How to use TRON cold wallet

A. How to transfer currency between Anbao cold wallets

Anbao adopts cold wallet upgrade, safe Bluetooth design, automatic recognition and reminder software update;

B. What is the use of a cold wallet

In general, a cold wallet is a wallet that stores digital currency offline. Players generate digital currency addresses and private keys on an offline wallet. key and save it. The cold wallet is to store digital currency without any network, so hackers cannot enter the wallet to obtain the private key.

C. How to add TRX to the cold wallet

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D. On the TRON chain Observe how the wallet can be transferred out

Summary Friends who do not have a wallet can check it on the TP official website

E. What should a bitcoin cold wallet do in the end

Bitcoin cold wallet is to download a bitcoin client wallet, and then keep the device (computer, mobile phone, U disk, etc.) storing the wallet from disconnecting from the network. As long as you’re not connected to the Internet, hackers can’t steal bitcoin’s bitcoin, in theory. At present, Bitcoin cold storage is recognized as the safest Bitcoin storage method in the industry.

F. How to use TRON wallet

There are three transfer methods in TRON wallet TokenPocket: direct transfer, address book transfer and scan code transfer. 1. Direct transfer is also the most commonly used transfer method, that is, after entering the recipient’s TRON account number and transfer amount, follow the prompts to complete the follow-up operations.
2. When using the address book to transfer money, you need to create an address book first. The address book is similar to the address book in a mobile phone. The address book stores the TRON accounts that often have transactions with your own account, so that you can use the address book when transferring TRON. In the form of transfer, select the TRON address to be transferred in the address book.
3. Scan code transfer is similar to WeChat scan code transfer. Scan the QR code of the other party’s TRON account in TokenPocket to complete the transfer.
In addition to the above three transfer methods, if the account has a transfer record before, you can also select the TRON address to be transferred from the recent transfer record, which can avoid input errors.
【Expanded information】
1. How to get TRX
If you want to trade TRX Token, you can trade in TokenPocket through currency trading. In addition to currency trading, you can also use the flash swap function of TokenPocket to exchange TRX with other tokens, such as using USDT, BTC, etc. to exchange the required TRX tokens. In addition, the TP exchange (aggregation exchange) launched by TokenPocket is used to trade TRX tokens.
II. TRON Node Voting
The TRON public chain adopts the DPoS consensus mechanism. The transactions on the TORN chain are confirmed by TORN nodes distributed around the world, and TRON nodes are confirmed by TRON token holders Elected by voting, the higher the number of votes, the higher the ranking will be, and the higher the node’s income will be.
For TRON token holders, they can contribute to the ecology by voting, and at the same time, they can obtain certain voting benefits. Go to TRON’s node voting page in “More Tools -> Voting Management” in the TRON wallet TokenPocket. In the voting management page, select the TRON node to vote and the amount of TRX to vote to vote for the node. Similar to EOS node voting (EOS needs to be mortgaged before voting), TRX must be frozen before voting for TRON nodes. Only a specified amount of TRX can be frozen to obtain TRON Power voting. The frozen TRX cannot be circulated or used for transaction transfers.

G. What is the difference between a Bitcoin cold wallet and a hot wallet? How about a Bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin cold wallet refers to a user account and a personal key that are stored separately A way to store bitcoins.
Hot wallet usually refers to the bitcoin online wallet. The user’s personal account and password information are all stored on a network platform; the website platform provides security for users.
Bibao is a professional website platform that provides bitcoin wallet services. There are two storage methods, cold wallet and hot wallet. Generally speaking, user evaluation is still good.

H. How to use the Kushen cold wallet

The Kushen cold wallet also has a camera, which communicates with the outside world through a QR code, and An Internet-connected APP can be used with a hardware wallet. The APP also has a scan code function, and you can send payment information directly by scanning the code. The QR code is encrypted to ensure security.

I. What are cold wallets and hot wallets?

Cold wallets are equivalent to isolating your private key from the network. Now cold wallets can also be used Put it in the card, it is safer, I use the cool treasure cold wallet

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