How to use imtoken as a cold wallet with a mobile phone

(1) How to create imtoken cold wallet

Summary 1. Two mobile phones that you think are very safe without root brushing

ㅡ What should I do if imToken cannot be used

Summary Hello dear, I am very happy to answer your questions. Hello dear, I am very happy to answer your questions. It may be a problem with the software itself, and users can choose to reinstall it. If it still cannot be used, the user can consider the following situations: 1. The mobile phone settings or security software have been set, and the user needs to go to modify and open the permissions; 2. There is a problem with the system platform, there may be a problem with the system platform, the user can log out of the system first , wait for a while and try again; 3. The mobile phone system is not compatible, the user needs to carefully check the operating conditions of the software and upgrade the mobile phone system.

How to create a second wallet for imtoken

㈣ How to use imkey hardware wallet

mToken is one of the most popular digital wallet tools in the world. Founded by founder and CEO He Bin in May 2016, it has more than 7 million users worldwide and supports three major digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and EOS. There are more than 100,000 ERC 20 tokens.

On January 4, 2019, the emerging hardware team imKey announced the opening of pre-sale. The new product is priced at 499 yuan and seamlessly connected to imToken. It supports three mainstream digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, as well as more than 100,000 ERC20 tokens. It is worth mentioning that imKey is not only capable of managing Ethereum and EOS DApps, but also compatible with Metamask, Scatter, etc.

The imKey team is currently located in Beijing. The team members are all from traditional financial hardware teams and have a senior financial security background. In early 2018, they accepted strategic investment from imToken. The first new product was launched together with “Feitian Integrity”, which is a mainstream financial hardware supplier for Chinese commercial banks.

He Bin, founder and CEO of imToken, said: “The biggest problem for the blockchain to be user-oriented and to be implemented is the user experience and the security of assets. As a blockchain infrastructure, wallets are very important. One link carries tens of billions of dollars in value. Compared with other blockchain companies, we have accumulated rich experience in asset security. In addition to the cold wallet function provided by imToken itself, we have always recommended large asset users to use hardware wallet management, but currently Hardware wallets are in urgent need of well-experienced software. imKey not only expands our own ecological layout, but also achieves a balance between security management and user experience compared to traditional hardware wallets, providing you with a safer choice. ”

In terms of security management, imKey hardware wallet integrates the CC EAL 6+ security chip of bank and financial level, and the design mode centered on the security chip can effectively resist physical attacks; Because imToken will seamlessly connect to imKey, the Bluetooth design bids farewell to the scene setting of traditional hardware wallets, and you can manage your assets more securely anytime, anywhere.

It is worth noting that in imToken 2.0, digital assets can be directly exchanged for imKey, and supported assets include ETH, DAI, USDC.

About imToken:

imToken is one of the most popular digital wallet tools, founded in May 2016 by the founder and CEO He Bin, with more than 7 million users worldwide, It supports three mainstream digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and EOS, among which there are more than 100,000 ERC 20 tokens.

In May 2018, it announced the completion of IDG’s $10 million A round of financing, and announced the open source of the core code on October 24, 2018. imToken is headquartered in Singapore and has branches in Hangzhou and Beijing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are imToken’s reasons for launching hardware wallet products?

A: From the perspective of users, imKey has always been committed to providing users with safer asset management options. Compared with China, the penetration rate of hardware wallets abroad is indeed much higher. Ledger sold 100 in 2017. Ten thousand units, this is also a problem of user awareness. Now there are more and more hardware wallet products, and the penetration rate will increase. We also recommend using hardware wallets to manage large amounts of assets, but at present hardware wallets are in urgent need of good experience software, which is also an opportunity for imKey.

The original intention of imToken is to be an important infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem and to create a mobile-friendly, safe and easy-to-use digital wallet. The long-term business plan is to use mass technology to build a digital bank for everyone, manage digital assets, digital identities and personal sovereign data. imKey is an important layout of our business plan.

2. Compared with other hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, Kushen, etc., what are the features and advantages of imKey?

Answer: Compared with traditional hardware manufacturers, imKey is more convenient to use on the basis of ensuring security.

imKey is the�imToken investment incubation, supports wireless connection to imToken App, manages multiple currencies, and authorizes the use of various Ethereum and EOS DApps. Bluetooth wireless design, 2.3mm ultra-thin, no USB restrictions. Using CC EAL 6+ security chip, the encryption security level is higher. At the same time, the price of imKey is more affordable to the people. If you have a TFT (Tong Fan Medal), you can use ETH/USDC/Dai to buy it in imToken, and you can get 100 yuan off when you buy it now.

The disadvantage is that domestic users are not conscious enough of hardware wallets and need time to educate.

3. Has imToken conducted relevant market research before launching hardware wallet products, and what is the market potential of hardware wallets? Intuitively, especially domestic users, there are not many users with hardware wallets. On the one hand, the price is high, and on the other hand, the experience is not convenient. What plans does imKey have in terms of user education and market development

㈤ Does Infinite Coin have a cold wallet?

1. Two mobile phones that have not been rooted and you think are very safe.

2. Both phones should download the latest version of imToken from or the App Store.

3. Turn off Wifi on one of the phones and turn on airplane mode as a cold wallet. This phone must be disconnected from the Internet, because it is the device that stores your private key.

Observe the wallet:

If you want to use the cold wallet function, first observe the wallet.

Note: Use your internet-connected phone as a hot wallet to observe the wallet, and a non-connected phone as a cold wallet for offline signature authorization.

㈥ How to use imToken for transfer and collection

Use imToken for transfer and collection, the steps are as follows:

1. Open the IMtokenAPP;

㈦ How to use cold wallets

re, is the art of deco

㈧ How to add TRX to a cold wallet

Summary preparations:

㈨ Can I use the fox wallet as a hot wallet to monitor the cold wallet made by imtoken?

Abstract Blockchain wallets can be divided into hot wallets and cold wallets according to the storage method of private keys.

㈩ How to transfer coins from cold wallet to Dogecoin mobile wallet

Q coins that cannot be transferred cannot be recharged or transferred to Tenpay, only You can use Tenpay to recharge Q coins to your QQ account. Tenpay is like a virtual bank. For example: you use the money from your bank card to buy a piece of clothing, but in the end the clothing cannot be deposited into the bank


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