How to use Rena smart rultc temperature control panel

⑴How to use the heating thermostat

In winter, there is usually heating in the home. Generally, in addition to the normal collective heating, electric heating is generally installed. . In the process of using electric heating, how to control the temperature of the heating? The heating temperature control valve can adjust the flow rate of the heating and control the temperature adjustment. The most suitable temperature value for human needs. The gas user valve is generally installed on the automatic control valve on the radiator. The following is a brief introduction to you.

First, the working principle of the heating thermostat

The surface mounted radiator temperature control valve refers to the automatic control valve installed on the radiator valve.

Working principle: The purpose of controlling the outlet temperature of the equipment is achieved by controlling the flow of hot water into the heat exchanger. When the load changes, the flow is adjusted by changing the valve opening to eliminate the influence of load fluctuations and restore the temperature to the set value.

Second, the specific use steps of the heating thermostat

1. Adjust the temperature

As the name suggests, the surface heating The main function of the sheet is to adjust the temperature. The temperature control valve can control the amount of hot water entering the heating pipeline. The more hot water flow, the higher the temperature, and the less the flow, the lower the temperature, so as to control the temperature.

2. Energy saving

Users can use the temperature control valve to adjust and set the temperature according to the requirements of the room temperature. In this way, the room temperature of each room is kept constant, and the problems of unbalanced water volume in the pipes and uneven room temperature of the upper and lower layers of the single-pipe system are avoided. At the same time, through the functions of constant temperature control and economic operation, it can not only improve the comfort of the indoor thermal environment, but also achieve energy saving.

3. Sub-room heating

The temperature control valve of the exposed radiator can freely adjust the flow of hot water. When a room is unoccupied for a long time, the user can turn off the temperature control of the radiator in the room. The valve can play the role of sub-room heating.

4. Balance water pressure

At present, the temperature control device in my country is no longer satisfied with the simple temperature control function, but pays more attention to the flow balance of the overall heating system, so as to balance the water pressure , to provide users with a more comfortable living environment.

Three, the current development of the heating thermostat

The function of the thermostat is to self-heat when no one is at home The equipment is kept running in low gears, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption. At present, the thermostat products on the market can generally achieve energy saving of 10% to 20%, and the thermostats of top brands in Europe and the United States can also achieve higher energy saving effects. If the self-heating equipment is compared to a coat to keep out the cold, the thermostat is the button and the zipper – how can you keep your heart open in the face of the cold wind? Artifact” is truly complete.

Although the energy-saving effect of thermostats has been unanimously recognized in the industry, the awareness of self-heating equipment users is not high. There is no thermostat in the top 15 searches related to self-heating equipment such as “wall-hung boilers” on the Internet index. The reason for this is that most users have expressed their thoughts: it is too cumbersome to control, and the operation of useful functions is too complicated; or there are only the simplest functions of switches and temperature settings.

Although electric heating is very common in China now, the market for heating thermostats like this is not very large, which is different from self-heating in my country. The application and development of equipment are closely related. Quite speaking, the development history of modern self-heating equipment in my country is relatively short, the technology is relatively lacking, and the technology is relatively immature. Nowadays, most of the thermostats on the market are simple and inconvenient to operate, so there have been very few people using them, which leads to a not so wide market. It is believed that the use of heating thermostats will definitely become more and more common in the future market.

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⑶ How to remove the temperature control panel on the Samsung refrigerator BCD-286 door

You need to carefully check the surrounding of the temperature control panel to see if there are any screw holes or prying Moveable reserved port.
If there are screw holes, just remove the screws inside first. If there are no obvious screw holes, you should find the prying holes reserved by the manufacturer.�After you find this opening, use a flat-blade screwdriver or other tool to pry the panel, and the panel can usually be removed.
If you can’t do it yourself, you should ask the manufacturer’s after-sales maintenance personnel to deal with it to avoid damage to the panel caused by brutal operation.

⑷ How to unlock the panel temperature control self-locking

1, find the key of the keyboard self-locking, such as Ctrl.

2, and then press the button one by one to release the self-locking state.

3, if it cannot be lifted, then pick up your keyboard.

4, turn over the back, and then tap hard to knock out the keyboard junk.

5, or use a toothpick to lift out the self-locking button.

6. If there is garbage on the keys of the keyboard, blow the garbage out with a mouth or a fan.

7, if it doesn’t work, then only the keyboard or keycaps need to be replaced.

⑸ menred electric floor heating thermostat

The number below the menred electric floor heating thermostat controls the temperature of the floor heating, and the floor heating needs a thermostat, so that the Keep the indoor temperature within a comfortable range. The main function of the floor heating thermostat is to maintain a constant temperature, making people feel comfortable indoors.

Introduction to the use of the thermostat: Turn off the load power supply: Turn off the indoor power supply to prevent the line from being short-circuited and avoid burning the fuse to ensure safety. Unpack the thermostat box, take out the thermostat, and carefully check the base wiring port on the back of the thermostat. Generally, there will be numbers or symbols on the wiring port to view the manual.

According to the wiring diagram above in the manual, make one-to-one wiring with the reserved wiring on the wall. Using a screwdriver, open the thermostat cover and screw the thermostat to the wall. Cover the outer cover of the thermostat, complete the installation of the thermostat base, turn on the power load, and start debugging the thermostat.

(5) How to use the Rena smart rultc temperature control panel for extended reading:

The use of the thermostat is as follows:

Xifa thermostat is plug and play, easy to use, TC-05B, adopts high-precision digital probe imported from the United States, with an error of 0.1 degrees, which is not comparable to analog probes such as thermocouple and thermal resistance.

The smart thermostat is mainly used to control the temperature. When it is used for the first time, the current temperature will be displayed on the screen when the power is turned on. When the data is stable, the next step can be performed. You can start to set the temperature. The specific temperature should be selected according to your own electrical appliances.

⑹ Currylle Floor Heating Temperature Control Panel Instructions

Summary Hello, I have found the currylle floor heating temperature control panel instructions for you 1. Press the temperature control switch The power switch in the middle turns on the temperature control switch. 2. According to the temperature displayed on the display box of the thermostat, the left side is the room temperature, and the right side is the set temperature. Choose to press the up or down key to set the set temperature to 2-3 degrees higher than the room temperature. 3. Press the mode key to select manual mode. 4. When the temperature display on both sides is the same, you can raise the thermostat by 2-3 degrees until the room temperature meets the requirements (usually set at 18-20 degrees). The thermostat designed and used in the floor heating system is a dual temperature and dual control type. In addition to the indoor temperature sensor set on the thermostat body, a floor temperature sensor is added to control and protect the floor temperature. The factory setting is 45 degrees. If the floor decoration material is tile, it is not necessary to adjust it under normal conditions, and it will not affect the use. If the wooden floor is selected for the ground, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the wooden floor, the temperature under the ground will be higher than the factory setting of 45 degrees, causing the heating characters on the thermostat panel to flash, the ground temperature protection is turned on, the system stops working, and the indoor If the setting temperature does not go up, it will also increase the gas (electricity) consumption. If such a situation occurs, you can operate it correctly as follows: 1. First, turn off the temperature control power switch and turn off the floor heating thermostat. 2. Press the leftmost clock programming key and mode key at the same time for more than 5 seconds to enter the advanced option setting mode. After entering the mode, you can press the “M” key to switch to the fifth item, and then press the up key to adjust the ground temperature protection temperature from the factory 45 degrees to 60 degrees. 3. After the setting is completed, turn on the power switch of the thermostat again, and the system will return to normal. How to use the floor heating thermostat, the above is the introduction to the operation method of the floor heating thermostat. Although the floor heating thermostat looks inconspicuous, it has a great effect. Although the floor heating system may not be equipped with a thermostat, using a thermostat to control the temperature is more accurate, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient.

⑺ How about Hefei Ruina Intelligent Company

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⑻ How to connect the three wires of the electric ball valve for water floor heating to the temperature control panel

It is recommended to open the blue cover on the electric ball valve to see, the three wires must be marked, and the zero wire is connected to the zero of the thermostat. The opening and closing are also connected to the corresponding positions respectively

⑼ How to use the floor heating thermostat

The method of using the electric floor heating thermostat is as follows: It is installed on the inner wall, usually similar to the position of the light switch. When installing, try to choose a place without covering. 。Generally, the thermostat is installed at a height of 1.5m from the ground, and there should be no heat dissipation device around it to avoid direct sunlight, the temperature probe below should not be covered, and there is no heat dissipation and cooling device around it. .

Principle of floor heating thermostats: floor heating thermostats are mainly divided into two types, mechanical and electronic. Among them, electronic thermostats include electronic thermostats with liquid crystal display (electronic thermostats with liquid crystal display) Some have programmable functions) and those without liquid crystal display.

Mechanical thermostat, the interior is a bimetal or metal membrane box, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the object, the adjustment is in the setting In the case of temperature, the ambient temperature is heated or cooled (see whether it is connected to a heater or a cooler). Electronically, the ambient temperature is sensed by the thermistor, and the connected heater or cooler is controlled by a relay. work or stop.

(9) How to use the Rena smart rultc temperature control panel extended reading

Precautions for using floor heating thermostat


The thermostat designed and used in the floor heating system is a dual temperature and dual control type. In addition to the indoor temperature sensor set on the thermostat body, a floor temperature sensor is added to control and protect the floor temperature. The factory setting is 45 degrees. If the floor decoration material is ceramic tile, it can be adjusted under normal conditions without affecting the use.

If the floor is wood floor, the heat conduction performance of wood floor is poor. , the temperature under the ground will be higher than the factory setting of 45 degrees, causing the heating characters on the thermostat panel to flash, the ground temperature protection is turned on, the system will stop working, the indoor temperature will not go up, and it will also increase the gas (electricity) consumption.


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