How to use chain mining in Survival War II

1. How to mine treasure faster in survival warfare

Step mining, or find mines

2. How survival warfare 2 creates things

  • Mining first, digging down to the basalt layer, there will be iron ore 2. Use iron blocks and wooden sticks to make hammers 3. Use wood blocks or stones, etc. (There are materials available in the furniture section in the system help ) to build the furniture you want 4. Click the built furniture prototype with a hammer, and adjust the direction and size as needed 5. Note that the built furniture cannot be in contact with the ground, otherwise it will be invalid; every…

3. How to dig iron ore iron ore location strategy in Survival War

Survival War is a classic sandbox game. Players can follow certain rules in the game. However, the basis of synthesis is the necessary materials, among which minerals are very important materials, so where is the iron ore in the survival war? Let me tell you about it, I hope it will help you~

The distribution of minerals in the survival war game is not very obvious. If the player wants to mine iron ore, it is recommended Bring the necessary gear, find a mine and start digging.

There are 4 kinds of sharp tools necessary for exploring the mine: shovel (necessary for nonsense mining…), knife (cut it when you see an animal), torch (put one if it is too dark), soil (if it is permeable to water) You will feel really relieved that there are 40 soils in your tool bar in the mine…), then you just need to be careful, be quick with your eyes, and pay attention to the time (usually, the durability of a stone shovel will run out during the day, so come out early It’s better than dying at the door when it’s dark. If you come out too early to do something else, stay in the mine and dig it. I’m very happy. I don’t know the time. ), so that all mines can be done.

4. The strategy of survival war

Grassland, the best place to build a house in the early-middle stage of survival, but because there is no tree shelter “Beware of being struck by lightning”. The solution is to build the house with non-combustible materials (life common sense, such as stone, soil) or place a block high above the house, because the thunder will default to hitting the highest block after the entity (animal person or ship). Mine caves will be generated in high mountains (there will also be other places), especially in desert mine caves (best not to enter), be sure to distinguish between sand and sand bricks, because when there is a lot of sand around, mining or Sticking the torch will cause all the sand that the sand is in contact with to fall! Very dangerous.

5. How to mine quickly in the survival war

Post more articles in the backpack and put some food. Hungry on one side. As much as possible diamond draft. Then just dig.

6. How to use third-party software to achieve online in Survival War 2

Currently SC has not developed an online function, look forward to future updates
If you think the answer has solved you If you have any questions, you can continue to ask. If you don’t answer the question, you may not be there

7. How to mine quickly in the survival war

Roll up a pillar on the flat ground, Two or three grids are enough, place the boat close to the pillar, and then frantically point sand directly above the boat
If successful, you can directly penetrate the bedrock (should be the only method at present)
(Poor expressive ability , please ask if you have any questions)

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