How to use the long holiday mining work certificate

Ⅰ The work certificate is valid only when it is issued.

It is valid only if it is stamped by the company.

In fact, as long as the certificate is on, the company’s stamp is valid.
Some companies do not have the habit of giving employees a resignation certificate (some are not used to it, and some are afraid of arbitration), so you can draft a copy yourself. (There is a template on the Internet), and then ask the leader or the relevant person in charge to stamp a seal.
It’s really not possible, smuggling personal relationships, and the person who finds the management seal can also cover it (many companies put it in the financial hands)

ⅡI need a work certificate for anything

Proof use

1. Use for visa application

2. Use for credit card/loan application

3. Employment test, qualification test

4. Professional title evaluation

5. Applying for maternity insurance reimbursement

Work certificate refers to a kind of certification document for Chinese citizens in their daily production, life and business activities. It is generally used for professional title evaluation, Qualification test, work income certificate, etc. It needs to be issued by the work unit and stamped with the fresh seal of the unit to be valid.

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How to handle it

I. You can find an on-the-job unit Personnel department or entrusting a friend company to handle it on your behalf

Advantages: free Disadvantages: slow processing time (some companies are reluctant to open or have to wait for a long time to open) with favors

Second, You can also find a regular agency in the market, which generally requires a service fee of several hundred yuan.

Advantages: fast, worry-free Disadvantages: high cost


1. Pay attention to the necessary format when opening a work certificate.

2. The work certificate must be stamped with a “fresh seal”, that is, the copy of the income certificate is invalid.

3. The seal must be the official seal of the unit. And it has to be a circle.

Supplementary Matters

According to the “Notice of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on Matters Concerning the Establishment of Labor Relations”, the employer has not concluded a written labor contract when recruiting laborers, but has A labor relationship is established under the following circumstances:

(1) The employer and the worker meet the subject qualifications stipulated by laws and regulations;

(2) Various labor laws formulated by the employer The rules and regulations apply to laborers, who are under the labor management of the employer, and engage in paid labor arranged by the employer;

(3) The labor provided by the laborer is an integral part of the employer’s business.

At the same time, the notice also stipulates that if the employer has not signed a labor contract with the employee, the following documents may be referred to when determining that the two parties have a labor relationship:

(1) Wage payment vouchers or records ( (2) The “work permit” and “service permit” issued by the employer to the worker that can prove their identity;


(3) Recruitment records such as “registration form” and “registration form” filled in by the worker;

(4) Attendance record;

(5) Testimonies of other workers, etc.

Therefore, according to this regulation, if you want to prove that there is a labor relationship with the company, you’d better provide evidence such as salary receipt, time card, work permit, recruitment registration form, etc., if possible. You can also ask your colleagues to testify for you in court.

Ⅲ How to get a work certificate

The work certificate can be issued by the personnel department of your unit. After you arrive at the personnel department, they will issue you a corresponding work certificate, and then affix the official seal of the unit.

ⅣHow to issue a work certificate for a unit

The sample is as follows: The work certificate for the work unit hereby certifies that a certain comrade is an employee of our company, how many years have you worked in this unit continuously, what is the highest degree of education, and the The comrade is currently holding a certain position in our unit, how is the work performance during the term of office, and what is the current physical condition of the employee. It is hereby certified.
【Legal Basis】
“Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”
Article 17 A labor contract shall contain the following clauses: (1) the name, domicile and legal representative or principal of the employing unit;
(2) The worker’s name, address and resident ID card or other valid ID number; (3) The duration of the labor contract;
(4) The work content and place of work; (5) Working hours and rest and vacation ;
(6) labor remuneration; (7) social insurance;
(8) labor protection, labor conditions and occupational hazard protection;
(9) other matters that should be included in the labor contract as stipulated by laws and regulations. In addition to the essential clauses stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the employer and the worker may agree on other matters such as probation period, training, keeping secrets, supplementary insurance and welfare benefits.

ⅣHow to open a work certificate

The work certificate needs to be issued by your own unit.
You should ask the personnel department of your own unit to issue a work certificate.
When opening a work certificate, write down your name, gender, age, ID number and other information.

VI Work�� Explain how to get it

The work certificate is issued by the unit where you are working, and it is only valid if it is stamped with the company’s official seal
It can be issued here!

VII How to open the work certificate

Go to the personnel department of the unit to open it, it is very easy, just write to certify that XXX is an employee of our unit, hereby certify and so on.


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