investor’s contract income is 3.3333 BTC, and after selling at the current price, he can obtain US$2,500, and the income is 5 times the principal investment. If the price rises to $1,000, the contract income is 5BTC, and the dollar income after selling is $5,000, which is 10 times its dollar income. No matter how the price fluctuates, the leverage of the contract is very stable, which makes it convenient for merchants to hedge with the contract and for ordinary investors to manage their positions.

“Nine” Bitcoin contract does not lose money method

Any investment risk and return coexist, if you don’t want risk, naturally there is no return.

How to calculate the contract income of “picking up” bitcoin

Twenty times the full position contract is equivalent to buying 2,000 yuan of bitcoin with 100 yuan, If you increase ten points, your income will be 200 yuan (+100), the next day your account will be 300 yuan, continue to fill up the position 20 times and then increase ten points, your income will be 600 yuan (+300), and so on,
But if it falls by 5 points, your principal will be gone, commonly known as liquidation.


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