Hunting League Blockchain Circle

(1) Where do I want to learn more about blockchain and currency circles?

Many blockchain media or analysts only speak big truths. Thorough and sharp analysis can lead to less losses. I usually look at the Xiaoju blockchain, and after reading it, I think it is very reliable compared to others

(ii) What has the blockchain metaverse achieved both inside and outside the circle? Development

The development of the Metaverse must have started in the game field at the beginning, and until now, there will be countless endings in the game, and it also represents the future development of the Internet, technology, finance, technology and other industries.

The emergence of blockchain technology actually seems to open the door to a new world and create a new game world, but it is not just games, blockchain The contribution of technology in a non-game exclusive field will also penetrate into every corner of the industry with this concept.

Inside the circle, in recent decades, virtual worlds have become more and more important to human beings, and I believe that in the next few decades, these virtual worlds will gradually become Ethereum. the center of gravity. That said, one of the most interesting verticals for Ethereum right now is virtual scenes, because Ethereum and NFTs for creating and tracking VR plots provide projects with a common economic infrastructure for projects to build on, and Let users interact at any time.

In other words, your ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs are commodities in Ethereum’s young metaverse, which opens up powerful possibilities. These possibilities help drive Ethereum’s VR projects such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox, to name a few.

Lianqiao Education Online’s Xueshuo Innovative Blockchain Technology Workstation is the only approved “Blockchain Technology Workstation” carried out by the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. Professional” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

㈢ Why is the blockchain divided into a chain circle and a currency circle

The currency circle is the application circle of the blockchain in the encrypted digital currency. The chain circle is currently the application on the chain. The blockchain system template is the chain circle

㈣ What are the well-known blockchain media in China

There are many blockchain media, including Amway: Babbitt, Gold, Crypto Finance mimacaijing, Mars, etc., general chain information can be found.

㈤ Is the pocc platform regulated? Is it a pyramid scheme in the name of blockchain?

Before 2019, I had not been in contact with the digital currency industry, just a novice, through 2019 The foundation of the whole year, I also have a little bit of my own experience, and I will share with you, right or wrong. Comments are welcome.
1. Ask how many people who answered have played this POCC.
2. All items are fake at the beginning. Trust me. But in the process of doing it, it is successful.
Third, winners and losers, Bitcoin has successfully achieved a market size of $1 trillion today, if it fails, it is a liar.
Fourth, in addition to the risk of mainstream digital currency is less (not without risk), similar to Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and so on. Other small-cap altcoins are high risk. How to determine the size or market value of a digital currency, recommend a software (non-small).
5. No need to think about supervision, there is basically no guarantee, it all depends on your own control and understanding of the project. The daring starve to the death of the timid.
6. To judge whether a project is safe, it is necessary to have a deep understanding and communicate with the team more. You have to be clear about what the team wants to do, whether to run away to raise money to raise money, or do you really want to do something!
Seven, how to judge the quality of a project?
There are roughly two points: the way to enter the market, the rate of return for developing downlines
Is it simply taking money to the project side? Is it outrageous to share the benefits of developing offline?

As far as I know, the POCC model is to spend money to buy digital currency POC, then use POC to exchange for mining machines, mining machines produce mines, and sell them on exchanges. The pattern is very similar to Bitcoin, but different. Moreover, during the transaction process, the project party does not receive the money at all, and they all buy and sell by themselves. This greatly limits the project party’s misappropriation of money. And basically a mining machine can be realized once every 6 days. It is also very secure for funds. Secondly, the development offline, you can get about 3 POCCs every day, this should not be outrageous.
1. At present, all digital currency supervision is not perfect, including Bitcoin (the originator level that has been developed for 12 years), Ethereum, EOS and other top digital currencies in the world.
2. Clearly reply that you are not a pyramid scheme, you can understand POCC as a startup company, he wants to do a listing (make it a big product like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS)�), if you succeed, everyone will benefit. If you fail, it will not affect your investment, because you can recover the cost in 6 months.
3. Those who say they have been defrauded, publish their ID, or your currency holding address, and the platform will check the records for you to see if you have been deceived.
4, POCC Pippi shrimp public chain, use (non-small) to inquire about relevant information, non-small is a professional third-party information website, all digital currencies can be inquired.
5. As far as I know, there are a group of professional trolls on the Internet. First, they publish negative news to attract attention and increase their traffic. The second is to coerce the platform to ask for hush money.
6. Since September 2018, it has not lost 1 point and is still operating steadily. The benefits are always the same. Your friends have tried it, earned it, and recommended it to you. If you are still hesitating, go to the Internet to find people who have never played the project at all. As a reference, you will never make money.
7. Many people have been deceived by the blockchain and various funds, and you have heard and seen them. But you just weren’t involved.
8. Those who say pulling heads, Douyin Speed ​​Version Toutiao Speed ​​Version not pulling heads? WeChat does not pull people’s heads in the early days? Alipay does not attract people in the early stage? Does the network not pull people in the early days?
9. Any project is inseparable from fans and fans, in order to grow and continue, and fans come in only to gain, not to lose, just like stocks, those who hold original shares will earn no matter what, and those who lose are secondary market.
10. I hope those who are blindfolded and talk nonsense will experience it. Take a screenshot of BB again.

㈥ What should I do if the blockchain platform runs away?

This kind of thing can only be considered bad luck. Even if you call the police, the hope of recovering the funds is slim. Therefore, if you want to trade Bitcoin in China, you must choose a powerful exchange, such as OKEx, which has a large trading volume, and is recognized as the best in the industry for its technical strength and security.

㈦ What is LM PAY Chain Alliance Blockchain?

LM PAY Chain Alliance Bao has probably looked at it, it is just a fund plate, with the name of blockchain , To put it bluntly, let the miners flush the coins into their platform accounts, which is called blockchain? The blockchain is decentralized, and then give back to users what LM coin points on their platform, this is not to let miners rush coins to your platform, and then lock the position in disguise, and give a LM point similar to bank interest! To put it bluntly, if you give me the coins, I can also give you counter-interests, and I can also charge you phone bills, water and electricity, provided that the state does not recognize virtual coins, I can sue Jack Ma if Alipay runs away, you have an lm pay chain Mengbao ran away, how can I sue, the state does not recognize virtual currency, naked compound interest, rebate fund disk, misappropriation of money violates the law, but the currency is fine, and the state does not recognize virtual currency, I advise mining friends, investment should be cautious, Don’t be greedy for petty or cheap, we are the ones who suffer in the end

㈧ What are the representatives of the current blockchain alliances?

In the past two years, the blockchain alliances have emerged, what are the representatives? ?
In the early stage of the development of the blockchain industry, many enterprises and institutions formed blockchain alliances to share the research results of blockchain technology and seek wider application of blockchain technology.
In the past two years, blockchain alliances have emerged. As of July 2017, there are currently R3 composed of more than 40 international banks, hyperledger initiated by the Linux Foundation, located in the core of China’s Internet The Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance in the hinterland, the China Ledger Alliance co-sponsored by 11 institutions, the Golden Chain Alliance jointly established by 25 financial institutions, the Russian Blockchain Alliance known as the “Russian version of R3”, seeking cooperation with WeChat The blockchain micro-finance industry alliance at the financial integration point, the Qianhai International Blockchain Ecosystem Alliance led by the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority, and the Lujiazui Blockchain Financial Development Alliance located in Lujiazui.
Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high, and many institutions and talents join in to promote the vigorous development of the blockchain.


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