Huobi South mining pool connection is unstable

1 What to do with the funds frozen in EOS of Huobi Pool

2 Why does Huobi Pool have three addresses

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The mining machine is configured with three mining addresses in the background. The first one is the main mining pool address, and the last two are the backup mining pool addresses. In order to ensure the mining income of the miners, the mining machine has set up automatic detection of the backup mining pool. Mechanism, that is, the miner itself will constantly detect whether the backup mining pool can be connected, and the miner will constantly detect the availability of the backup mining pool. During this period, the main mining pool will remain connected, so it will not affect the Your mining income.

⑶ How to mine in Huobi Pool

1. Open Huobi Pool and start registering a new account, as shown in the figure below.

⑷ What is the mining address of Huobi Pool?

The mining pool is a server for team mining. The corresponding mining pool address and server address. Bitcoin generates a block every 10 minutes, and there will be tens of millions of people competing, and this block is ultimately owned by only one person, and everyone else has nothing.
You may have to mine for 5 years to get a block. Team mining means that once anyone in the team obtains a block, the currency in the block is distributed to everyone according to their performance, so that everyone can get bitcoin quickly.

⑸ Is Huobi Pool a scam?

Huobi is a domestic bitcoin trading platform

⑹ Huobi Pool can no longer mine

Due to the recent business adjustment of Huobi Pool, it will focus on expanding its global business, so it has decided to stop the operation of the platform. All trading pairs on the ecological exchange will be Expires on July 14, 2021, Singapore time
Extension information
1. Due to the continuous exponential increase in the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot be used on the Bitcoin network. Get the block reward provided by the Bitcoin network. After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the probability of obtaining rewards is too low, prompting some geeks on “bitcointalk” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power for joint operation. Websites built using this method It is called “Mining Pool”. In this mechanism, regardless of the amount of computing power available to individual miners, as long as they participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool, regardless of whether they have successfully mined valid data blocks, they can obtain a small amount by contributing to the mining pool. Bitcoin rewards, that is, multi-person cooperative mining, and the Bitcoin rewards obtained are also shared by multiple people according to their contribution. As of January 2019, the top five bitcoin mining pools with global computing power are:, Poolin, AntPool, slush pool, and F2Pool. About 70% of the world’s computing power is in the hands of Chinese miners.
1. PPS mode: Pay-Per-Share method—This method is to pay for each share immediately. The payout comes from the pool’s existing bitcoin funds, so it can be withdrawn immediately without waiting for blocks to be generated or confirmed. This prevents mining pool operators from manipulating behind the scenes. This approach reduces the risk to the miners, but transfers the risk to the operators of the mining pools. Operators can charge fees to cover the losses that these risks may cause. In order to solve the situation of PPLNS that sometimes the profit is very high and sometimes there is no profit, PPS adopts a new algorithm. Based on the proportion of your computing power in the mining pool, PPS estimates the amount of minerals that the mining pool can obtain every day, giving you a basic fixed income every day.
2. PROP mode: The generation of Bitcoin blocks is: the mining pool discovers the block and broadcasts it to the whole network. After 120 confirmations, the block will be generated. The PPS model is: every time a miner contributes a little bit of speed, the mining pool will pay the miner the corresponding bitcoin, and the coins of the mining pool still have to come from the real block, but before the real block is generated, the mining pool will pay in advance to miners. The PROP mode is: after the mining pool generates a real block after 120 confirmations, it will distribute the bitcoins to the miners according to the contribution of each miner. This mode is more in line with the generation of bitcoin blocks. In PROP mode, even if a real block is not generated temporarily, a real block will be generated in the future, and it will be distributed to each miner according to the contribution of mining this block. Miners mine at least for months, or even years, so in the long run, the number of coins mined in these two modes is the same.

⑺ Huobi mining pool is not easy to mine

Hello, of course Huobi is not easy to mine. Huobi is also a thing that belongs to the blockchain. Blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. Essentially, it is a shared database. The data or information stored in it has the characteristics of “unforgeable”, “full traceability”, “traceability”, “openness and transparency”, and “collective maintenance”. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid a solid “trust” foundation, created a reliable “cooperation” mechanism,with broadly application foreground.
Expansion information:
1. When investing in blockchain, you should pay attention to the following matters. When a creative team invests in a blockchain project, first of all, it depends on the main creative team of the project, especially the core members. If the stronger team is top-notch in technology and marketing, then they will be more aboveboard in team promotion. If the founding team of a project cannot share their ideas and progress on social media such as QQ groups, WeChat, forums, etc., then we will question whether their team takes this matter seriously. Therefore, we will be relatively cautious in investing, because all blockchain projects must have active and open discussions on social media and answer investors’ questions in order to gain trust.
2. Project introduction, first of all, we need to read the white paper of the blockchain project to see if they have done it in detail, and explain the project and the problems that can be solved clearly. Even if there are too many English and professional terms that you cannot understand, you must read it carefully at least 3 times to try to understand it. From a model point of view, it is innovative. Any unrealistic brag? Of course, there is no need to consider unrealistic projects; technically, there are irreplaceable core technologies or functions. For example, Ethereum has a better technical solution than Bitcoin in the short term – smart contracts. If you don’t understand the technology, you should consider its rationality and feasibility from the perspective of the model, whether it really matches the blockchain, and whether it can be implemented, because too many projects just borrow the name of the blockchain.
3. Financing history, there are many excellent blockchain start-up projects that have been operating for a year and a half, and even received investment from some investors or institutions. Such items are usually more reliable. However, we should be cautious in investigating this. It is best to find more knowledgeable people in the industry to ask about their financing, mainly to confirm the authenticity. If these are found to be false, we can basically not consider investing in this project.
4. Specific feasible plans must be studied. This is the key to project development and the realisation of your return on investment. If a project is not clear about its own development plan, let alone profitable, it will be difficult to survive. We can simply abandon such a project.

⑻ How to add a mining sub-account in Huobi Pool

After logging in to the account on the webpage, click Account Settings–Add Sub-account. Create a sub-account and set the mining currency. (The mining account must be unique and cannot be the same as other mining projects)

⑼ What should I do if the USDT transferred from Huobi Pool cannot be transferred out? It’s a pity that the money is still borrowed!

Huobi supports intra-account transfer, click on finance – intra-account transfer, you can transfer USD spot currency to RMB spot currency

⑽ Domestic mines If the pool is closed, how to connect to foreign mining?

It is not so easy to close, I have been using fish pool before, but fish pool is not very welcome for small miners like me, and later switched to salmon miner, mining pool’s The computing power is not low.
The biggest advantage of using the salmon mining pool is that as long as you are connected to the mining pool, you can use the mobile APP to monitor the mining machine, withdraw cash every day, and the number of users is also increasing, and there is an online customer service to answer any questions you have!


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