How to transfer Huobi’s shib to Binance

1 What should I do if I accidentally withdraw SHIB coins from to the Huobi Eco-wallet

Abstract People’s Bank of China: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other virtual currencies are all Strictly prohibit, if the relevant illegal financial activities constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

2 How to transfer shib to Huobi Wallet

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⑶ Can USDT on be transferred to imtoken wallet?

USDT on cannot be transferred to imtoken wallet. Because imtoken does not support USDT Bitpie wallet support.

USDT is based on the BTC block network and can be withdrawn normally, depending on whether the other platform supports receiving it. Invalid because imtoken wallet is not connected to USDT.

USDT can be transferred to bitpie. However, it is generally not recommended to keep USDT for a long time.

The imtoken wallet is an exclusive Ethereum wallet that can only be used to store Ethereum tokens. The USDT Tether is swapped with the US dollar, 1USDT=1 US dollar.

(3) How to transfer Huobi’s shib to Binance Extended reading:

The USDT Tether purchased on Huobi Online needs to be transferred Action, transfer the currency of the fiat currency account to the trading account, and then the button for withdrawing currency will appear below the USDT ratio. If there is no transfer, the button for withdrawing currency will not appear. Then you can see if the imtoken wallet platform can receive this coin, which can help you find the answer.

After that, just transfer USDT from to imtoken. If imtoken does not support it, just find another wallet that can support USDT.

Advantages of Huobi:

1. It is safe and reliable, easy to use, and the product user experience is particularly friendly.

2. Support OTC fiat currency transactions, support WeChat, Alipay and bank card transfers.

3. It is simple to apply for registration, there are many currencies, and the transaction volume is large, which is convenient for buying and selling at any time.

⑷ How to mention Binance from Huobi.

1. First of all, you need to have a withdrawal address (receiver account) for receiving USDT. When someone transfers money, the other party should provide the address. This article is about transferring money to your Binance account first, and then checking the withdrawal address on
2. Click “Wallet” – “Spot Account (Deposit & Withdrawal)” on the top menu of, then click “Deposit”, select “USDT” as the currency, and you can see that Binance provides four kinds of TEDA on the right. Coin blockchain network address: BEP2, BEP20 (BSC), ERC20, TRC20, and all have QR codes, you can scan the code directly to recharge or transfer
The recharge address here is the “withdrawal address” that receives transfers from others , select TRC20 here, copy the deposit address (withdrawal address), and paste it into the withdrawal address bar on Huobi.
3. Withdraw money (transfer) on, click “Assets” – “Coin Account (Recharge & Withdrawal)” in the top menu of, then click the “Withdrawal” button, and select the currency as USDT , select TRC20 for “Chain Name”, and paste the withdrawal address you just copied into the “Withdrawal Address” column
The withdrawal of USDT on will be displayed, and four wallet network addresses are supported. Click one by one to display different handling fee.
Click “Withdrawal”, “Withdrawal Information Confirmation” shows that the amount received is 9, after deducting 1USDT fee:
4. After about two minutes, Binance will notify that the deposit (transfer) is successful
(Computer side: Xiaoxin Air 15 opens QQ browser version 10.8.4506.400)
Expansion information
Binance has lingering fears about this because of the previous state crackdown on fiat currency transactions, and has not opened fiat currency transactions, which has led to new users’ concerns Not friendly. If users trade on Binance, they need to go to other exchanges to buy USDT or other digital Huobi before they can trade on Binance. If you withdraw, you need to transfer it to another exchange and then exchange it for fiat currency. This has led to Binance slowly being caught up by Huobi. At the beginning, Huobi was relatively honest and did not open fiat currency transactions. But after two, fiat currency transactions were opened one after another. As for Huobi and Between, I feel that Huobi is more pleasing to the eye. Moreover, in terms of promotion, Huobi has opened the operation that users can invite users, but has not opened the operation of users to invite users. Only some organizations, websites and other traffic owners can apply for the invitation permission. This has resulted in Huobi being stronger than in publicity. However, the early opening of contract transactions has led to a large influx of users who play contracts, and there is a saying of big casinos. This situation has left the two roughly flat in terms of user volume and transaction volume.

⑸ How to withdraw coins from Binance to Huobi

You first open Huobi, find the deposit, and select the currency you want to withdraw. For example, if you are withdrawing USDT, you are in Choose the mainnet. Note that the mainnet is the main one. Both exchanges must choose the same one to be successful. When looking for the wallet address, copy the wallet address, switch to Binance, find the withdrawal, and enter the USDT point on your face.�Go in, copy your wallet address and choose the mainnet, select the amount of coins you want to withdraw, and click withdraw.

⑹ How to transfer hdot in Huobi Wallet to Binance Trading Platform

First, change your Huobi assets to usdt, and choose to withdraw in Huobi usdt, select trc20 for the network, select recharge usdt in Binance, select trc20 for the network, enter all, and that’s it. If it is the first time, it is recommended to try a small amount first, and then transfer it all out after success.
Huobi Global Professional Station is an innovative digital asset international station under the Huobi Group serving global professional trading users. It is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. Currently, it provides more than 40 kinds of digital asset products. The investment service, headquartered in Singapore, is operated by the Huobi Global Professional Station team.

⑺ How to transfer USDT from Huobi to Binance account

Cannot transfer, Huobi and Bitcoin are both nationally prohibited currencies, yes illegal.

According to the “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks” issued by the People’s Bank of China on December 5, 2013: Bitcoin has no centralized issuer, limited total amount, no geographical restrictions and anonymity. four main features.

Although Bitcoin is called “currency”, it is not a real currency because it is not issued by the monetary authority and has no legal and mandatory monetary attributes. In nature, Bitcoin should be a specific virtual commodity that does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market.

The domestic market is completely closed

Bitcoin China said that the platform will stop the withdrawal business. As of now, Bitcoin China has closed all Transaction function. Huobi and OKCoin, the other two major bitcoin trading platforms in China, also stopped all digital asset-to-RMB transactions.

The virtual currency represented by Bitcoin has skyrocketed across the board, attracting a large number of ordinary people without any technical and investment knowledge to enter this high-risk market.

Reference for the above content: People’s Daily Online – Bitcoin exchange is completely closed in China

⑻ How do Huobi Chain and Binance Chain issue coins

500 euros, 281 baht, 108 dollars, 528 francs, 31 rubles, 259 won, 331 rupees, Huobi Chain and Binance Chain issue coins like this.

⑼ How to mention Binance from

First of all, Huawei Honor 50 (Android system) mobile phone enters the Huobi trading platform app (Huobi app [v5] .0.1 version] download: click to enter), enter the asset interface, and click withdraw. Search for the English abbreviation of the currency you want to withdraw. Here, take BTC as an example, click the currency after searching. Paste the receiving address of the platform or exchange you want to refer to the withdrawal address, enter the amount you want to withdraw, click withdraw, and when the confirmed amount is reached, you can transfer to the platform account you want to receive.
The reason why Huobi is restricted from trading is mainly due to platform restrictions and judicial restrictions.
First, platform restrictions. In the process of account operation or transaction on the platform, the user triggers the risk control rules of the platform, and the platform will limit some or all of the functions of the account. Users need to submit relevant materials according to the information prompts, verify their identity or contact customer service for processing. For example, if the security item of the account is modified, the account will be restricted from withdrawing money for 24 hours, and the restriction will be automatically lifted after 24 hours. The most frozen accounts are those accounts that have been registered for a long time or have not been used for a long time and are no longer used by default, but suddenly frequently buy or withdraw coins at the counter.
Second, judicial restrictions. In order to create a compliant and safe trading environment, the platform must cooperate with the judicial assistance of national and regional judicial authorities. After receiving the freezing letter from the judicial authority, the platform will restrict some or all functions of the account and freeze account assets in accordance with the requirements of the freezing letter. In order to unfreeze it as soon as possible, please contact the platform customer service to feedback the freezing information, and contact the freezing judicial authority to cooperate with the investigation.
If the account is punished for violating the trading rules, the punishment time is generally 1 day to 30 days. After the punishment expires, the restriction will be automatically lifted. You can also contact customer service to apply for unfreezing. Sometimes 3c authentication is required to provide the customer service with the source of the corresponding recharge currency. To avoid such restrictions, trading should be conducted in accordance with the trading rules.
If the bank card is frozen, you can contact the bank that holds the account corresponding to the bank card to inquire about the duration of the freeze, and provide the relevant information of the fund transaction according to the bank’s requirements, and then it can be unfrozen.

⑽ How to transfer the currency in Huobi to the wallet


1. First open the Huobi APP or web version (, log in to your account, and find the currency you want to withdraw in [Assets]. For example, if you want to withdraw Ethereum (ETH), click [ETH] to enter.

2. There are three options after entering: deposit, withdraw, and trade, click [Withdraw] to enter, follow the prompts to fill in relevant information, withdrawal amount and handling fee.Everyone can understand, and the withdrawal address is equivalent to using Alipay to withdraw cash to the card number of the bank card.

3. Generally, the withdrawal from the exchange is to withdraw to the wallet, so the withdrawal address should fill in your own wallet address. The wallet address can be viewed in the wallet you are using. Take the imToken wallet as an example, open the wallet and click [Assets]. There is a combination of numbers and English at the top. This is your wallet address.

Huobi is a bitcoin trading platform established by Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013.

In September 2014, DigCoin, a digital currency mining service platform under Huobi, was launched.

On September 15, 2017, announced that registration and RMB recharge services will be suspended from now on. Huobi stopped virtual currency trading on October 31, 2017.

According to the national enterprise information publicity system, on July 22, 2021, Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. was dissolved due to a resolution, and plans to apply to the company registration authority for cancellation of registration. Claim creditor’s rights to the liquidation group within 45 days.


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