How to use the mining reducer

❶ Wulin Qun Xia Chuan mining slowdown is urgently needed!! SOS

By the way, this is the time to use cpukill. You can also use it with the speed change gear. A cupkiller download address,, Feifan software download is not poisonous, it is very easy to use, open it, drag the gear to about 20%, and then press the upper right The start of the corner!! It’s all right. If you want to slow down the time bar in the game, you can turn on the speed change gear to slow down again. The two do not conflict. This not only reduces the speed of the monsters, but also can get a lot of time haha!

❷ How to slow down the mining of martial arts heroes

Find a 3.0 patch on the martial arts post bar on the Internet, and it can be archived in the training mode

❸ How to use the 0.4 speed change gear for mining in Wulin Heroes

Mining can’t be digged with a speed change gear.~~It needs to be patched with 3.0

❹ Wulin How to slow down the mining speed of Qun Xia Biography! ! !

Go to download a 2.0 martial arts or download the 2.0 martial arts patch (I have never used that patch, I downloaded 2.0 directly)
The mining speed there is super slow. . . But the hunt is extremely fast. . .
So, the 2.0 martial arts you downloaded is separate from the original martial arts. . .
The original version for hunting and 2.0 for mining
The archives are universal, so you can rest assured

❺ How to use the speed change gear of the mining deceleration in the stand-alone version of Wulin Qunxiazhuan

You can’t slow down the mining speed with a gear change, it can only slow down the time. If you want to slow down the mining speed, you can download a 3.0 patch, but the 3.0 patch slows down Mining speed, but it will make the hunting speed faster… Another way is to open a few video screens and the like, in short, the more resources the better, this will make your machine Change the card, thereby slowing down the speed of mining.

❻ I beg the martial arts heroes to pass on the mining and hunting slowdown methods, thank you!

Download the speed change gear directly. First open the speed change gear, then find the EXE file of the martial arts legend, enter the game and start to fight the gophers or slow down when hunting, just like fishing. In general, it’s good to open a 4x speed for a fight, and the whack-a-mole can open a -4x speed.

❼ Why can’t the reducer be used for mining in “Wulin Heroes”, but it can be used for hunting

Hey, you can use the cpukiller with the speed change gear, first open the speed change gear , and then enter the game from cpukiller, and then adjust the gear to slow down the time. I just go with the two, don’t beat the mother gopher, and when the time is almost over, slow down the gears hard, because the treasure always appears in the last bit of time, as long as the time is prolonged, the treasure will come out. More, I dug 25 treasures at a time, but I dug it myself! !

❽ The Legend of Wulin Heroes Mining Slowdown

Your machine is too good
I advise you to stop playing
I just reluctantly gave up my love
br />I also tried the same way as you, but I still can’t.
Find a 5.6-year-old machine and I guess it will be fine.

❾ The speed of mining, etc. is too fast, what should I use? The modifier can slow down.

The speed change gear doesn’t seem to work well for this. The 2.0 version mines super fast, and the 3.0 version hunts super fast. You can download two patches and switch between the two versions (that is, the two enter the game. Icon, mining is using version 3.0, which is very slow)

❿ How to solve the problem that the speed change gear cannot be used in the mining plot in

If the speed is abnormal
Look here, there is a solution

If the speed is normal and you just think that the mining time is not enough, you can download a gold mountain Ranger 5
Press * in the game to pop up Jinshan Ranger, there are gears in it that can change the game

PS: The gears can only change the speed of the time, not the hamster The speed of the action

As far as I know, it is impossible, because the time bar will become very slow after the gear is turned on, but the gopher will not move slowly, which means that the gear is no problem, just This is how the game is set up

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