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⑴The role of these interfaces on Huawei switches

MEth0/0/0 interface is a web management interface, with a default IP address from the factory, which can be directly managed by the web after plugging in a network cable
Eth-Trunk1 is a link aggregation, which can divide up to 8 ports into the aggregation port group, 1 is the aggregation group number
Ethernet0/0/1 GigabitEthernet0/0/1 Gigabit port
0/0/1 : the first 0 is the Nth device, the second 0 is the Nth board, and the third number is the Nth port number, such as 1/1/1 the first block The first port of the board; the 22nd port of the second third board of 2/3/22, which is generally more common in stacking or cluster equipment.

(2) Huawei 5700 switch eth interface What is it for and how to use it

Huawei 5700 switch eth can be used as the management port, the switch operating system is lost, but I can upload operating system files through the eth port, which is similar to the function of the console port.

Huawei switches are developed from bridges and belong to the second layer of OSI, that is, data link layer devices. It addresses according to the MAC address, selects the route through the station table, the establishment and maintenance of the station table are carried out automatically by the CISCO Cisco switch.

Huawei has established a number of research institutes in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing in China. Nearly half of its employees are engaged in product and solution research and development.

(2)Huawei s5700eth extended reading

Huawei is the world’s leading telecom solutions provider. We have dedicated employees and strong R&D capabilities, respond quickly to customer needs, provide end-to-end customized products, solutions and services, and strive to help customers succeed in business. Through our joint efforts, we continue to enrich people’s communication and life.

Huawei products and solutions cover mobile (LTE/HSPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO/CDMA2000 1X, TD-SCDMA and WiMAX)

core network (IMS, Mobile Softswitch, NGN), network (FTTx, xDSL, optical network, router and LAN Switch), telecom value-added service (IN, mobile data service, BOSS) and terminal (UMTS/CDMA) and other fields.

⑶ What is this port of Huawei switch for, please explain in detail.

Out-of-band management interface, other people’s answers are wrong, this interface is used for device management and cannot be used for business, it is a 10/100m interface

⑷ When configuring Huawei switches! What does interface eth-trunk 1 mean

This is to create an Eth-Trunk link aggregation port. For detailed commands, please refer to “Huawei Switches” published by Wang Da for Huawei The book “Study Guide”, there are also all his supporting video courses for Huawei, Cisco and H3C on the 51CTO Academy

⑸ Huawei switch s6720 eth what port

This eth port is used as a network management port.

⑹ How to do eth-trunk on Huawei s7700 switch

The same Vlan on the same switch does not need to be configured with trunk. If different switches have different VLANs, they must be configured with trunk . The trunk mentioned here should refer to eth-trunk, and another is e-trunk. These two are used in different occasions. The eth-trunk includes the eth-trunk for the port e-trunk. But the same Vlan of a device should be able to access each other.

⑺ The difference between Huawei switch E-Trunk and Eth-Trunk


1. Different link sources

Eth-Trunk: Generally refers to the link aggregation of the same device. A switch bundles multiple interfaces to form an Eth-Trunk interface, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing bandwidth and improving reliability.

E-Trunk (Enhanced Trunk): generally refers to cross-device link aggregation. It is a mechanism to realize cross-device link aggregation. It is extended based on LACP (standard for single-device link aggregation). , which can realize link aggregation between multiple devices. Thereby, the link reliability is improved from the board level to the device level.

2. Different advantages

Eth-Trunk: Load sharing can be achieved through the Trunk interface. Within an Eth-Trunk interface, traffic load balancing can be implemented. When a physical link connected to a member interface fails, traffic will be switched to other available links, thereby improving the reliability of the entire trunk link. The total bandwidth of a trunk interface is the sum of the bandwidth of each member interface.

E-Trunk (Enhanced Trunk): It is mainly used for link protection between CE and PE and protection of PE equipment node failure when CE is dual-homed to VPLS, VLL, and PWE3 network. Before E-Trunks are used, CEs can only be homed to one PE device through the Eth-Trunk link.

If the Eth-Trunk fails or the PE device fails, the CE cannot continue to communicate with the PE device. After the E-Trunk is used, CEs can be dual-homed to PEs to implement inter-device protection.

(7)Huawei s5700eth extended reading

Port aggregation is to aggregate multiple ports together to form a sink.�� group, in order to realize the sharing of outgoing/incoming load among each member port in the aggregation group, and also provide higher connection reliability. Both E-trunk and Eth-trunk are link aggregation technologies.

In some Layer 3 data center networks, the core layer consists of two CE12800s, and two 10GE links are aggregated between the two devices. , so as to ensure the high reliability of the link. The aggregation layer uses CE12800 switch stacks to implement redundancy backup, and the stacks and upstream and downstream devices are connected through inter-frame Eth-Trunks.

Meanwhile, the local traffic priority forwarding function of Eth-Trunk reduces the bandwidth load pressure of inter-chassis links. The aggregation layer isolates service network segment routes and public network routes by creating VRFs, and deploys firewalls in a bypass mode. The two firewalls perform dual-system hot backup to ensure high reliability.

⑻ Why does Huawei S5700 use type-link access instead of type-lin trunk to connect the ETH-trunk between the switch and the switch.

If the switch and the switch are connected If the interface IP is set up and the routing protocol is enabled, it cannot be made into a TRUNK
If it is just a simple link aggregation to increase the bandwidth and transparently transmit the VLAN, then use a TRUNK

⑼ Peak What does the con port and ETH port on the Fire Switch mean?

The con port is the CONSOLE port, use the console cable to directly connect to the serial port of the computer, use the terminal emulation program (usually use the “Super Terminal” that comes with Windows ) to configure the router locally.

The ETH port is an Ethernet interface, and the Ethernet interface is a port for network data connection, connecting different computer devices together. The basic elements of Ethernet (Ethernet) equipment networking are switches, routers, hubs, optical fibers and ordinary network cables, as well as Ethernet protocols and communication rules.

(9) Huawei s5700eth extended reading

A switch capable of network management generally has a “Console” port, which is specially used to configure and manage the switch. Connecting and configuring the switch through the Console port is a necessary step to configure and manage the switch.

Because other configurations often require the help of IP address, domain name or device name, and the newly purchased switch obviously cannot have these parameters built-in, so the Console port is the most commonly used and most basic. Switch management and configuration ports.

The positions of the console ports of different types of switches are not the same, some are located on the front panel, and some are located on the rear panel. Typically, modular switches are mostly located on the front panel, while fixed-configuration switches are mostly located on the rear panel. There will be a logo similar to “CONSOLE” above or on the side of the port.

Ethernet interface types: SC fiber interface, RJ-45 interface, FDDI interface, AUI interface, BNC interface, Console interface.

⑽ Huawei S5700 switch. eth/24 intraoral. How to delete combo-port auto with data?

I don’t recommend you to delete the data in it randomly. After you delete the data, your own system will not be able to run.


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