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A. Which companies are in Zhongguancun Software Park?

Oracle Software Research Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
IBM China Linux Solution Cooperation Center
Beijing Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Qiangwang Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Wangtai Jinan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Asia Pacific Boda Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Donglian Huaxing Software Technology Co., Ltd. Company
Beijing Sike Huaxing Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Dewang High-tech System Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huafu Huitong Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Liuhe Zhengbang Information Technology Co., Ltd.
/>CNPC Hengtai Geophysical Exploration Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hill Company
Beijing Mojie Software Technology Development Center
Beijing Guoyong Rongtong System Integration Co., Ltd.
iSoftStone Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beyond Technology
Beijing Xinwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Software Product Quality Inspection Center
Zhongguancun Technology Software Co., Ltd.
CSC Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
the bigword china
Beijing Chinasoft and Qiangwang Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Yirui Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
95 Taiwei Information Co., Ltd.
Beijing Tektronix Purcell Software Co., Ltd.
Yongxin Yuheng Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization
Beijing Jingshitang Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Ailintelly Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Advanced Digital Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Global Race System Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Tianshi Yitong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hanboer Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Epstein Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jianfeng Computer System Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongke Hongqi Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Gongli Kangqiao Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Synopsys Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Maijiebo Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongguancun Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd.
IONA Technology Co., Ltd.
Vince Innovation Software Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chaotu Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongxun Computer System (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Escort Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jingce Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongxun Computer System (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chinasoft Resources Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huiren Technology Development Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.
Beijing Impress Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shengande Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Boda Zhengfang Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Oriental Titan Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Force Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hailianxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Yonyou Software Engineering Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hero Zongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Nikkei Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Company
Beijing Dingxin Information System Development Co., Ltd.
Yusi Xinde Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Caster Information System Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jietong Huasheng Voice Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhonghewei Software Co., Ltd.
CNPC Huizhi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhizhen Node Technology Development Co., Ltd.
VanceInfo Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Dewang High-tech System Co., Ltd.
Zhongguancun Technology Software Co., Ltd.
Beijing Gongda Network High-tech Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Beyondsoft Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing iSoftStone Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hanxingtian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Angst High-Tech Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hayden New Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Helixi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
/>Beijing Lingtu Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Haihui Hi-Tech Software Co., Ltd.
Beijing Founder International Software System Co., Ltd.
Abojietian (Beijing) Software Co., Ltd.
Shenzhou Ruida (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Inspur Shijie Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Solang Computer Co., Ltd.
Beijing Donglian Huaxing Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huaxing Hetong Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Aps Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Lianxin Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongbaixin Software Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chuangtian Borun Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Oriental Yongde Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Datang Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hill Information Technology Co., Ltd.
/>Beijing Yiheng Jiayuan Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Lenovo Litai
Achievo Corporation
Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd.
Affiliate Enterprises
Ubiquecom Inc
Beijing Yecheng Automatic Control System Co., Ltd.
Huadao Data
Beijing Super Map Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd.
5 StarGlobal
Beijing Core Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Core Software Co., Ltd.
Beijing Datang Gaohong Data Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Riqiao Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Peak Software
Yizheng Kaiyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jusheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhihai Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Skystone Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Sike Huaxing Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Modern Power Software Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shengshiguang Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hanxia Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Aps Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huachuang Elite Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jinyiao Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Oriental Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Longjiao Think Tank Technology Co.,Ltd >B. How about Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch

Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch is a joint stock limited company registered in Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province on 2016-05-27 The company branch (listed, natural person investment or holding), the registered address is located at No. 399 (17) Lihua Road, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Wuhan Branch of Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. is 91420112MA4KMQ3887, the corporate legal person is Bai Yangjian, and the company is currently in business.

Beijing Chaotu Software Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch, within the scope of this province, the current registered capital of the enterprise is general.

Check out more information and information about Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch through online corporate credit.

C. How about Karamay Supermap Software Co., Ltd.

Kelamayi Supermap Software Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person investment) registered on 2013-05-28 or a wholly-owned legal person), and its registered address is at No. A-00002, Cloud Computing Industrial Park, Karamay City, Xinjiang.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Karamay SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. is 91650203072239264C, the corporate legal person is Xu Xu, and the company is currently in business.

The business scope of Karamay SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. is: software and information technology services; import and export of goods and technologies; sales of machinery and electronic products. (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).

View more information and information about Karamay SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. through Aiqicha.

D. What are the advantages of metaverse concept companies?

There are many companies involved in metaverse related concepts, mainly those involving VR or Metaverse-related design company. These companies also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Next, I will give you three examples of Metaverse companies with relatively large growth.

One. Zhongqingbao

Zhongqingbao posted a message on their official WeChat on September 6th this year, saying that they would launch a metaverse game The Brewmaster. As soon as this news was released, it directly caused Zhongqingbao to rush to the daily limit price in a straight line, and within a short period of one month, there was an increase of nearly two or three times. This company also has VR-related technologies, and has also built a theme park that combines Internet entertainment and traditional tourism industries.

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E. The plot introduction of each episode of Space Adventures

[edit this paragraph]Basic information
Twenty-six episodes of sci-fi animation series, currently the first Production for the second season is in progress. Space Adventures
Screening Name Space Adventures (SPACE ADVENTURES)
Formerly known as Star Wars (ASTRO PLAN, AP for short)
Animation type Children/Sci-Fi/Blood/Mecha
Licensed Certificate No. (Su) Dongshenzi [2010] No. 001
Co-produced by Guangzhou Xingyuan Doll Cultural Activity Planning Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Xingjie Toys Co., Ltd.
Producer Gu Haifang Yang Shuiyuan Zhou Hui
Director Chen Xiangnong Chen Yaohua
Chief Screenwriter Yang Yingge
Coordinator Huang Dekang Zhou Min Pei Zhaojian
Director Fan YijingChen YuehuiLu Jianfei
Animation Director Pu SonghuaZeng Zhibin
Art Director Li Hongpeng
Technical Director Huang Ziying
Process Director Zhang Zhanxiang
Animation Production Retouching Animation
Show Time
And Channel January 16, 2010 ~ February 10, 2010
Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV at 18:00 every day
Thanks Wuxi National Animation Industry Base
Wuxi (IPARK) National Software Park
Guangzhou Mojie Toys Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou City Retouching Animation Design Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Bairun Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Masaharu Kawamori

Story Background

About a thousand years later, as the various energy sources that human beings depend on for their survival are decreasing day by day, people must resources to explore and develop.
In the process, people met the powerful predators of cosmic energy – the Ixians. Their terrifying attack power and aggressiveness are enough to threaten the entire solar system. People immediately established a space defense alliance headed by the Shenzhou, and launched a space battle with the Ixians to protect cosmic resources, and developed the Yi-type high-mobility variable fighter that accompanied the ship, becoming the main fighter to defend against foreign enemies.
In the long war, the Space Defense Alliance was forced to go everywhere in the universe, and the attack of the Ixians became more and more crazy…

The titles and plots of each episode

Episode 1: Launch of Shenzhou
Episode 2: Warp Intercept
In order to completely get rid of the pursuit of Ix Fleet, Shenzhou had to make a space jump, but was attacked Tracking attacks by enemy AI fighters. Tianlong was ordered to block the Ix star fighter and cover the Shenzhou through the warp tunnel.
Episode 3: Genius Pilots
Episode 4: Special Training for the Curator
During the training, Tianlong gradually learned about the weapons, equipment and driving methods of the Yi fighter, and also got acquainted with artificial intelligence AI robot – Tianpeng, and weapon design expert Xiao Pian. Unexpectedly, the careless Pian caused Tianlong to suffer a lot in experimenting with new weapons…
Episode 5: Strange Contact
Episode 6: Reconnaissance Mission
Episode 7 : Interstellar Corridor Escort Mission
The Ixians sent a super-giant carrier to attack the Shenzhou. In the course of the battle, Amethyst has been brooding over her last mistake and felt deeply guilty. In this battle, the phenomenon of nebula backwards appeared again. Can Amethyst overcome fear?
Episode 8: Overcoming Fear
During a rare holiday, Tianlong led the team to visit the injured Captain Muhe. Tianlong learned from Muhe Captain why Amethyst’s fear arose, so he solved Amethyst. Another enemy strikes, can Amethyst get rid of the psychological shadow and let go of the burden?
Episode 9: Joining Feiyi
The impressive record of Tianjian has attracted the ace captain Feiyi to join, Feiyi wants to compete with Tianlong. When Shenzhou passed through the gray hole planetary belt, it received a distress signal from life, and the Tianjian team dispatched! Unexpectedly, this was actually a trap set by the Ix star general Pompel, and the Shenzhou became a dilemma.
Episode 10: Pompel’s Pursuit
Under the full effort of the Tianjian team, although the Shenzhou was evacuated safely, everyone encountered Pombel’s pursuit again and entered his set up to float. The space junk station of the bomb, Feiyi completely lost its combat effectiveness because of its cleanliness, and everyone was attacked by the enemy.
Episode 11: Wolf Evil Star Defense Battle
Shenzhou arrives at the strategic transit station – Taoyuanxing, ready to contact other space fleets and gather strength to compete with the Ixians. To this end, the captain arranged to secretly build a signal station on the nearby Wolf Evil Star to detect the targets of other fleets, but was unexpectedly discovered by Pompeier’s ultra-miniature spy plane.
Episode 12: Sea Eagle’s Grievance
The construction of the signal battle is urgent.
Episode 13: Who is the Slender Gentleman
Episode 14: Fighting Meteor Group
Shenzhou’s path is occupied by the Ixians, and a fierce battle is inevitable. The captain tried to use the once-in-a-century meteor group to attack Su Yaxing, but Zhuo Zhi, a member of the Sky Arrow team, acted without authorization and attacked recklessly, which not only disrupted the original plan, but also attracted strong reinforcements from the Fitz battleship.
Episode 15: Liberation of Suya Star
The Sky Arrows eliminated the remnants of Fitz and landed on Suya Star.
Episode 16: Mysterious Flying Squad
On the Suya Star, Shenzhou received a signal from a mysterious flying team, thinking it was the flying team of the Space Defense Alliance. The Sky Arrow team was ordered to investigate, but unexpectedly, it was Isas, the female general of Ix, who also led her extremely destructive flying team.
Episode 17: The Mystery of Amnesia Warriors
The unfinished modification “Mo Lian” was asked by the captain to join the Tianjian team. During the actual combat training, he ran away because of the sequelae of the modification, and was stopped by Tianlong and others. .
Episode 18: The God of Destruction Virus
Isas, the female general of Ixus, used the “God of Destruction Virus” to control the unmanned AI fighter of the Shenzhou, putting the Shenzhou and the Tianjian team in trouble.
Ex general Ishas invaded the control system of the Shenzhou drone by capturing the drone, so as to use it to attack the Shenzhou, but it was successfully solved with the efforts of the tuner and Xiao Pian.
Episode 19: The Secret Infiltrator
Amp summoned the Ix star generals to plan a conspiracy to kidnap the captain, sent the Isas battleship to attack the Shenzhou, lured the Sky Arrow flight team to attack, and took the opportunity to let Ike Singh General Chetton�� Lead two transformed human warriors to secretly infiltrate the Shenzhou.
Episode 20: The hero who saves the hostages
The cunning Chetton takes a wealthy businessman as a hostage, blocks in front of the meteorite crossing, and lets the spaceship with the hostage fly back to Ix. At this time, Isas joined forces to contain them, and Tianlong and others were in danger.
Episode 21: Defection
Morlin mistakenly recognized Chauvin as a spy of Ix, and made things difficult for Chauvin in every possible way. Chetton used a secret device to hypnotize Mo Lian, causing her to lose control and attack Tianlong and others. In a critical situation, Chauvin helped Mo Lian get rid of Chetten’s control.
Episode 22: Live in the moment
Episode 23: Ace competition
Episode 24: Reunion with Fuxi
Episode 25: Soldiers approaching the city
Assembled in outer space The Ix star combined fleet sent out an ultimatum broadcast, but failed to force the Union army to surrender, and the two armies confronted each other. Tianlong and his teammates fought bravely and used the power of railguns to repel the vanguard of Ix, while Otto and Ishas were defeated and fled. Chetton used his last trump card, using the transformed warriors to drive a mysterious platoon to attack as if out of control, and the Space Defense Alliance Army fell into a passive dilemma.
Episode 26: Survival in a Dead End
Just as the dragon and Chitton are in an inextricable fight, suddenly ancient classic music reverberates in space, infecting the transformed warriors, evoking lost memories, and the attack is paused . After the newly developed electromagnetic device developed by the commander and his daughter Xiao Pian exploded through the rail gun, the electromagnetic energy spread and interfered, causing a large number of soldiers’ fighter planes to lose control for a short time. Tianlong and his teammates pursued the victory and swept the remaining enemy planes.

Explanation of terms

“Xingyuan Project”
In the distant future, due to the rapid warming of the climate, the accelerated melting of glaciers, the rise of sea levels, the earth’s ecological environment will become worse and worse. In order to protect the earth’s environment, human beings began to implement a large-scale alien immigration plan, explore the unknown universe, and try to find a new home suitable for human survival. This is the “Xingyuan Project”.
In the long journey to open up the universe, the immigrant fleet encountered a powerful predator of cosmic resources: Ixian. The Ixians, ambitious to become the overlord of the galaxy, launched an attack on the human colony. In order to maintain the peace of the universe, the immigrant fleet fought back. The Tianjian flying team composed of 6 young soldiers drove the “Yi-style” high-mobility variable fighter developed by humans, and led the fleet to launch a vast “Xingyuan” with the Ixians. The Great War”…
The appearance is similar to that of humans, but the physique is taller, with purple skin, a slender face, narrow pupils, pointed ears, and a pair of horns on the head. Ability to speak and understand and use human language. Technology is not inferior to humans, and warships are more destructive and overwhelmingly superior in number.
XCV particle
In the future world in the story, scientists obtain an energy particle that is more powerful than nuclear energy-XCV particle through an experimental device.
With the development of particle control technology, XCV particles are widely used in military weapons. The new weapons developed based on the principle of XCV particle physics are called “XCV beamers”, including beam rifles, beam sabers, laser axes, XCV particle cannon, etc. Equipped with a small XCV particle generating device and an energy compressor in the weapon, the XCV particles in the container are compressed into a high-energy stream and shot out in a certain shape. This is the principle of a beam weapon.
XCV particle technology is also applied to the defense system and propulsion system of the earth warship. The protective shield of the Shenzhou is a beam spherical force field generated by the particle center generator, which can resist the attack of the enemy like a shield. The propulsion system of Shenzhou and other warships uses particle acceleration control technology to excite XCV particles to a certain speed, and shoot them in a specific direction under the restriction of the light energy field, thereby obtaining a strong thrust.
Shenzhou (original name: Nuwa)
The main ship of the immigrant group in the main story line has a living area the size of a city. At the same time, it is also an armed warship, equipped with Yi fighter combat maintenance platform, MG cannon, beam main gun, shield generator, space transition device, etc.
The original name “Nuwa” is based on the myth of “Nuwa created man”, which means to spread human life into the vast universe.
“Yi-type” high-mobility variable fighter (Yi Fighter, referred to as YF)
Humans developed a high-mobility variable fighter with ships to deal with the Ixians, fighting in space or in the atmosphere. The main fighter for human defense against foreign enemies.
There are three modifiable forms: Fighter Mode for supersonic flight and suitable for cruising, Falcon Mode for balanced attack speed and suitable for guerrillas, and Ironclad Man with high flexibility, suitable for individual combat and close combat model.
Equipped with various missiles, high-powered machine guns and beam saber. In addition, according to the characteristics of the driver, some airframes are equipped with special armament.
There are currently two models on the market: YF-11 and YF-10.Don’t refer to the MiG-29 and J-10 fighters.
The main line of the story is the counterattack of the nine warships of Ixstar, the name “Yi Shi” is a metaphor for “Hou Yi shoots the sun”. (Actually, in the legend of Hou Yi shooting the sun, there are ten suns, and the “tenth sun” should refer to Isas, the “tenth general” who is a human)
Ultimate mode
Yi fighter A combat mode that releases a large number of XCV particles to enhance the performance of the body and inflict heavy damage on the enemy in a short period of time. When activated, the particles gather behind the body into a shape similar to wings.
It must be started in Iron Man mode, which has high requirements on the driver’s operation level and concentration.
Tianjian Team
The Yi-type fighter flight team directly under the Shenzhou ship. The team members are all elite pilots, but they generally lacked team spirit before Tianlong was appointed as the acting captain.
Nine Generals
The nine Ixus generals directly under the Ixian Emperor have their own armed fleets and special landline machines.
The human settlement that was raided by the Ixians in the first episode was occupied by the Ixians after the emergency evacuation of the Shenzhou.
Taoyuan Star
The human strategic transit planet, the environment is similar to the earth, and the space defense facilities are densely distributed. It establishes a signal transmission station for the Shenzhou and contacts other locations to defend the alliance fleet. There is a satellite named “Langxie”.
Su Yaxing
The planet occupied by the Ixians has serious ecological damage and resources are almost exhausted.
In the fourteenth episode, it was recovered by the Shenzhou storm, and it was the first counterattack for the defense alliance.
Orion E Galaxy
The planet where Shenzhou and Fuxi join forces, the front line of the Earth Alliance’s battle, with powerful railguns, the first season of the Defense Alliance and the Ix Star Fleet will be launched here Large-scale battle.

Airframe Introduction

The Yi fighter model commonly used on the Shenzhou, mass-produced model.
The newly developed Yi fighter model is the fastest model at present, with three times the ammunition load and a simple maintenance device.
Loaded with the new artificial intelligence AI2090, voice-controlled deformation, the combat operation is greatly simplified.
In addition to the shape of the fighter, the deformation details and the head decoration of the armored man mode are also slightly different from the YF-11.
Only Tianlong’s Tianjian No. 1 will appear on the stage. Although the Seahawk and King Kong’s planes existed before the completion of the YF-10’s development, their appearance is exactly the same as that of the YF-10, and they are equipped with special weapons. The model is temporarily attributed to YF-10, perhaps the legendary experimental model YF-9.
The model of the commander of Ixstar is unknown. The body is large and has no legs. The ends of the arms are equipped with giant pincers and beam cannons. and live firearms.
Ixian’s battleship
The ship is huge, looks like a giant whale, dark purple in color, often appears in groups, and is equipped with a large number of suicide artificial intelligence small fighter groups, which also have shield generation and space jumping devices, in addition to anti-radar detection and optical stealth systems.

Complete opening lyrics

Beautiful wings bring me strength
The bright galaxy guides my direction
Strength to fly and my dreams are ahead
No amount of hardship can stop me
Through the fog to see the brightest stars
All the hardships will make me stronger
The King Kong of the Sky Arrow team
Tianjian team soars bravely
We are the invincible force
Convoy to explore the universe
The King Kong flying of the Tianjian team
The Tianjian team soars bravely
We are Invincible force
Escort for exploration of the universe
[Edit this paragraph]Character introduction

“Sky Arrow Team” member

Tianlong (original name: Kong ) Tianlong
The protagonist of this film, 17 years old, a former rescue team pilot, once took the flight test but failed, and has always dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot one day.
In the escort mission of Shenzhou’s evacuation, he accidentally got on the Yi fighter “Shenjian 7”, showing excellent driving and combat skills, so he was favored by the captain and was directly promoted to the Tianjian team member. Later, Captain Mu He was injured and required long-term recuperation, and he was the acting captain of the Tianjian team.
Because of the experience of working in the rescue team, he is enthusiastic and helpful, and treats each team member equally.
Has the physique of vomiting when driving at high speed, which is gradually overcome after many trainings.
Working on the Shenzhou ship is not “salary” but “pocket money”.

Landline: Tianjian No. 1 (Model: YF-10, Paint: Red, White)
All indexes of the body exceed the average, and the fighting performance is excellent. In the mission, it is responsible for the front line charge.
Ultimate Mode: Slash through the air, accumulate a large number of XCV particles on the beam saber and release a high-energy sword energy forward, which can effectively destroy the enemies concentrated in a straight line.

Other aircraft that have been piloted:
Shenjian No. 7 (model: YF-11, painting: black)
TianThe fighter plane that Long mistakenly rides is also the fuselage he rides on his first combat mission.
Small civilian transport ships
Although they are civilian, they have the flexibility to shuttle freely in the battlefield where stray bullets are flying.
Flying Wings Flying Wings
The captain of the original Shenjian team, his driving skills even surpass Tianlong. In order to compete with Tianlong, he resigned as the captain and joined the Tianjian team, which is generally considered to be the second male lead in the film.
The pursuit of unrestrained fighting, often put the word “gorgeous” on the lips, and do not allow others to steal the limelight.
He is a bohemian person, but his nature is not bad. When he was still the captain, he was also very popular in the Shenjing team.
But later, during a vacation, he happened to meet Tianlong and others on Taoyuan Star, and the pink casual clothes surprised the audience.

Planet: Tianjian No. 5 (Original Shenjian No. 1, model: YF-11, painting: golden)
The body has excellent mobility and strong explosive power. It is responsible for assault in the mission. Also suitable for single-player missions.
Special Armament: Double-sided Beam Fist Blades
Ultimate Mode: Dragon Dance Sky Soars, wielding both arms and blades to shuttle through the enemy line at high speed like lightning, which can instantly destroy multiple scattered targets, or focus on heavy damage to the same target several times.
Amethyst (original name: Meiling) Amethyst
The vice-captain of the Sky Arrow team, Mo Lian was the only female pilot in the Sky Arrow team before joining the team, and is considered to be the heroine of the film, 18 years old, Height 163cm, weight 45kg, B35W24H34.
Strong, arrogant but lacking in self-confidence, it is related to her experience of losing teammates in previous missions.
Features are purple shoulder-length hair and neat bangs on the forehead, usually wearing a light-colored dress.
Actually, he also has a gentle side, his cooking skills are quite bad, and he seems to have an uncontrollable sixth sense.

Landline: Tianjian No. 4 (Model: YF-11, Painting: Lilac)
The performance of the aircraft is average, and it is responsible for all-round support during the mission.
Ultimate Mode: Meteor Arrows, materialize XCV particles to generate a large number of arrows, lock and annihilate multiple targets in a large area at one time, or gather into giant arrows to strike a single important target.
Sea Eagle (original name: Eagle)
Blind in his right eye, he is a little frivolous, and he always hides in the back position where he can “get out of his body” during team tasks.
Abandoned by his comrades in the mission, he was shot in the body in isolation, and was injured and blinded in his right eye. He seems to be lazy and playful on weekdays, but in fact, he is afraid of being abandoned by his teammates again and uses excuses to avoid tasks.
The right eye may be equipped with special sensors, as he is clearly aiming with his right eye when sniping from a distance.

Landline: Tianjian No. 2 (Model: YF-10, Paint: Dark Blue)
Sacrificing speed and flexibility to enhance balance and stability, the cockpit is equipped with ultra-long distance Combat targeting device, responsible for long-range sniping.
Special Armament: XCV Particle Sniper Rifle
Ultimate Mode: Eagle strikes the sky, using XCV enhanced bullets to hit a single target in the distance with one hit, requiring a long preparation time.
Zhuo Zhi
The son of the chairman of YC Heavy Industries, the largest weapons developer in the Defense League, should be the youngest in the Tianjian team.
Childish, sarcastic, hobbies are electric and snacks.

Landline: Tianjian No. 6 (Model: YF-11, Painting: Light Green)
The body is slightly smaller, more flexible, and has a large amount of ammunition. It is mainly responsible for performing tasks. Sneak attack from the flank.
Special Armament: Beam Freelance Cannon
Ultimate Mode: Heaven and Earth Net, with an ultra-fine XCV stream tractor beam floating cannon to carry out an omnidirectional scanning attack on the surrounding area, it is said that there is no dead angle.
King Kong
An honest man with a dark complexion and a large appetite.

Landline: Tianjian No. 3 (Model: YF-10, Paint: Black, Yellow)
Special Armament: Thunder Shield, Thunder Axe
The body is larger and strengthened Improve the output and fighting performance, and attack the enemy from the front.
Ultimate Mode: King Kong Thunderbolt, a large number of scales are released from the Thunderbolt shield to form two high-speed rotating sharp rings around the body, and then rush to the enemy for a wide-area attack.
The captain of the Sky Arrow team, with little prestige, was injured in a leg during a reconnaissance mission and is currently recuperating.
Planet: Tianjian No. 7 (the name is speculated, model: YF-11, painting: gray)
After recovering Yaxing, the secret left by the Ixians In the base, the human girl discovered by Tianlong and Amethyst was sleeping in a biological tank.
Once a pilot of the Defense League, after being captured, he became a failed product of the Ixian transformation warrior experiment.
The memory has been deleted, “Molian” is the name Amethyst gave her, and later joined the Sky Arrow team as a combat pilot.
It has lost control many times in actual combat, and it seems that it is not just because the transformation process has instilled a sense of combat.
Nevertheless, in getting along with Tianlong and others, he showed unexpectedly kind-heartedness.

Landline: Morian (��� Actually no name, model: YF-11, painting: dark green)
Strengthen combat and mobility, can instantly disappear from the enemy’s optical and radar vision in actual combat, and is good at assassination.

Other personnel on the “Shenzhou”

The captain of the Shenzhou, whose real name is Meng Xiang, is responsible for commanding the whole ship and planning operations on the bridge Planning, task scheduling, etc., once worked as a fighter pilot.
Always wears tan sunglasses, looks hidden, and loves red wine and weird mixed juices.
Adjutant Adjutant and Shenzhou
The real name is Kunna (Qween), a mature elder sister who is responsible for conveying and confirming orders on the bridge, giving people the feeling of being much more stable and reliable than the captain.
Because of his appearance, it is said that he is related to Feiyi by blood.
A high-ranking official of the Defense Alliance and the chairman of the Peace Negotiation Council, the Shenzhou missed the chance to escape due to rescuing the wounded during the evacuation.
And the captain is an old acquaintance, secretly paying attention to and helping Tianlong.
Repair Commander
A middle-aged uncle who is sloppy and slightly fat, the designer of the Yi fighter, and is usually responsible for the maintenance of the fighter.
Self-proclaimed as “the most perfect man on the Shenzhou”, he has a deep headache for his daughter who has always wanted to be a pilot.
Xiao Pian
The daughter of the headmaster, assisting her father in work on the Shenzhou. With a lively and cheerful personality, he is called Tianlong “Brother Tianlong”, and is called “Sister Pian” by Zhuo Zhi.
Weapon mad, it is said that the talent of weapon design was inherited from the mother, but there are also many extremely dangerous failures in the works.
I also hope to become a pilot, and often secretly use the simulation equipment in the combat training room behind my father’s back.
Later, in the simulated battle competition, he finally got his wish, driving the YF-10 painted in pink, which greatly enhanced the ammunition load and the firepower was amazing.
Head of the rescue station
Tianlong’s immediate boss at the rescue station was very pleased to learn that Tianlong was promoted to the Tianjian team.
Able to rock hair without moving head and without wind.
Eyes & Redheads
The head of the training department is responsible for the preliminary assessment and appraisal of the Tianlong who has just entered the Tianjian team, and after passing the simulation training, the Tianlong will be handed over to the captain for further training.
The two have similar hairstyles, and their friendship seems to be quite good.
Shenjian team members
There are a total of 6 people, the planes are Shenjian No. 2 to No. 7, and the models are YF-11 with black paint. After the captain Feiyi joined the Tianjian team, all the people evaporated. .
The Arrow Team
A total of 8 people, all of which are YF-11s with gray paint and camouflage patterns, and the captain is a woman.
The staff on the bridge are generally young and seem to be replaced every episode.
The ground crew
Responsible for the runway clearance when the fighter planes take off. They never show their faces and have no lines.

The Emperor of Ix and the Nine Generals

The emperor of the Ixians, the supreme commander of the army. He hasn’t shown his face yet, and his left eye flashes a strange red light.
One of the nine generals, arrogant and arrogant. In the seventh episode, he fought alone and repulsed all the Tianjian team. However, in the eighth episode, the main ship was destroyed by the Shenzhou, and he was also killed. Tianlong smashes the landline and loses his limbs. After being transformed by Anpu, it was merged with a first-class battleship, and appeared again in the 14th episode, and was finally defeated by Zhuo Zhi and Tianlong.
The machine is painted in red, and can repeatedly emit high-energy rays “destruction light waves” with the power close to the main gun of the battleship.
One of the nine generals, insidious, good at setting up formations and setting traps.
The base unit is painted with dark gold and has purple markings similar to poisonous insects.
In the 12th episode, it was defeated twice by Feiyi and Tianlong, and was defeated.
One of the nine generals, once disdained Pombert’s despicable methods and let Tianlong and others go.
The base unit is painted in grey and black.
The female general, wearing a mask, with a mysterious identity and superb driving skills, is the captain of the “Death Flying Team”.
The model of the plane is unknown. It is deformable like a Yi fighter, but the body is larger and its output is higher than that of the Yi fighter. It is painted in red.
The 26th episode was revealed to be a human (at least with the memory of being a human), Tianlong’s sister.
One of the nine generals, glasses character, courageous and resourceful, arrogant and arrogant.
The plane was painted in dark blue, and in the 26th episode, he was hit by a rail gun on the front, and was defeated by Tianlong after losing his mobility.
Other characters

A female pilot who was in the same period as Amethyst, took the initiative to contact and care about Amethyst, who was just entering the flight team and was not good at interacting with people. The two gradually became Inseparable good friends and good partners. Later, in a mission, the two were in distress, and Xiaoshan disappeared in front of Amethyst in front of the nebula and became a shadow in Amethyst’s heart.
Once a comrade of the Seahawks, in a battle,The group escaped, leaving the Seahawk isolated and blind in his right eye. After the incident, he did not dare to return to the team, so he lived in Taoyuan Xing, where he lived incognito and lived a life of ups and downs.
The little prince of Ix, who grew up in Suya, can read the words of Ixians, and seems to know a lot about the inside story of Ixians and human beings.
Situ Jun
The name on the list of simulation training results, the number of shot downs in the time limit surpassed Tianlong and Feiyi, and ranked second. The gender and appearance are unknown, and he may be a member of the Shenjing team or the flying arrow team.
Reformed Soldiers
A human combat pilot who was brainwashed and controlled by the Ixians, piloted an unknown type of fighter jet to carry out suicide attacks. The only line was “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Part of the lines

Amethyst: We must ensure the safety of all officials and let them return to the Shenzhou smoothly!

Tianlong: As expected, he was Captain Flying Wing, and he alone repulsed the enemy’s attack in three or two strokes.
Flying Wing: Of course it’s amazing, otherwise how can you be called the captain.

Flying Wings: Look at my gorgeous attack!

Flying Wing: Report to the captain, the Ixian pursuit aircraft group has been successfully defeated, and only one member of our army was slightly injured. (In fact, the No. 7 member was seriously injured and unconscious.)

Captain: (was woken up by dozing off during the meeting) I was thinking and was interrupted by you again.

Captain: I’ll leave it to you. I’ll take a sip first.

Adjutant: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Another day of harmony and joy has begun, please enjoy it to the fullest.

Sea Eagle: (referring to the teased Tianlong) This guy is very funny.
Zhuo Zhi: Yes, it is very entertaining.

Zhuo Zhi: Okay, let’s start physical training now, you should do 200 push-ups first.
Kiwa: (to Tianlong who is doing push-ups) Tianlong, what are you doing?
Tianlong: Captain Muhe, the vice captain and the next captain are asking me to do physical training.
Muhe: Vice-captain and next-captain? Tianlong, get up, she is the vice-captain Amethyst.

Dragon: New Fighter! High mobility fighter!
Pina: You’re going in the wrong direction.

Tianlong: Why is it so dark here?
Amethyst: (blocks the oncoming light with his hand) I’ll go and turn on the light.

Reinforcement Commander: Hello everyone, now let me, the most perfect man on the Shenzhou ship, introduce this most perfect body.

Amethyst: Sky Arrow No. 1, this fighter looks pretty good.
Seahawk: (It should be good for me to fly, I will be the best pilot by then.)
Zhuo Zhi: Hey, don’t argue with me, any fighter I fly will be equally good.
Tianlong: Uh…the sound of this fighter is good, really.

Canopy: The command cannot be recognized, please use the command language.
Tianlong: What rubbish AI is just a repeater!
Canopy: The command cannot be recognized, please use the command language.

Adjutant: After the departure, I wish the Tianjian team a triumphant return.
Tianlong: I understand, thank you.

Everyone: despicable! mean! mean!
Pombert: (saluting) I accept your compliments, gentlemen.

Zhuo Zhi: (to the Seahawk who lost his rifle) Why did you change to melee combat?

Amethyst: Not bad, Seahawk, today’s battle is imaginative enough.

Xiao Pian: Dad, the data is verified.
Maintenance: So fast?
Xiao Pian: I’m not like you, it takes a long time to screw a few screws.
Senior: What do you know, this job looks easy, but it’s troublesome to do it.

Zhuo Zhi: Friends, I’m back!

Tianlong: Canopy, what kind of liquid is this?
Canopy: This mixed liquid is not corrosive, but the temperature is very low, which will affect the operation of the body.
Dragon: How does it affect the operation of the body?
Canopy: Will know right away.

Speaker: Although I have not experienced real wars, I also know the disasters that wars bring to people. I hate wars.

Flying Wing: You said, should I send a bouquet of roses?
Zhuo Zhi: Really low energy.

Amethyst: Are they crazy?
Sea Eagle: Women are really not easy to mess with.
Feiyi: It’s my principle not to hit women, don’t force me to do it!

Isas: (all the missiles that flashed through Amethyst) For you!
Amethyst: Huh?
Isas: (throws beam saber) Haha, that’s fun. Send you a lollipop, then!

Dragon: What is this?
Amethyst: It’s just a sewer, nothing strange.

Xiao Pian: Dad, how many loopholes have you found?
Repair chief: 5020 have been found and are being repaired.
Xiao Pian: My God, here I am.�Found more than 4000, maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

King Kong: Don’t get in the way of my date!

Isas: You are killing yourself!

Flying Wing: Haha! The technical content is too low!

Chedon: Cannon fodders strike!

Dragon: We are a team, not alone! We help each other, unlike you Ixians, who are ruthless and ruthless!
Isas! I just can’t stand your self-righteousness! Do you think you are the protagonist? !

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What are the internationally renowned software companies in Suzhou New District and Industrial Park

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Fourth, the location of the APP development company

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