How to withdraw coins to Binance Chain on Euroeasy? OKX withdrawal to BSC tutorial

Speaking of coin withdrawal, in fact, it is an operation of withdrawing the digital assets we have aggregated on the platform to our wallet or other chains. No matter where we want to mention coins, the coin withdrawal address is very important. Many investors are afraid of insecurity after buying virtual currency, so they will put some coins in their wallets, so they will mention the coins in their wallets. Today we are going to introduce to you how the Euroeasy exchange Withdrawing coins to Binance Chain is also a common operation in our daily use, but many investors have not yet mastered it. Let me introduce you to the tutorial of withdrawing coins from OKX to BSC.

How to withdraw coins to Binance Chain?

Here takes USDT as an example to demonstrate the operation process for you. The general idea is that the usdt of Euroeasy will first be transferred to Binance Exchange from trc20 to Binance Exchange for about 1u fee, and then Binance Exchange bep20 will mention tp The wallet’s Binance Chain is about 0.5u!

1. On-chain withdrawal: Open the official website (, click [Asset Management] – [Withdrawal] – select the currency [USDT] in the upper right corner.

2. Select [On-chain Withdrawal]— Select the withdrawal network, take [USDT-TRC20] as an example – click [Next]; enter/paste [USDT address/domain name] – [Quantity] – [Next] – Obtain and enter the relevant password/verification code as required – [ Confirm] to complete the operation.

Note: When choosing a withdrawal network, other exchanges or wallets [recharge/deposit network] must be consistent with the Ouyi withdrawal network, for example, both are USDT-TRC20, otherwise the coins will be lost.

The USDT will be transferred to Binance Exchange to mention tp wallet through the bep20 channel

Is there a time limit for the withdrawal of coins on the European Exchange?

Ouyi OKEX perpetual trading is a 7*24-hour transaction, currently settled every 8 hours, at 4:00, 12:00, 20:00 (GMT+8) ) in three time periods for settlement. The transaction will be interrupted during the settlement period, and the length of the interrupted transaction depends on the system settlement time.

The interruption and resumption of perpetual trading are differentiated by variety, that is to say, if the BTC variety is still in settlement and other digital asset varieties have been settled, then other digital asset varieties can resume trading first.

OKEx supports various currency withdrawals, and mutual withdrawals and transfers.

Reminder: The corresponding address of each currency is different, please check it before withdrawing the currency!

How long does it take for the withdrawal to arrive? What’s the matter with the delay?

After the withdrawal application is completed, the following status will be displayed in the withdrawal record according to the withdrawal status:

Waiting for withdrawal: The withdrawal application has been submitted and is waiting for the withdrawal operation. (If the withdrawal demand is congested, you need to wait in line.)

Manual review: According to the OKEx system, some withdrawal needs require manual review, which will be confirmed by the customer service staff by phone.

Withdrawing: The system is processing the export for you. At this time, manual operations cannot be performed. Please wait patiently.

Successful withdrawal: that is, the asset has been withdrawn from the platform. You can go to the corresponding block to inquire.

If more than 48 hours after the successful withdrawal, the block cannot be found, you can submit a work order for review and processing.

I hope that the introduction to the tutorial on how to withdraw coins from the European Exchange to Binance Chain can help investors quickly grasp the method of withdrawing coins. If you encounter problems in the withdrawal of coins or other processes of the European Union Exchange, you can check the relevant tutorials in the European Union Exchange in time, or search for related tutorials in the European Union Exchange. If there is no such tutorial, you can also You can ask your friends for help. If the problem still cannot be solved in the end, you can contact Ouyi’s customer service to deal with your own problems. Ouyi provides users with 24-hour customer support services, and everyone can find customer services that can help them at any time.

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